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review Friends With Benefits Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB ½ [PDF] ✍ Friends With Benefits By Lena Matthews – For Bailey Edwards deciding on a no strings attached affair was the easy part Getting her male best friend to agree was a different matter Tired of men who want her only for her looks Bailey has giFor Bailey Edwards deciding on a no strings attached affair Friends With Kindle was the easy part Getting her male best friend to agree was a different matter Tired of men who want her only for her looks Bailey has given up on romantic relationships that lead nowhere An affair with Sebastian could be the perfect solution hot explosive. Reviewed for THC Reviews Friends with Benefits has now taken over the top spot for my all time favorite erotic romance Forget content warnings This book should have come with a health warning; While reading it I found myself literally short of breath and light headed than once It had me feeling like I might spontaneously combust while simultaneously melting into a puddle of goo This friends to lovers story had a surprising amount of emotional depth and a pretty decent plot for an erotic novel I've discovered that erotic authors often have a tendency to put in just a few too many sex scenes leaving my interest waning by the end but that definitely wasn't the case here I was fully engaged from beginning to end because all the intense scorching hot love scenes were interspersed with a good balance of great outside the bedroom scenes between the hero and heroine as well as their interactions with the secondary characters In fact the one and only thing that wasn't uite my cup of tea was the group sex scene Aside from that everything made for a superb read that left me hot and bothered emotionally enthralled and wishing the story were longer so that I wouldn't have to say farewell to Sebastian and BaileySebastian was almost sheer perfection in a romantic hero for me I know it might sound strange but occasionally I can tire of all the gorgeous men in romance novels Sometimes I just long for a hero who seems a bit attainable and Sebastian fit that bill perfectly He is without a doubt attractive but in a subdued way Bailey describes him as cute rather than all that Hollywood hotness he wears glasses and he's average in height I absolutely loved this dichotomy By day he's a relatively mild mannered attorney and Bailey's safe always dependable best friend next to Cat But when this tiger is turned loose he becomes a jealous protective dom with a kinky spanking fetish Sebastian exudes an air of confidence that's close to bordering on cocky but not uite I simply found him too endearing for that The authors also gave him a wicked sense of humor and a touch of vulnerability in the way that Bailey touches his emotions so deeply that he sometimes looses his carefully planned control He was even the first to say “I love you” even though she didn't hear him I adored his protectiveness and need to take care of her in a kind of old fashioned “I'm the man you're the woman” sort of way even before they were intimately involved and he does take care of her uite well in ways than one I also loved that his dominating behavior was never intimidating to me and the spankings were never ever intended to hurt or humiliate Even when he was “punishing” Bailey his love and deep desire for her still emanated from the pages All in all Sebastian was just too scrumptious for words and has definitely earned a spot on my favorite heroes listBailey is a strong stubborn lady with commitment issues Normally a romance heroine who has slept around uite a bit and is forward enough to proposition her best friend when she can no longer bear her sexual drought would irritate me but Bailey never did I think the authors did a wonderful job of conveying Bailey's fear and confusion over the feelings that Sebastian stirs up within her and with giving her a good reason for her reluctance to commit Every time Bailey got riled up at Sebastian for some small thing I thought she might cross that annoyance line for me but then the authors would show some of her deeply buried vulnerabilities and I would realize that she was simply scared out of her mind by what he was making her feel Sebastian's patience finally won the day chipping away at her defenses to expose some of her soft spots and then soothing them with his love I also liked that in the beginning when Sebastian begins revealing his kinks to her she is confused and wary but also spunky enough to be fascinated by it all and revel in the sexual freedom she feels with him Overall Bailey was a very relatable heroine who I really enjoyedI think one of the things that made Friends with Benefits such a wonderful story was all the great relationship dynamics I liked that the authors took the time to address the race issue and show just a small taste of the difficulties Sebastian and Bailey might face as an interracial couple Friends to lovers is one of my favorite romance themes and here the friendship was a very palpable thing I loved the way this couple teased and bantered with one another The hero and heroine of a romance butting heads and exchanging barbs is another thing I usually find grating but here I loved it and found it to be utterly endearing I also thoroughly enjoyed how they could talk and laugh and simply share things It was definitely a true friendship in the deepest sense of the word that made them falling in love very believable I also liked Bailey's friendship with Cat and her closeness with her mom The dialog she shared with both of them was breezy fun We don't get to see as much of Sebastian's guy relationships but his other best friend Mason played a strong role in the story too Friends with Benefits is the second and I had originally thought last book in The Boulevard series with the first being Maverick's Black Cat which had featured Mason and Cat as the hero and heroine However after reading it I can say that the ending definitely left open the possibility of another story Sebastian's law partner Phil and Natalie the owner of The Boulevard fetish club and one of Sebastian's clients were certainly admiring each other from afar and obviously wanting Even though Phil was a bit too smooth for my taste Natalie caught my attention so I wouldn't mind reading their story if the authors ever decide to write it I was also hoping to see of Sebastian and Bailey in their book much like I did Mason and Cat in this book but sadly I don't know if that will ever happen It has been close to five years since Friends with Benefits was first released and neither Ms Matthews nor Ms Casper have any announcements of another book in the works on their websites Even if this does turn out to be the end for The Boulevard it was a fabulous way to go out Friends with Benefits will always have a well earned spot on my keeper shelf and I'll look forward to checking out the authors' other worksNote This book contains explicit language and sexual situations including mild dominationsubmission spanking use of a sex toy and anal sex which some readers may find offensive

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Sex with no commitment What could a girl ask for Sebastian Emerzian isn't sure what to think when his female best friend propositions him He's already resigned himself to a friends only relationship with Bailey despite his long held desires for Sebastian is than willing to turn up the heat as long as the headstrong beauty understands he'. Liked this one a bit better than the previous book in the seriesBailey has a smart mouth and a big heart She also has a crippling fear of commitment because of the example of her much married motherSebastian and Bailey met in the previous book Maverick's Black Cat set up on a blind double date with that couple They hit if off immediately but the possibility of romance is not there The steam pressed lawyer Bastian is simply not one of the Bailey's types She likes them big muscly and pretty She also likes guys she can leave without a backward glance However the two of them strike up a great friendship and often hang out togetherLately though her regular types just aren't doing it for her After six months of enforced celibacy Bailey is ready to do something drastic She asks her best bud Bastian if he'd want to be her fuck buddySebastian is insulted He'd love to get with Bailey but not as a tissue she can discard when she is done And although he appears to be a straight laced buttoned up lawyer he really isn't He has certain bedroom preferences that he isn't sure Bailey can handle despite her sexual bravadoSo he decides to invite her to a local festive club and introduce her to his interests It is an eye opener for Bailey who finds that she just can't resist this new side of SebastianJust as in the previous book the dialogue is what really stands out Bailey and Sebastian snipe argue tease and joke so well and so naturally of course these two are destined to be together The explicit sex scenes are smoking hot but the relationship between Bailey and Sebastian is what makes the book so enjoyableHopefully the next book will be Big Phil and Natalie's

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Friends With BenefitsLl be defining the terms of their new relationship While Bailey may be looking for a friend with benefits type of relationship she'll learn the hard way that if she wants to play she'll have to do things his way And Sebastian doesn't play nice for anyone Note While this is a stand alone novel we recommend reading Maverick's Black Cat fir. This is hot sex on a platter; end of story Really enjoyed it D