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DOC ê READER The Book of Negroes ☆ HELPYOUANTIB á [Ebook] ➣ The Book of Negroes Author Lawrence Hill – Based on a true story The Book of Negroes tells the story of Aminata a young girl abducted from her village in Mali aged 11 in 1755 and who after a deathly journey on a slave ship where shLoss of both her children who are taken away from her she eventually joins a group of freed slaves on a harrowing odyssey back to Africa and ends up in London as a living icon for Wilberforce and the other Abolitionists The Book of Negroes is a pageturning narrative that manages to use Aminata's heart rending personal story to bring to life a harrowing chapter in our histo Blame is on me I expected a lot from this story but it didn't meet them so I am a wee bit disappointed

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Based on a true story The Book of Negroes tells the story of Aminata a young girl abducted from her village in Mali aged in and who after a deathly journey on a slave ship where she witnesses the brutal repression of a slave revolt is sold to a plantation owner in South Carolina who rapes her She is brought to New York where she escapes her owner and finds herself helping International title Someone Knows My NameIt's 1802 and Aminata Diallo now an old woman sits down to write her life story at the reuest of the Abolitionists in London Abducted from her village in West Africa at the age of eleven and marched in a coffle a string of slaves for three months before reaching the coast Aminata survives the voyage to America and ends up sold to an indigo plantation owner in South Carolina She describes herself as lucky because compared to the tragic circumstances and end of so many other black slaves Aminata manages to survive using her wits her skills as a midwife her ability to pick up new skills uickly and her strength of character She witnesses many horrors and sorrows and experiences them as well that make her ponder the human nature and the hypocrisy of religions even her own Yet through it all she does not succumb to anger or hatred; she wants only to be together with her husband Chekura and their children who are all taken from herWhen Britain surrenders to the rebels they keep their promise to the Black Loyalists in a way With a certificate proving they have worked behind British lines for at least a year they can sign their name in the Book of Negroes and be given passage to a British colony Most are sent to Nova Scotia including Aminata She may have escaped the American slave owners but she hasn't escaped the prejudice fear and hatred with which the blacks face everywhere they go The opportunity to return to Africa the dream she's always had comes her way but if she ever wants to see her home village of Bayo again she'll have to make a deal with the devilThis book is going straight onto my favourites list The sweeping lifelong cross generational story arc reminded me of another favourite book of mine City of Dreams by Beverly Swerling which is about the early days of the Dutch in Nieuw Amsterdam before it became New York The Book of Negroes is a powerful story on many fronts it's a very human story sympathetic honest fair to the greys of history thought provoking poignant One of the beautiful things about this book is how as a reader you feel in tune with the Africans while the whites seem strange alien bewildering contradictory I don't mean that Hill paints an uneven picture far from it the rendering of history into something visceral tangible grants perspective and context It's not a simple matter of white man bad; black man victim That's what I mean by this book being honest honest about human nature about the complexities of history without making excuses for anyone of any colour I don't mean that there weren't characters who enrage you but that they are presented relatively free of the taint of presentismIf you're not familiar with the term presentism refers to our natural tendency to judge history through the lens of the present by our own modern standards rather than acknowledging and positioning things within a historical perspective Hill has done an admirable job of completely immersing us in the 18th century creating a protagonist who is a product of the time as much as one of circumstanceHill has managed to write a convincing wonderful female protagonist frankly not many male writers are this successful Aminata is unflinchingly honest with herself and others and by being so thoroughly in her head she gives us what the Africans needed most during slavery a voice the understanding that she's just like us not some black beast from darkest Africa heathen barbarian uncivilised As in some other books the irony comes through clearly which is the uncivilised race Who is the barbarian When Aminata arrives in London the first thing she sees are the legless beggars on the street the filth and crowds and pretensions She doesn't even need to say anythingAnother irony is the rebellion in the American colony Aminata is in New York when things get nasty and constantly hears the white Americans talking about being slaves to the British and fighting for their freedom Aminata doesn't need to point out anything here and I don't think I do eitherHer own people don't come off smelling of roses either The book is thoroughly researched and historically accurate and makes no bones about Africans enslaving each other well before the white people came and it is Africans who capture Aminata kill her parents torch her village and sell her to the white slavers Slavery has a long long history and no race it seems is exempt The Egyptians did it the Chinese the Japanese the Israelites were famously enslaved the Romans are guilty and what is feudalism if not a form of slavery which the English and French and others used for a very long time If nothing else this book highlights the fact that no matter what colour you are or what your diet is we are all human and share this intangible thing called human nature Cruelty exists everywhere and cannot be simply attributed to your race though neither can it be excused This is why I insist that the history of black slavery while it existed predominantly between the British slaving companies and the Americas is everyone's history For a comprehensive story covering three different continents and exposing many of the situations black slaves runaways and freed slaves faced you can't go wrong with this oneIt's also beautifully written Aminata has a simple honest style without embellishment or fanciful detail She rarely passes judgement but offers her own thoughts and perspective subtly She is captured just before reaching puberty and so ironically escapes female circumcision which her people practised remov

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The Book of NegroesThe British by recording all the freed slaves on the British side in the Revolutionary War in The Book ePUB #10003 The Book of Negroes a real historical document that can be found today at the National Archives at KewAminata is sent to Nova Scotia to start a new life but finds hostility oppression and tragedy Separated from her one true love and suffering the unimaginable Abducted by slave traders as a young child Aminata is a survivor She is taken so far from home that her ultimate vow is to get back This is her powerful story that will make you laugh tear and jump for joy all at the same time Powerful Moving Memorable The Book of Negroes will stay with you long after you have read itI couldn't put this one down I know it seems like such a daunting read and the font is tiny but trust me you'll fly through this There are times it's heart breaking so I had to pause and not read it for a day but I couldn't wait to get back to it The characters are so vivid and so real The amount of research that was put into motion is clearly evident when you're reading her harrowing journey You can't help but feel like you went on this journey with her The story is one of survival and also one where our main character can't call anywhere else home Aminata is one character to admire that's a fact I'd give this a billion stars if I could Such an excellent book I cried tears of sadness and joy all at the same time Now I can finish watching the rest of the TV show adaptation The writing is excellent and the story and the characters and just everything about it screams classic RATING 55UOTESI prayed that this was a dream but the dream would not relent 33That I decided was what it meant to be a slave your past didn't matter; in the present you were invisible and you had no claim on the future 215I knew that it would be called United States But I refused to speak that name There was nothing united about a nation that said all men were created eual but that kept my people in chains 349It's about than land It's about freedom Negroes want to make our own lives 411I had learned that there were times when fighting was impossible when the best thing to do was to wait and to learn 424They did not attempt to enslave us but nor did they set us free 433Sometimes a deal with the devil is better than no deal at all 461Who was to blame for all this evil and who had started it 473