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The Education of Margot Sánchez kindle Ú eBook 9781481472111 Free ✓ Lilliam Rivera ¾ [Ebook] ➠ The Education of Margot Sánchez Author Lilliam Rivera – Pretty in Pink comes to the South Bronx in this bold and romantic coming of age novel about dysfHool reputation slipping through her fingers and she’s willing to do anything to get out of this punishment Lie cheat and maybe even stealMargot’s invitation to the ultimate beach party is within reach and she Education of Margot Kindle #216 has no intention of letting her family’s drama or Moisés the admittedly good looking but outspoken boy from the neighborhood keep her from her go After being caught stealing money from her father Margot's summer will be spent working at the family store rather than in the Hamptons with the girls she wants to have an in with at her school It's a summer that than she anticipates teaches Margot a million and two lessons about life family secrets and about how to be her own personThe voice in this book is phenomenal and the story itself is SO teen The trouble Margot finds herself in is big stuff but it's big stuff in the sense of the teen perspective stealing Lying Those around her find themselves in bigger trouble but it's through her series of smaller transgressions that Margot discovers she wants to be better and she wants to make sure she doesn't fall down the path those around her have There's a strong exploration of friendship here and specifically the way people grow apart from one another There's romance but it was probably the least interesting aspect of the story for me save the part where she really really wants the attention of a boy and when she gets it realizes it wasn't all she thought it would be #TeenLessons While I love the cover it's much harder than the book itself is This is set in the Bronx and there is an edge to the story but it's lighter in tone than the cover might suggest Pair this one with ALLEGEDLY by Tiffany D Jackson and THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas They're all set in some part of New York City all explore real teen situations and there is a lot explored in terms of sexism in all three reads macho culture deconstruction in Rivera's is noteworthy

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Pretty in Pink comes to the South Bronx of Margot PDFEPUB #235 in this bold and romantic coming of age novel about dysfunctional families good and bad choices and finding the courage to uestion everything you ever thought you wanted from debut author Lilliam RiveraTHINGSPEOPLE MARGOT HATESMami for destroying my social lifePapi for allowing Junior to become a NeanderthalJunior for becoming a 45 Stars This was a very fun uick read about a teenager who is made to work at her father's supermarket for using his credit card without permission But it does tackle some heavy subjects as well While she works there Margot will meet new people and make new friends and struggle to maintain the normalcy of her previous life and relationships I say previous life because this summer will change Margot profoundlyMargot's education will be about gentrification privilege and the complexity of relationships both familial and romantic I highly recommend it It's out in 2212017 so you should preorder Read the in depth review on my blogRead Diverse Books

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The Education of Margot SánchezNeanderthalThis supermarketEveryone elseAfter “borrowing” her father's credit card to finance a stylish wardrobe Margot Sánchez suddenly The Education Epubfinds herself grounded And by grounded she means working as an indentured servant in her family’s struggling grocery store to pay off her debts With each order of deli meat she slices Margot can feel her carefully cultivated prep sc Margot wants to be someone elseHowever her family friends and pseudo community will guarantee her desire won't happen The Education of Margot Sanchez is a coming of age story featuring a Latina coping with two masks the one she wears when she's at Somerset Prep and it's ritzy privileged crowd and the one geared towards her true self she wears around her father mother brother best friend Elizabeth and a guy locking her heart down without her permission MoisesPretty in Pink meets the South Bronx it is not Margot's dealing with deeper issues than homemade dresses and whether or not she'll choose Ducky over BlanePros1 A Latina character unsure of herself while aware she wears two masks society forces her to wear Another book discussing the maskscode switching is Piecing Me Together Can she be her true self around the popular rich and white crowd of her prep school while maintaining her roots back in the Boogie Down Bronx and if so when will they inevitably collide2 Complex issues Colorism her dad considers Triguenos bad luck and blanchuitos good luck drug selling and use marital affairs keeping it real classism gentrification and one's place in society are shown3 Afro Latina representation4 A vibrant picture of the Bronx and cultural nuances often ignored 5 While Margot starts off as vapid she view spoilerdoes arc into someone willing to forgo one mask and keep it real I find the criticism a bit odd as the arc is rather obvious hide spoiler