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Golden VampireSenator's missing daughter she instead found a haunting link to her past And now something is drawing her to the one man she should despiseOnce a knight Lance had sworn to protect the innocent And one of those young innoce. Linda Thomas Sundstrom magically found a way to bring love suspense passion and danger into one dynamic paranormal story What I liked best Linda combined the best of several romantic sub genres in one story making the plotstory easy to read and fall in love with I couldn't put the book down Once I picked the book up I lost track of everything around me Lance's historical past is what makes him dreamy yet his vampire lineage gives him a dangerous edge His character was one I won't be forgetting for a while Let's not forget Jesse the female heroine She's a boatload of power herself While working to find a missing daughter of a powerful government official she keeps a secret from her co workerpilot She does so to spare him the pain of knowing that other human like creatures do exist In the process she meets Lance With hatred for the immortal she wants nothing to do with him but her body and soul says otherwise This book has it all

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Golden Vampire Free download Í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ [Reading] ➿ Golden Vampire By Linda Thomas-Sundstrom – This book will be reissued in 2019 with a new cover and new publisher Look for itFor former cop Jesse Stewart giving herself—mind and body—to sexy vampire Lance Van Nts had been Jesse Now face to face with the alluring woman she has become he's determined to help Jessie solve her case and make her his own But would finding the truth of her past and the Blood Moon push her further away. This one is dark deep and great It got me thinking definitely not easy read You have vampires good and bad werewolves and in all that I see people that lost so much hurt so much are trying to heal and do good as much as they can They evolve through all that pain and accept things that can't change taking the next step for the right reasons It would be great to have a seuel with other six guardians joining our pair plus Stan

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This book will be reissued inwith a new cover and new publisher Look for itFor former cop Jesse Stewart giving herself mind and body to sexy vampire Lance Van Baaren meant losing her soul Hired by the government to find a. “You know me” The embodiment of sex and sin is ready to claim the woman in his heart—unless she refuses Talk about a tough decision Lance knows he wants her He needs her But Jesse isn’t about to give in easily And let me tell you I loved watching the pushpull in this story I know when I pick up a book by Linda Thomas Sundstrom I’m in for a good time Golden Vampire doesn’t disappoint I’m a sucker for the vampire subgenre of romance and this story packs a wallop The characters are dynamic and strong making me want to root for them even when they aren’t getting along Add to the action Ms Sunstrom’s inventive vampires and I couldn’t put Golden Vampire down Lance is an enigma He’s not a living being and he’s not exactly dead The guy is in limbo and man it stinks But he’s determined to keep Jesse safe I liked the twists and turns involved in his journey with Jesse Every time I thought the story would go one way it went another I liked being kept on edge rather than assuming things with Lance Jesse is a ball of problems and yet she’s the strongest female character I’ve read in a while Sure there are moments when she wants to surrender to Lance—he’s hot so why not—but she can’t It added piles of tension and kept me in my seat Oh and you can’t have a Linda Thomas Sunstrom book without her wolves They served as a great plot twist I’d hoped to see and am glad she used If you want a paranormal story packed with tension action and one seriously hot vampire then this is the book for you I give Golden Vampire 45 books Originally posted at