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A Bedtime Story A Bedtime Story Trilogy #1A Bedtime Story is Story A PDFEPUB #188 an erotic thriller It is a love story not a romance Book ends on a cliffhanger and acts as the backstory to BookLaura Spencer Young pretty introverted She worked at a local deli where she left broken plates than collected tips Apologizing to aggravated waiters and cowering from overfriendly male clients made up most of her social interaction The only friends she had lived inside the pages of books or on movie screens A Bedtime eBook #240 offering slim comfort during the long dark nights of her lonely life Every two weeks a postcard was delivered through her mai. SAY WHAT PRICE DROP ALERT FOR A Bedtime Story WILL BE ONLY 399 FOR A LIMITED TIME FOR HALLOWEEN GO GRAB YOUR COPY NOW IT WILL BE GOING BACK TO 800 SOON PURCHASE LINKMonster Stars “Maybe I am a monster But I’m your monster I’ll fight for you I’ll kill for you You’re mine Always Wherever you go I’ll find you Always There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you” Kayne Kayne Malkin was 30 year old cold blooded killer who worked for the Russian mob He was tall dark and handsome Peter Spencer had betrayed the mob and taken some important evidence with him he just couldn’t handle the woman trafficking and had to get away from all of it Peter knew the risk he was taking by leaving but he just couldn’t handle it Therefore he left and had been running for over eight months Kayne’s latest assignment was to find Peter’s only family his sister Laura and get Peter’s location from her When someone betrays the mob they pay with their life and there is no mercy Laura Spencer was 23 years old living on her own with no friends or family other than her brother Peter Even though she hadn’t seen him for a long time she knew he was on some sort of trouble Peter would always write her postcards to keep in touch with her but she had to destroy it once she read them It was the only thing she had from Peter that kept her waking up each morning Her reality was that she did not have a social life other than work She had couple of boyfriends that she ended relationships with before they got too serious because she was not able to have children and her past was too dark she didn’t want them to see who she really was Her childhood left her traumatized grew up with no mother and her father would lock her in a dog cage days at a time as punishment if she didn’t obey Peter would take some of the punishment and always get her out of the cage She was traumatized and tried to live her life as normal as possible but she failed miserably The only person who truly understood her was her brother Peter who at age 16 ran away and came back for her to save her from that miserable life her father had created I loved Peter so much for it “Worse than the fear of the life awaiting her it was the stab of knowing she was leaving nothing worthy behind that hurt the most” Laura Kayne was all sorts of frustration he had no feelings but somehow after watching Laura for two weeks and planning to bring her down to his organization for interrogation he saw something in her that he couldn’t stay away from He wanted her for him; he wanted to make her his pet his submissive to do as he pleased He found out she was damaged and it pained him so He wanted to help her and the only way he was able to do that was to take her in as a prisoner in his home He knew that the mob wanted her for trafficking once she spilled where her brother was at and he wasn’t going to let that happened Yes he was annoying as hell like if she wouldn’t obey to what he said he would punish her She was annoying too because she would cry a lot but the truth was she was scared of him having living in an abusing household made her brake easily He seduced her to trick her to get the brother’s location and he took care of his assignment which was to get the evidence peter had and kill him “He moved down her body kissing every inch of her taking her breast in his mouth and swirling his tongue around her nipple as she moaned in response His fingers then dipped down her belly and touched her wetness as he continued to kiss and

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E interrogated not to the women he set his sights on He got what he wanted while staring them in the eye Honest and remorseless Kayne Malkin’s assignment The Peter Spencer caseOn the first warm spring night while Montreal celebrated the passing of winter Laura Bedtime Story A Bedtime Story Epubreluctantly accepted to accompany a coworker out on the town Kayne smirked by himself seeing her arrive all dolled up looking uncomfortable Lurking in the shadows he patiently waited The trap was set WARNING Contains explicit sexual content dubious consent and criminal activities This series is recommended fo. 4 DARK STARSFor as long as I'm your MonsterI will always find you First of all I would like to say how happy I was when the author contacted me asking if I would like to read this bookI really enjoyed itIt was a uniuebrillianttwisteddark storyI was totally captivated with the storyI'm not the biggest fan of Dark stories but this one was fantastic I loved LC Moon's writing and I'm waiting to read from herCan you imagine that one night in a club can change your lifeThis is what happened in Laura who was out with a friend when she saw a mysterious man watching herShe finds herself intrigued to himBut this man wasn't exactly what she expected Kayne is part of The Organization the Russian Mafia and his job is to take information from Laura about her brother who stole something from the OrganizationKayne decide to take her in his home unwillinglyAnd this is were the dark parts of the story begins I loved being in Kayne's mind because I wanted to know himThere were moments I didn't like how he treat her sometimes but he was also protectiveI loved Laura because at the beginning she starts as a week heroine but through the book she changes for the bestShe is so sweetI loved their relationship which was compelling and fascinate me a lotThe ending really surprised me because I didn't see that comingI do not want to give away anything else because I think what I said is enough to make you read itThis is such a great book for people that like dark booksBut if you are not one of themthen now is your chance to read your firstARC kindly provided by author in return for an honest review

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A Bedtime Story A Bedtime Story Trilogy #1 Characters Å 7 Í [PDF / Epub] ★ A Bedtime Story A Bedtime Story Trilogy #1 By L.C. Moon – Helpyouantib.co.uk A Bedtime Story is an erotic thriller It is a love story not a romance Book 1 ends on a cliffhanger and acts as the backstory to Book 2 3 Laura Spencer Young preL She lived for those deliveriesPeter Spencer Her brother her lifelong protector and her only family The only one who truly knew her who would sacrifice it all for her Peter made a bad decision involving the worst kind of peopleKayne Malkin Tall dark and handsome He belonged to the Organization the uebec fraction of a ruthless Russian Mafia He was Bedtime Story A ePUB #180 known for many things Bedtime Story A Bedtime Story EpubHe killed and tortured for a living He seduced and destroyed for pleasure But above all else he built his reputation on one trait only Kayne Malkin never lied Not to the men h. 4 MONSTER STARSThis was certainly no bedtime story This debut novel by LC Moon captured me almost from the beginning with this spellbinding and tumultuous tale It still has me contemplating it I love captorcaptive stories I really can’t explain it because I’m not for all that it involves but I can’t resistI’ve been total Stockholm Syndrome for some captors and in other books downright lethal in wanting to kill the bastard This tale has been done before yet it was so well written with this haunting darkness cloaking the story the plot was perfectly mapped out and the character development was really well done and mesmerizing in see the MCs navigate each other I was a wreck reading this and still have no clue where I stand with Kayne Malkin the captormonster At times I wanted to kill him with my bare hands and at other times I felt “something” for him I went through the same turmoil with Laura Spencer his captive Laura was innocent but not naïve Despite being in her early twenties she’d lived and seen the darkness and had even gone to some pretty great lengths in her short life She also has this insane tendency to welcome trouble“She had opened Pandora’s box and now faced the evil she had unleashed” Of course Kayne was dangerous and darkness but he was also strong good looking and exuded power Kayne was used to taking women and making them his whores to do with as he wished and then discarded them without a second thought Of course Laura was different She wasn’t a whore and with him inadvertently saving her he feels responsible for her and this eventually grows into But despite his feelings for Laura Kayne is a monster He has the beast and darkness in him“He wanted to break her apart so he could put her back together again over and over again”“Maybe I am a monster But I’m your monster I’ll fight for you I’ll kill for you You’re mine Always Wherever you go I’ll find you Always There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you”And through this story Laura is pushed and tested and brought to the brink time and time again She was interesting in that I had my moments of wanting to shake her silly or scream at her but I also admired her because she was strong and she didn't shy away even when it would have been the smarter moveThis was no romance but there are moments of tenderness There was one aspect that had my heart in my throat and my stomach in knots A LOT This I could not get passed view spoilerin your face cheating and a lot of it hide spoiler