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This Halcyon Classics ebook contains Livy's complete HISTORY OF ROME Ab Urbe Condita Libri in three volumes Titus Livius BC AD was an historian philosopher and o. Without knowing anything about Livy or about the earliest history of Rome I read this book straight through over a period of several weeks in order to form my own conclusions So forgive me if anything here is inaccurate or incompleteLivy's Early History of Rome tells the story of the early Republic beginning with the city's myth shrouded founding by brothers Romulus and Remus after the burning of Troy drives their ancestor Aeneas to escape to the Italian peninsula After Romulus kills his brother he establishes himself as king of Rome The kings rule as tyrants with increasing brutality until led by Brutus whose descendant will oppose another alleged tyrant in 44 BC the kings are expelled a senate is established and a Republic is proclaimed A series of wars follow to ensure the kings are never able to return What follows is a narrative of how the Republic continually fought for its own existenceWhat largely appears to drive Livy's narrative are the following two themes1 The Roman Republic is a very unstable entity when it is not at war with foreign enemies its leaders are busy conspiring against one another2 The Roman Republic is established and maintained and therefore undermined by fear Fear of further cruelty results in the expulsion of the kings; fear of their return results in some of Rome's best brightest and benevolent of early leaders to be tried executed exiled or forced to commit suicide Fear of the masses leads some patricians to conspire against the people Fear of exploitation or domination by the patricians leads the plebs to greater excess in protecting their liberty Augustine of Hippo in my view was right to uestion in The City of God whether or not the Roman Republic and all its pagan virtues every really existed No sooner is the Republic established than it begins to crumble and uake as rich and poor alike jockey for power go to extremes in redressing wrongs and allow fear to poison the very virtues to which they aspireThere are certainly lessons for modern democratic societies as well as for Christians who unwittingly side with and baptize current cultural attitudes and excesses Livy's Early History the only of his works to survive the centuries deserves a careful attentive reading today

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Ab Urbe Condita LibriS ebook is DRM free and Ab Urbe PDF or includes an active table of contentsThis unexpurgated edition contains the complete text with errors and omissions correct. Excellent read You need a map to find locations that are referred to in this excellent book I used google to keep up with all the many names and places Recommend to all who want a detailed history of Rome

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Ab Urbe Condita Libri Read & Download º 104 ↠ ❮Download❯ ➵ Ab Urbe Condita Libri Author Livy – Helpyouantib.co.uk This Halcyon Classics ebook contains Livy's complete HISTORY OF ROME Ab Urbe Condita Libri in three volumes Titus Livius 59 BC 17 AD was an historian philosopher and orator whose HISTORY OF ROME isRator whose HISTORY OF ROME is his only surviving work It covers the period from the mythical founding of Rome BC through the reign of Augustus in Livy's timeThi. Great read