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Super Cute FeltMs from pincushions and purses to necklaces and napkin rings This wonderful book includes clear step by step instructions and detailed phot. Gorgeous book with easy to follow instructions and great patterns to make some very cute things

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O give as a gift or as a Super Cute PDFEPUB or treat for yourself Felt is ideal material to work with and very versatile Make a host of ite. This book is great I bought it because the things in it are very cute and similar to things that I make There are patterns at the back for readers to have a go at making the things in the book I will certainly try a few The pictures got me all inspired to sketch out a few new designs for the next craft fair

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Super Cute Felt characters ✓ 109 ✓ ➼ [Reading] ➾ Super Cute Felt By Laura Howard ➱ – Super Cute Felt With 35 of the sweetest designs you have ever seen; Super Cute Felt will inspire you to make something gorgeous for your home; to give as a gift; or as a treat for yourself Felt is ide Super Cute FSuper Cute Felt With of the sweetest designs you have ever seen Super Cute Felt will inspire you to make something gorgeous for your home t. I really hate it when peoplebooksads tell me the uality of something as if they're at all objective such as when on ebay the listing says Cute book instructions how to The Art of Taxidermy You love If you've ever browsed ebay you probably know what I mean More often than not I disagreeIn this case I'm not as annoyed by it because there are definitely some cute motifs and projects here although super cute is pushing it a bit for my taste There aren't any projects I haven't seen before but they're good things like ornaments a door stop and hair accessories The one thing I don't get and I've seen this in at least one other book is the egg cozy Do people really use those Are there English muffin and sausage cozies too In my experience those get cold a lot faster than hard boiled eggsThe instructions are very good and accompanied by photos There's an index a list of suppliers and the pattern pieces are in color to help identify the projectsI'm adding this one to my collection