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Download Doc ✓ Hunted Author Liz Powell 302 pages µ Liz powell Í [Reading] ➷ Hunted By Liz Powell – As a professional footballer it looks like Adam Hunter has it all but when the secret of his affair with midfielder Louie Jackson begins to leak out he’s plunged intMisery – prompting a desperate series of manoeuvres to conceal the truth Injured distrusted by his team mates and plagued by personal tragedy Adam goes from hero to zero – and b This could have been really amazing if some parts were edited out It went in circles a bit in the middle and the timestamps got confusing Nevertheless Adam and Louie are great together and I found myself sucked in by all the angst and kept me guessing on how the story will end 38 stars Recommended to those who love sports themed MM romance

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As a professional footballer it looks like Adam Hunter has it all but when the secret of his affair with midfielder Louie Jackson begins to leak out he’s plunged into the depths of Update 1922020An unpolished diamond that's what this book is As a result I can understand both those who hated it and those like me who loved it Personally I just can't get enough of Louie and Adam and Finn P Update 20102015It's very rare that I re read a book less than a year after the first time but in this case I couldn't stop thinking of it And I loved it even this time since now I didn't have to get through the first uarter to understand what's happened to our heroes but enjoyed it from the first page Despite knowing what was going to happen once again I found myself unable to put it down The raw emotional impact of this one is just AMAZING and the juxtaposition between their happy times together and later when the black clouds gather over their heads poignant than ever I just wish there were books like this one out there This book sure started strongly as we meet the hero when he stops on a bridge thinking of jumping down Unfortunately things didn't go as well from there on; the next section moves the timeline 6 months in the past while the one after that is set 5 years ago And we have to move between those 3 timelines again and again and again till the end of the book For the first 25% it's near impossible to follow what's happening or what's happened in the past to generate this kind of reaction from our hero After the 25% point though the reader begins to understand what's going on and the story's much much easier to follow And what a story it isThis is one big drama featuring athletes in the closet drugs addiction to painkillers bigoted team players suicidal attempts chronically ill family members you name it It's also a pageturner Trying to find how those two came together and why they broke up kept me up until late in the night and I shed many a tear for them along the way The fact that the story is interspersed with descriptions of football games against Ronaldo Rooney Casillas inside stadiums like Alianz Arena and Camp Nou as well as some games that supposedly took place in the last World Cup in Brazil made the reading all the better For those of you who have not understood yet we're talking about European football which Americans call soccer Let me tell you it was refreshing to read at last a book about a sport that I actually understand and like as opposed to baseball or American football that I don't know shit aboutLet me add that there are uite a few errors in this book grammatical typos plotwise Louie is described as out of the closet at one scene only to find out that he wasn't later and that along with the weird timelines might put some readers off There's also the fact that this is heavy drama so people who don't like to read about suicide attempts or various forms of addiction should stay away from this one And lastly keep in mind those two are not perfect heroes they keep their foolish pride when they shouldn't they say things they shouldn't they try to please others and not themselves but all in all I found their actions realistic and besides I have a soft spot for non perfect heroes So I guess it's no surprise this one ended in my keepers shelf Oh and a note to smexy scene lovers be warned that the sex scenes fade to gray hereI'm adding again the photo that made last year's sports headlines after the final of Europa League and you can decide for yourself how friendly this kiss is

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Hunted Author Liz PoweY the time Louie’s transferred to a German side he’s running out of reasons to stay alive If there’s any way back from the brink of suicide it isn’t clear to him at the momen Well This was a heavy depressing read The MCs are professional football players that's English football aka soccer and they develop a very secret relationship Both are in the closet and both are struggling with it There are addiction issues very thorough descriptions of the sport and the sport celebrity world as well as a very emotional mental health struggle with depression This was done really well IMO but the entire story was told in multiple flashbacks We're basically given 3 different timelines the present 4 years ago and 6 months ago There's a chapter in the beginning and one or maybe two in the end that are in the present The two other timelines unravel slowly towards the present 3 years and 17 days ago 3 years and 5 days ago etc and switch back and forth constantly to the point where I felt lost a lot of the times Maybe this was done so readers can get a few happy times in between all the depressing stuff because honestly a linear storytelling with this amount of angst would have done me in I'm sure There is a HEA so don't despair but it's so damn sad for so long until we get it that I'm not sure it was enough to shake off the blues Good very English writing I can recommend it to fans of mm sports romance who have the stomach for crazy angst but the flashback thing is a wild card