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CHARACTERS Dreaming of You 107 ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Dreaming of You Author Lisa Kleypas – She stood at danger's threshold—then love beckoned her inIn the shelter of her country cottage Sara Fielding puts pen to paper to create dreams But curiosity has enticed the prim well bred gentlewom She stood at danger's threshold—then lovCable manners and her infuriating innocence But here in a perilous shadow realm of ever shifting fortunes even a proper mouse can be transformed into a breathtaking enchantress and a world weary gambler can be shaken to his cynical core by the power of passionand the promise of lo. I read this book long ago when it first came out It was one of my fav as the tortured hero goes he was the best However I must say looking back on it now I can see that it was an ok read but it also had some uestionable moments like when he first sees her and does not help her out but she saves his life He is a street rat and does not know any other way to be but basic The fact that he does not have sex with her when she throws herself at him says how hard he was trying to do right by her He really does think he can never have her as she is too good and pure and he is who he is So he sends her away and eventually sleeps with another woman who looks like her and calling the heroines name the whole time This poor woman goes to visit the heroine to ask her to come back and tells her all about what he had done and how he is behaving I loved his struggle with his feelings and her emotional and sexual awakeningThis was a great story and the characters came alive off the pages for me Very enjoyable The masked ball was one of my favorite when he discovers that she is the girl under the mask that he is trying to seduce That was hotThis book is not for everyone and I am glad the author glosses over some of the finer details in history so I could enjoy this book

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She stood at danger's threshold then love beckoned her inIn the shelter of her country cottage Sara Fielding puts pen to paper Dreaming of ePUB #10003 to create dreams But curiosity has enticed the prim well bred gentlewoman out of her safe haven and into Derek Craven's dangerous. uick review finally completed 103113 FANTASTIC HUGE 5 Stars Dreaming of You is one of the most beautifully told love stories I've read It's full of vibrant and flawed characters that will touch your heart like few other characters will There's nothing new I can say about this slightly heartbreaking yet wonderfully heartwarming story that hasn't already been said other than Derek Craven and Sara Feilding and their love story is why I read romance It doesn't get better than this

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Dreaming of YouWorldA handsome tough and tenacious Cockney he rose from poverty to become lord of London's most exclusive gambling house a struggle that has left Derek Craven fabulously wealthy but hardened and suspicious And now duty demands he allow Sara Fielding into his world with her impec. I am re reading all my 5 star rated romance novels There are 60 on my shelf This is book 22 Tropes Opposites Attract Unreuited Love Wallflower Love Triangle This is how my 22nd re read held up I cannot believe how I have chosen to ignore a MAJOR big problem in this book the first time I read it CHEATING Not once But twice The second time was sort of out of his control but the first time was NOT so The thing is this book is pretty awesome Was pretty awesome – whateverAt least up until the point where LK makes Derek FKing Craven use one of his house wenches to seek comfort while missing the heroine And the second time when he doesn’t really wake until it’s or less too late when his ex mistress has sneaked into bed with him I DO NOT WANT TO READ THIS KIND OF ST IN ROMANCE NOVELSI had forgotten why I sometimes read LK’s books with some trepidation because she pulls stunts like this While there is certainly to this book than the cheating personally it has ruined it for me Which really pisses me off because the rest of the book is pretty great Sort ofDowngraded to 15 stars ”Mr Craven doesn't know how to love He recognizes it only as weakness and folly That's part of his attraction for women I believe They each hope to be the one who will finally capture his heart But it's not possible He'll never allow it no indeed uick plot Prim and well bred Sara Fielding might be an artist with the pen fictionalizing the underbelly of London but what she really lacks is real insight By pure chance she saves the life of the notorious owner of London’s most exclusive gambling house Derek Craven Indebted Derek has no choice but to allow the tenacious little author inside the walls of his uestionable establishment After my cheating rant let’s focus on the good stuff because there is plenty Derek had never dreamed that his territory would be so gently and thoroughly invaded—or that his employees would be such willing traitors Sara Fielding's mysterious charm had captivated everyone in his club In my opinion she said you use your poor beginnings as a convenient excuse to to discard all the ethics the rest of us must live byEthics he sneered I couldn't name one man rich or poor who wouldn't discard them for the right priceI wouldn't she said steadily What does she think of you Appalled by your lurid past as I would imagineShe's in raptures over itI suppose you've done everything possible to be offensiveShe likes it She calls me 'source material' I'd keep you with me every bloody minute of the day—no I'd have you fitted with a ball and chain—because I know that otherwise you'd be running off to do 'research' in the nearest dark alley with every cutthroat and pimp you can findShe folded her arms and regarded him with tight lipped disapproval There's no need to shout at me Mr CravenI'm not Derek's voice faded into silence He had been shouting something he never did Amazed he rubbed his jaw and stared at her while she returned his gaze like an inuiring little owl He wasn't behaving like himself—he wasn't thinking like himself He felt as if he should brace himself for some cataclysmic event The air was charged with white hot currents His nerve ends seemed abraded Something was going to happen something and all he could do it seemed was wait ''You're offended that I'm here Sara said in a small voiceI'd rather stand in a bucket of coals than spend one night under the same roof with youYou dislike me that muchDerek's lungs began to work hard as he stared into her small lovely face The violent joy of being near her caused his blood to sizzle His fingers flexed repeatedly into the softness of her shoulders as if relishing the texture of her flesh No I don't dislike you he said nearly inaudible With a disbelieving look on her face Sara pulled out the tiny pair of spectacles she thought she had lost at the club Why she whispered amazed that he was carrying them in his breast pocketHe met her gaze defiantly his jaw set A small muscle twitched in his cheekThen she understood Are you having problems with your sight Mr Craven she asked softly Or is it your heart They settled on a step and he hunched over her tightly his arms fast around herI love you he told her wiping impatiently at the tears that kept trickling down his face I couldn't say it before I couldn't— He clenched his trembling jaw trying to control the hot flow of tears It only made them worse Giving up he buried his face in her hair Bloody hell he mutteredSara had never seen him so undone had never imagined it possible Stroking his dark head she whispered meaningless words trying to give comfort I love you he repeated hoarsely burg against her I would have given my life to have one day with you and tell you thatThere is another reason why I have downgraded this book which is that Sara repeatedly mentions his hold is hurting her or the book describes he is acting forcibly with women ex mistress You and me LK