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Narcissus in Chains Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #10 ePub ã 630 pages Download ☆ Laurell K. Hamilton ☆ [Reading] ➺ Narcissus in Chains Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #10 Author Laurell K. Hamilton – Librarian's Note this is an alternate coveBefore But when a kidnapper targets innocents she has Narcissus in Epubsworn to protect Anita turns to them for help which will reuire harnessing both their powers a It's really sad the direction this series has gone The first few books we SO GOOD Scary and tense with a little sexual tension but mostly just scary and tense Then she introduced Richard and things started to go downhill I don't mind a little romance in my blood gore but this is ridiculous If I wanted to read supernatural porn I'd read the Merry Gentry's series Wait I already did So why would I want to read this crapIt's no longer about the baddies that come out at night It's all about her threesome with Richard and Jean Claude or lack thereof and all the 'magic' that comes with it It's SO BORING They go on and on and round and round the same crap they've been circling around for the last 4 booksAnd everything takes FOREVER She knows that someone is in danger and she must save them but before they get to where they need to be they discuss things that have no bearing on the problem at hand and then generally someone has to try to have sex with Anita And this time Hamilton recognizes her long windedness but still doesn't seem to do anything about it Apparently she thinks it's good storytelling IT'S NOT It's PAINFULAnd come on I know I'm a bit behind on this series having started it late but this book was written in the 2000's Why is everyone dressing like they're going to a bad gay bar in the 80's The descriptions of the clothes sound like horrible 80's rejects Silver mesh shirts pants On men Men with hair down to their waists with vinyl shirts and pants Ew There was nothing feminine about Richard Well except his hair and his pathetic attitudeAnd she repeats herself constantly Twice in one chapter she writes that very powerful shapeshifts can partially shift She's ALWAYS I don't think there's been a book without this says something about seeing something horrific and my mind simply refused to understand And then she'll go on to explain how the mind isn't meant to see such things and tries to protect you from understanding what you're seeing I KNOW YOU'VE ALREADY SAID THIS It's so annoyingI don't think I can read any of this series I can't stand Anita and her wishy washy morals and her sociopathic attitude She's tired and done and really just a projection of Hamilton wanting to play out her sexual fantasies It's not about monsters and scary things any Boo

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Nd their hungers But merging their powers together will give this mortal woman a taste of immortal hunger that she'll never in Chains Anita Epub #219 be able to forge TOTALLY SPOILERY BEWAREHamilton managed to work in at least two Triple Word Scores with use of terms that resonate well with genre fans ouroboros remember Scully's tattoo anyone and oubliette yay Jareth would be so pleased But the newest term created for the Blakeverse Panwere Because it was not enough to have werewolves wereleopards wererats wereswans weresnakes weretigers werehyenas weredogs and werebears Nay we also have to have someone who can shapeshift into multiple animals Oh and also he must have split personality disorder Just roll with it it's faster that wayWhen the books began Anita was 24 and she was an animator meaning she could raise zombies Then she became a human servant to a vampire But then she killed him which nearly killed her and was freed Somewhere along the way she went from being just an animator to a necromancer like an uber animator she can now also raise vampires Then she became a human servant again And since she was dating the werewolf king called an Ulfric she was deemed his lupa like a werewolf ueen I guess And then she killed the head wereleopard in town and became the wereleopard's Nimir Ra ueenSo when this book began Anita was 26 and a necromancer human servant to the Master of the City and the werewolf king's lupa and the wereleopards' ueen See how I said to just roll with it During the course of the book Anita is accidentally impaled on the claws of one of her wereleopards so it seems she might become their Nimir Ra for like real yo She exhibits all sorts of new powers that confirm this suspicion But come the next full moon she doesn't shapeshift and it turns out that much as her vampire sweetie has an animal to call being wolves she through the marks of being his human servant has gained an animal to call of her very own the leopard How convenient Oh and she has also become a Master Necromancer in that she now has a vampire servant And did I mention she is now also a succubus Yeah that one would take too long to explain so just keep rollingNew folk that want to sleep with her the new Nimir Raj leopard king in town And that panwere I mentioned earlier Of course

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Narcissus in Chains Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #10Librarian's Note this Chains Anita PDFEPUB #196 is an alternate cover edition for ISBN Six months of celibacy have made Anita crave the two men in her life like never My opinion for what it‘s worthexactly With the exception of Micah I've read the entire Anita Blake series up to this point Blood Noir #16 and in the aforementioned opinion Obsidian Butterfly was the last decent book after which the series should have been renamed Anita Blake Vampire Humper since the majority of what little action takes place occurs in the bedroom the back seat of automobiles on the kitchen table the bathroom flooretc etc etc Beginning with Narcissus In Chains gone are the days when Anita spends her time raising the dead kicking monster butt and slaying rogue vampires with threat to life and limb Instead we’re treated to her increasingly freuent sexcapades watching as she dips her toes and other body parts into the murky waters of BDSM and pseudo beastility I mean really what else do you call sex with a partially transitioned werecreature and we’re not talking gender issues here but rather Does it or doesn’t it have fur and a tail; tedious repetitions of her ambivalent and animosity laden encounters with Richard “He loves me he loves me not; He loves me He’s full of snot”; and long discourses regarding monster and especially vampire sociopolitical structures Call me provincial call me shallow and two dimensional call me Al or some other A word but when I pick up a book about a vampire hunter I anticipate wellvampire hunting or something of its ilk not a weird blend of Penthouse Letters teen diary and Royal court treatise It’s too bad ‘cause Anita Blake was pretty kick ass back when she was kickin’ ass