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SUMMARY Beyond the Mountain 109 Ä ➜ [Epub] ❧ Beyond the Mountain By Lily Archer ➦ – Betrayal has taken Taylor far beyond my reach I can feel the bond stretched and twisted until it’s on the verge of snapping But I will find her She is mine as I am hers and nothing will stop me from Betrayal has taken Taylor farBetrayal has taken Taylor far beyond my reach I can feel the bond stretched and twisted until it’s on the verge of snapping But I will find her She is mine as I am hers and nothing will stop me from recovering my ueen I will always come for her If she. Another one to add35 starsFinally we find out the truth of where Taylor comes from It's dark and powerful but will her bond with Leander save her from the darkness

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He king beyond the mountain and I will return to the winter realm with my ueen by my side A solid plan One that would have worked But when I reach the Gray Mountains nothing is as it seems and my mate faces a danger from the most insidious of foes hersel. Not for teens Short and easy to read Good end

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Beyond the MountainIs hurt I will heal her If she is scared I will wrap my arms around her my embrace her safe Beyond the PDF harbor And as for the ones who took her I will destroy them all Crossing the frozen heart of winter will be their final mistake My fury will end t. Oh god That took a turn for the fucking cartooney and groan inducingWithin pages I had to start skimming because the author went full on with shit she probably thought was dramatic but reads like the shit 12 year olds find edgyPlus that fucking reoccurring witch's peawitch's pee joke was weak and awful and I hate that I had to read it like 4 times with my own two good eyesYou spit out my peaEveryone hears peeTaylor hastily corrects by spelling Not P E E P E Aeveryone who heard OoooohhhLike this dumb shit could have been avoided by calling it literally anything else Sphere Bead Drop Candy Bean Ball Orb But no The author chose pea for that horrible urine based pun and I resent itSo turns out that DUN DUN DUN Taylor is the daughter of the evil shadow dude who Leander took the throne from and the shadow dude isn't dead And she's a faerie And her mom tried to hide her from evil by making her a changeling And once her special magic necklace is ripped off she turns into a cartoon villain all but twirling a mustache deviously She even is suddenly like highly sexual and went from meek virgin to prowess bitch who immediately drops and starts sucks sucking dick and I'm like why does being sexual liberation euate to being evil for womenAnd it turns out that Cecile is her sister and the human who Taylor took the place of So I'll call her Other Taylor and the heroine Original Taylor is Cecile's friend from when Other Taylor was in the faerie realm And it turns out the mom told Cecile to find Original Taylor but neglected to mention that they were sisters or that Original Taylor was part of some evil necromancer prophecyAnd then it turns out that Taylor isn't evil but that her feral just is evil And because she was under a spell so long it just took the fuck overAnd then it turns out despite evil necromancer shadow man acting super interested in being Original Taylor's dad that it was all just a ruse and he is evil and doesn't care about her and also wants to steal her body for himself And it turns out the new magic necklace he gave her is actually a ruse and it's meant to mind control her DUN DUN DUNAnd then she diesBut immediately resurrects herself because Special Snowflake Prophesied Chosen OneAnd I'm just over here like did this author leave out any of the cliche shit or did she just pile it on thinking excess will make this a successAnd then there's nonsense about war and Taylor becoming a ueen and being oh so saintly in her pro euality movement and then there's an epilogue saying evil isn't fully dead so the author can abuse us with terrible novellas