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PersonalYou can leave the army but the army doesn’t leave you Not always Not completely notes Jack Reacher and sure enough the retired military cop is soon pulled back into service This time for the State Department and the CIASomeone has taken a shot at the president of France in the City of Light The bullet was American The distance between the gunman and the target was exceptional How many snipers can s I see England I see France I see Reacher's underpants No only fooling I've never seen Jack Reacher's undies although I wouldn't mind doing so as long as it was the “real” Reacher and not the Tom Cruise midget Hack Reacher Hollywood version Does Reacher even wear underwear Has Lee Child ever told us And if he does are they tighty whities or boxers Anyway how did we get on the subject of Jack's foundation garments Oh yeah I was talking about seeing England and France which we get to do in this novel and that's what makes it fun to read Those of us who have been with Jack Reacher from the start have grown a mite weary of seeing him land in yet another creepy one hydrant small town somewhere in the bowels of America So Lee Child got smart and made him a world traveler in this latest installment I don't know about the rest of you but it really purples my nurples when I look at a review of a book I've been anticipating with great relish only to have one or two lines in that review ruin it all for me by giving away too much information I don't generally write much in the way of reviews for books in the suspensethriller category because I'm afraid that one little thing I say might spoil it for some eager reader So how to review this book Without spoilers Without even a hint of spoilers You can read the publisher blurb and get a pretty good feel for the general plot but even those dadgum blurb writers seem to include spoilers these days What I will say is that this book was one heck of a lot of fun to read There's a great mix of characters we've never met before There are colorful English hoodlums and American military has beens and world class snipers one of whom takes a shot at the president of France which sets the wheels in motion for Reacher to seek a confrontation with a guy he put in prison over 15 years agoThis is a super intelligent thriller with some great humor thrown in I won't tell you my favorite laugh out loud lines because I want you to be as surprised and delighted by them as I was Seeing how Lee Child is so smart and does his research so well I was surprised to find that he didn't do his homework on pharmaceuticals for this novel He apparently has Zoloft confused with Xanax and has a major female character popping a Zoloft whenever she's nervous or needs to sleep That's my only real criticism of the book I read an advance copy and I hope the error will be corrected in the final version Thanks for reading my rambling review Nanu nanu

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H Casey Nice a rookie analyst who keeps her cool with Zoloft But they’re facing a rough road full of ruthless mobsters Serbian thugs close calls double crosses and no backup if they’re caught All the while Reacher can’t stop thinking about the woman he once failed to save But he won’t let that happen again Not this time Not NiceReacher never gets too close But now a killer is making it person I've read every Reacher novel Lee Child ever wrote Some of them are good and some of them are magnificent Recently there have been a few substandard but Personal is the worst Reacher novel I've ever read It was even worse than the one where he was supposedly being held prisoner in a car and it all took place as they drove across country and that's really saying something because that one really sucked The beginning started out okay and the ending was okay but what was all that bullshit in the middle The ending seemed to rationalize some of what went on but it in no way makes up for the boring adolescently contrived nature of the bullshit we had to endure for 200 pages Maybe he needs to lay off the cannabis for a while because that was the biggest pile of confusing horseshit I've ever read Cannabis accusation according to his own claim in an interview with the Daily Mail “In 2013 Grant told the Daily Mail that he writes while high on marijuana and that he has smoked cannabis five nights a week for 44 years” per WikipediaMan I can be a diehard fan of someone as much as the next guy but after reading Personal I felt the same way I did after I read the latest John Sandford novel I felt like I'd been had that these guys are slacking and leaning a little too heavily on their fans to prop them up like they are coasting like they are semi retired rich dudes just waiting for the checks to roll in Well screw that boys There are too many people out there who are still TRYING to write something worth reading for me to waste too much time or money on that crap I've already scrapped Sandford's Virgil Flowers series as he carelessly allowed one of his golfing buddies to get a little too involved and turned out a piece of crap and I'm not afraid to throw any future efforts in the Reacher series on the scrap heap too It was crap It was insulting Look at it this way if this had been his first novel there never would have been another one Nobody would have published a piece of crap like that so I don't see why I should cut him any slack based on his previous efforts Each effort needs to be good enough to pass this test Every one of them

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Personal Ebook Þ 353 pages Download ↠ ❰Read❯ ➳ Personal Author Lee Child – You can leave the army but the army doesn’t leave you Not always Not completely notes Jack Reacher—and sure enough the retired military cop is soon pulled back into service This time for the State You can leave the armHoot from three uarters of a mile with total confidence Very few but John Kott an American marksman gone bad is one of them And after fifteen years in prison he’s out unaccounted for and likely drawing a bead on a G summit packed with enough world leaders to tempt any assassinIf anyone can stop Kott it’s the man who beat him before Reacher And though he’d rather work alone Reacher is teamed wit I see there is a lot of debate between Lee Child fans about whether this is a good book or not I liked it four stars worth Okay it was a bit different especially as the action takes place in Europe instead of America I actually found that a refreshing change And it does get a bit wordy in parts but makes up for it with some great action and an intriguing game of double guessing who the real baddy is I really enjoyed it