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FREE READ å Nightworld Academy à [PDF / Epub] ☆ Nightworld Academy ✩ L.J. Swallow – Welcome to the Nightworld Academy attended by vampires shifters and witches A place filled with harmony and mutual respect between the supernatural races SometimesI'm told my curse is a gift A valuabl Welcome to the Nightworld AcaTra classes late into the night I enrolled at the academy because my last school expelled me for punching another student Nobody believed that I knocked Tyler unconscious to stop somebody else dying But why would they believe the crazy girlI expected to meet other troubled teens here but the pupils are predictable for an English boarding school There's Ash the rugby team captain and the academy's most popu. Warning this wont really be a proper sounding review This is of a rant rather than an intellectual analysis Not all my reviews are like this This has some spoilersNightworld Academy follows the adventure of Maeve as she finds herself discovers her magic and has an unrealistically perfect harem of boys fawning over herThis book starts off with Maeve getting expelled from her highschool due to acting based off of her hallucinations and her parents enrolling her into a boarding school her aunt pays for which of course is Nightworld Academy a magical school for the supernatural First off Maeve meets Jaime When they first meet he seems like he will be the cool collected and logical type I assumed he would be the love interest based on how they feel an odd connection when they first meet She also technically saw him die in a vision so thats also a thing For some reason the school decides for Maeve to find out the school is magic on her own This is a huge mistake considering Maeve is honestly uite the idiot She somehow doesnt suspect anything when kids take classes until midnight that she isnt included in and when they study werewolves in history If the school didn't leave Maeve oblivious although there were obvious signs she probably wouldn't have gotten attacked by a rebel group the first few days of school She has a friend called Amelia who is practically irrelevant It would have been so much cooler if Amelia was involved She had a funny personality Instead all focus was put on the boys Basically all of her friends who are male are super duper hot Jaime and Ash are clearly both in love with her and Jaime turns out to be this weirdly standoffish guy who likes Maeve in this unexplainably really annoying and a tiny bit perverted way Ash is super duper hot you guessed it and also popular for only that reason even though basically the whole school is hot people and he also really likes Maeve for no reason whatsoever Ash has barely a personality yet Maeve still is the most attracted to him only because of his looks She also likes Andrei even though he is a perverted and creepy vampire just because he has some serious badboy vibes because wOaH tHerE hE dRiNKs BlOod fRom HuMaNs aNd tHinKs iTs No bIg dEaL aInt thAT HoT Maeve knows that she is seeing Jaime dying yet tells no one even after she knows she can see the real future She puts her own friends life at risk because she is too embarassed about her abilities and still thinks people will judge her for being a witch in a school full of supernatural people Everyone swears every other second and it seems a bit like the author is trying so hard to make them realistic teenagers they become unrealistic and honestly uite bratty and excessive Who says f and b and b every other setence Its not fun to read books where the teenagers are so realistic hormonal and bratty In fantasy books I love romance sub plots but this subplot is overtaking the main one and impacting large decisions After being judged her whole life for being mentally ill she then judges all the supernatural people for erasing human memories if they make mistakes Humans make mistakes in theory the supernatural would make mistakes as well If they let the humans be they would find out about their academies and a purge would happen They would die out She thinks she is somehow special in that she can say that what they are doing is wrong and should stop People won't stop making mistakes thats a given So obviously they have to be creative with their solutions Punching people doesn't solve everything Maeve Instead of focusing on the vision of her friend's death she focuses on some small bit of her human friend's school halloween party Andrei makes some very perverted comments Stuff goes down Maeve has barely any personality besides stuck up and snarky The storyline is very good in theory but has major plot holes This huge harem was a bad idea The idea was good the execution not so much This was still very entertaining to read though a bit uncomfortable at parts but I enjoyed reading it


Lar guy Then there's Andrei the moody guy with a bad attitude who takes pleasure in annoying me And Jamie who's studious and friendly but intense I thought I had the academy figured out the mean girl the uirky friend the nerd the emo and the jock But on the evening I swear allegiance to my new school house everything spins out of control and I realise I'm dealing with Much One of us will die and I know who. LJ Swallow sucked me down the rabbit hole with the Nightworld Academy Term One A touch mystery a dash of humor and wit and a sprinkling of romance Maeve is not your typical teenager She has visionsor hallucinations depending on who you talk to After getting expelled from her school she is sent to an ultra private school which has a “special” curriculum While at the school she befriends Ash the star athlete Jamie the school “Nerd” Amelia her roomate and Andrei the dark and mysterious outsider When Maeve is attacked by an outside force she is thrust into a world she believed only existed in fairy tales Her friends and teachers are not what they seemed she is valuable than she knew and is in danger and to top things off she saw one or of her friends die in a vision How will she navigate this new world and stop what is about to happen I have to admit I read this book all in one night It was such an intriguing story I am not a big fan of the reverse harem scenarios which this book has a very G rated tone of them so far but I loved that each potential love interest has some sweet and heartwarming ualities and then have their own obstacles they have to overcome I am interested to see how this plays out throughout the series I am Team Andrei just for the record The mystery of the first part was not my favorite only because I wanted the Maeve to hurry up and find out so we could move the story along Plus I hate but secretly love not knowing I also was not a big fan of the multiple POVs I was here for Maeve and that is who I would have prefered to see throughout the book There was not anything wrong with the other POVs they were well written and each character had their own voice shine throughI did love how LJ Swallow was able to change the genre up a bit Each Academy house is know for a specific ability but within those abilities are smaller specific sub abilities This for me means there could be a lot of wildcards and unknowns which excites me for further reading Overall I found the story to be good Not great but a fun and interesting read That doesn’t mean I will not be getting the next one as soon as it comes out especially with the cliffhanger of this one

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Nightworld AcademyWelcome to the Nightworld Academy attended by vampires shifters and witches A place filled with harmony and mutual respect between the supernatural races SometimesI'm told my curse is a gift A valuable one that could cost me my life My visions of the future are weird but my new school is weirder All lessons take place in the evening and the majority of students are on an advanced program where they take ex. Rating 2 starsEverytime I read a book with teens that act like teens I am so full of it thinking I was never as stupid or irresponsibleWho am I trying to kid I wasn’t better But my screw ups never involved people dying Ah sweet boring non fictional lifeAs much as I love RH boarding school books and magic academy I could not completely get on board with Nightworld AcademyMaeve is a complete moron Sometimes so idiotic the whole story becomes painful to readShe’s a basic teen; self centered arrogant immature ignorant irresponsible and driven by her hormones and pseudo righteousness Her only specialness lies in her witchy seer powers and it does not make her particularly interesting as she manages to royally screw up every single possible waySometimes you think she is actually very wise but she is not Sometimes you think she is selfless but she is not She is a difficult character to grasp and to like as her classic kid impulsivity slash stupidity gets in the way most of the time And it kind of make the story hard to enjoy too as I am focused on the different scenarios that could slap some sense into her that runs into my heart Spoiler alert it sometimes is messy