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Harvesting review ✓ 100 ´ [Read] ➪ Harvesting By Lisa Harding – Helpyouantib.co.uk Sammy is a spiky uick witted and sharp teenager living in Dublin; Nico is a warm and conscientious girl from Moldova When they are thrown together in a Dublin brothel in a horrific twist of fate a pec Sammy is a spiky uick witted and sharp teenager living iSammy is a spiky uick witted and sharp teenager living in Dublin Nico is a warm and conscientious girl from Moldova When they are thrown together in a Dublin brothel in a horrific twist of fate a peculiar and important bond is formed This is a novel about a flourishing but hidden world thinly concealed. I found it very difficult to put this book down until I had finished reading it ’Harvesting’ is a wonderful haunting read Not only has it got all the elements of a great novel memorable characters a gripping storyline and really well written with beautiful prose throughout it also exposes the stories of the tragically real girls behind the horrendous crime of human trafficking into the sex industry in Europe and Ireland Don’t let the subject matter put you off The author does not flinch from presenting us with the full awfulness of her heroines’ predicament but there are no graphic descriptions here designed to shock for shock’s sake Lisa Harding writes about her two heroines with great care and while their story is heartbreaking and anger inducing ultimately ‘Harvesting’ is reassuring about the redemptive power of human relationships and the triumph of the spirit in the face of adversity The two heroines Nico and Sammy in particular are extremely well drawn highly engaging and believable characters that will remain with you long after you finish reading The author writes very convincingly in the first person for both girls giving each of them a distinctive consistent voice The book is structured as alternating chapters intertwining the girls’ stories very cleverly The sense of place and the character descriptions throughout are excellent The author does not resort to lazy stock ‘goodies’ or ‘baddies’ Instead we are introduced to believable characters and situations as seen through the eyes of the two girls the dreamy precocious intelligence of Moldovan Nico who has seen so little of the world and the brash unreliable narration of middle class Sammy who imagines herself to be worldly wise but in reality is vulnerable and troubled The dialogue works really well and the whole book is an effortless read The author weaves her background research in very skilfully the reader is not bombarded with facts or preached at in any way The detail throughout is convincing and feels very authentic This is a wonderful book which deserves a wide audience

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Beneath a veneer of normality It’s about the failings of polite society the cruelty that can exist in apparently homely surroundings the bluster of youth and the often appalling weakness of adultsHarvesting is heartbreaking and funny gritty raw and breathtakingly beautiful where redemption is found in. The author of this book should be commended on how well she portrayed the girls stories without going into gruesome details Harrowing story but very well written Unfortunately it's the harsh reality that surrounds us but this book succeeds in giving the reader the impact and utter devastating goings on of human trafficking into the sex trade in Europe and Ireland The reader feels like they personally know the two main characters Nico and Sammy and the novel succeeds in enraging great apathy for them both and the realization of shear powerlessness to the position they find themselves in This is one of those books which I found hard to put down

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HarvestingFriendship and unexpected acts of kindnessHarvesting was inspired by Harding’s involvement with a campaign against sex trafficking run by the Children’s Rights Alliance Although it is a fictionalised account the text has been read and approved of by representatives for NGOs in both Moldova and Dubl. Like all the best horror writers Lisa Harding has produced a book wherein what is not said and not written is often terrifying than what is set out in black and white And make no mistake this is a horror novel The fact that it is based firmly in reality and portrays a world that exists all around us in reality does not prevent it from being a horror This brilliantly written novel should be a wake up call to us allwe must never forget the danger of buying into the monster narrativemy son my husband my brother my father; these men wouldn't behave in this way because the men who behave like this are monsters and I would know how to spot a monster wouldn't I This is the lie that most women tell themselves every day because to face the truth would bring us to our very knees howling Although the subject matter is horrendous the book never relies on shock or gore instead it relies on the empathy of the reader and the undeniable beauty and skill of the writing I cannot wait for Lisa Harding's next book