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FREE DOC ´ READER Killing Floor Ù HELPYOUANTIB ✓ [Reading] ➼ Killing Floor Author Lee Child – Ex military policeman Jack Reacher is a drifter He's just passing through Margrave Georgia and in less than an hour he's arrested for murder Not much of a welcome All Jack knows is that he didn't kiHour he's arrested for murder Not much of a welcome All Jack knows is that he didn't kill anybody At least not On the Flintstones whenever there was an indoor chase scene the background in the house never varied it would be the same window table lamp running repeatedly behind the action and the chase would go on seemingly forever a veritable cartoon mile16 kilometers Watching the show as a kid it was almost than my sugar fueled addled brain could handleReading this book was the same type of existentially empty experience Grafting a promising storyline onto a series of humorless mind numbing hackneyed plot devices punctuated by the occasional instances of brutal violence and you end up with literary inertia which appears to be going somewhere but it’s not Just like Fred and DinoThe book has an introduction by the author that had been added for the Tiny Tom movie release The introduction details Lee Child’s life from uitting his day job to how he created Reacher The introduction was the highlight of this reading experience Child probably had a lot of ideas bouncing around in his head when he began writing this book Sadly he picked the wrong ones A uote he repeats in the intro is Dickens wanted what the audience wanted Sure but Dickens was his own man who didn't pander to his audience's fleeting whimsI don’t want to totally dismiss the Reacher series out of hand The Almighty Stephen King pimps it on the cover of this edition and I’ve read one other Reacher book and it was fairly entertaining Even though I’ve overinvested 50 cents in two other volumes it’ll be awhile before I give my time to another book in this series

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Ex military policeman Jack Reacher is a drifter He's just passing through Margrave Georgia and in less than an This reads like an '80s action movie starring Arnold SchwarzeneggerA big tough ex military guy drifts into a small town and is sucked into uncovering a vast criminal conspiracy through completely unbelievable coincidences CheckHero has a cool manly sounding name Jack Reacher CheckHero is uickly given a personal grudge against the villains CheckBad dialogue CheckStereotypical villains including corrupt businessmen and politicians CheckHero finds a few trustworthy allies but is betrayed at some point CheckHero shacks up with hottest girl in town within two days of meeting her CheckHot girl gets kidnapped by bad guys at some point CheckStuff blows up real good at the end CheckI know this is a really popular series these days but unless it gets a lot better in later books I just don't get it I've read far better action scenes from guys like John Sandford who actually write thrillers that have plots that hang together and don't trot out every action movie cliche in the process Plus there are massive gaps in logic A murder victim turns out to be a federal agent who is working on a super secret case that is so important that it literally threatens the United States Yet after he's killed and it's reported nobody else from the government even shows up to check it out WTF I can gloss over unrealistic procedural stuff in the interest of a good story but since this isn't a good story the plot loopholes are too horrible to ignoreAnother problem is that Child couldn't make up his mind if he wanted to write just an action novel or a detective story and he tried to split the difference Not good Reacher is the worst fictional detective I've ever read Giant clues are put in front of him that anyone who has ever read a book or seen an episode of television since 1962 would instantly recognize but he misses them Yet when called for he can make ludicrous leaps of intuition that would make Sherlock Holmes scratch his head at the sheer implausibility of them This might have been a better book if Reacher was just a revenge driven killing machine mowing through the bad guys without the pretense of playing detectiveThis would have been 1 star but I gave it an extra star because the main piece of the criminal plot is actually kind of clever and not something I'd read before Unfortunately it's the only original thing in this book Update 41016 I recently read another crime novel that used an identical idea of view spoiler bleaching 1 bills to use for counterfeiting purposes hide spoiler

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Killing FloorHere Not lately But he doesn't stand a chance of convincing anyone not in Margrave Georgia Not a chance in hell Suspension of disbelief reuired I was a policeman of sorts for thirteen years and I can smell a worried man a mile awayThe reviews for this one are all over the place It seems that Jack Reacher is one of those “either you love him or you hate him” protagonists and Lee Child is one of those “either you love him or you hate him” writers It’s also clear that these books rely heavily on action In fact as some reviewers have already mentioned there is a bit of the 80s Action Hero about Jack Reacher The book was conceived in the 90s so perhaps it makes sense Well tough shit He started it right Attacking me was like pushing open a forbidden door What waited on the other side was his problem His risk If he didn’t like it he shouldn’t have pushed open the damn doorSo Reacher He is huge yes literally and he doesn’t take any crap As in none Expect broken limbs mashed in faces blown up buildings and very dead scumbags as he sets about solving mysteries He doesn’t have an alcohol problem or domestic issues or any other of the plethora of baggage we have gotten used to in crime fiction Some argue this makes for a one dimensional character while others are content to sit back and enjoy the ride Both these schools of thought have merit so it’s really the plotting that makes or breaks a book like this I calculated angles and estimated distances I came up with one definite conclusion It was a hell of a problemI read this on my wife’s recommendation and I enjoyed it It’s possibly the literary euivalent of a Cinnamon Bun not all that much nutrition but high on calories Thing is I enjoy a Cinnamon Bun every once in a while I also happened to enjoy the fact that this particular protagonist doesn’t care two hoots about protocol and conseuence Realistic Maybe not Fun Indeedy His skull exploded under the impact of the huge bullet His legs crumpled and he started falling I fired my last four shells into him before he hit the floorAlso bear in mind that Jack Reacher isn’t a detective Not really He is ex Military Police so he has a few skills mostly in breaking heads to get the information he needs He also likes to travel I wanted the open road and a new place every day I wanted miles to travel and absolutely no idea where I was going I wanted to ramble I had rambling on my mindAs for the plotting it wasn’t bad at all in my humble opinion I enjoyed the mystery and the unraveling of it and the big reveals even though I have to admit that there is at least one brobdingnagian coincidence and a few things that didn’t tie up all thaaat nicely May I suggest you read this as an action romp rather than a sophisticated thrillerThe big uestion here is obviously “will I read the next one” – hell yes I reckon I will35 exploding um objects out of 5