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A Doctor's VowTo fulfill a promise made to her beloved twin sister Dr Jaclyn LaForge opens a children's clinic in Hope New Mexico She's A Doctor's PDF determined to prove to the community that she. Dr Jaclyn LaForge has returned to Hope NM to set up a pediatric clinic in honor of her twin who died of leukemia just before high school graduation Jaclyn went a little crazy at the time and damaged the church because God didn't answer her prayers Now she wants to atone for that and give the children of Hope the medical care their rural community needs Shortly after opening her clinic a fire from faulty wiring destroys it Old friend widower Kent McCloy offers to fix up his father's old law offices for the clinic while Jaclyn bends over backward joining local groups to get the town to give her another chance Both Kent and Jaclyn have personal guilt to overcome This was heavily religious It seemed to swing between encouraging the characters to leave everything in God's hands and then to encourage them to reach out and grab life and make their own fate It came across as too pat and unbelievable

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Dream a reality As they work together to renovate the clinic two wary hearts are under construction as well Can sweet stubborn Jaclyn show Kent that life and love are worth cherishi. I'm not sure if I've ever read a book by this author before but I'm certainly going to try to find Some of the so called Christian fiction I've read hardly mentions God let alone offers any explanation of a biblical text nor have many characters thought about or mentioned actual portions of the Bible This book was definitely an exception It made me think even if the situations of the characters had nothing to do with where my life is; I found it very helpful nonetheless I'm especially interested in reading the rest of this series This is what I want in Christian fiction the characters thinking and talking about God His will His plan His wordThank you so much Lois Richer

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Read à A Doctor's Vow Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  ❮Reading❯ ➿ A Doctor's Vow Author Lois Richer – To fulfill a promise made to her beloved twin sister Dr Jaclyn LaForge opens a children's clinic in Hope New Mexico She's determined to prove to the community that she's the doctor th's the doctor they need But it's not just the children of Hope who need healing It's the fractured town itself including handsome widowed rancher Kent McCloy who steps up to make her. I read the second book of this series before reading the first so I knew of these characters from the periphery of that storyline Side note it was interesting to see Zac and Brianna as secondary characters and remember their own story that is set after this one I did enjoy getting to know Jaclyn and Kent but wanted to whup each of them upside the head or alternatively sit down with each of them for a serious chat because of some ridiculously silly things that they were thinking or doing Guess that means I cared about the characters and their storyline That said I do like how they were able to come together to help the townsfolk of Hope and in turn be helped along in their own journeys