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Comes to claim them Bodie Gryffon is looking for a safe place to raise his daughter a raven shifter just like him What begins as a purely practi. 45 StarsKHollis did an excellent job blending Native American myth into the mythology she's created around the Wahyas This latest installment was fun suspenseful and excitingThe mythology KHollis has created surrounding her Wahyas has kept me enthralled with this series In Captivated by the She Wolf she incorporates a Native American myth and the result was well captivating Here are the highlights Ronni and BodieI previously met Ronnie but getting the chance to know her better well I couldn't believe every single male Wahya wasn't knocking on her door Not only is she a great mom but she's also a compassionate woman She's always putting everyone else first in fact she hardly ever considers herself So when she meets Bodie and feels that pull towards him she does her best to ignore it Bodie is also an amazing parent raising his teenage daughter on his own after losing his wife He also takes care of his mom although she does a lot to help him as well Bodie is a man of principles non violent protective most everything he does is with a mind towards his family Meeting Ronnie he was immediately enchanted but then he began to feel that pull But can a raven shifter find a true mate in a wolf shifter MythologyAs I said the mythology KHollis has created around her Wahyans wolf shifters makes her stories that much compelling Their history their dynamics as a shifter society and as a society hiding among humans how their shifts work and what happens when they find the one it all adds depth to the characters and their stories That KHollis chose to incorporate a Native American myth intrigued me The way she did it was brilliant and seamless HumorThe banter between Ronnie and Bodie was uite comical a lot of the time He teased her often and often at times Ronnie most needed the distraction from something serious That brought levity to the story when needed and also conveyed layers of Bodie's personality Secondary CastOne of the things I appreciate most in this series is the dynamics between the wolves That reuires a well rounded supporting cast and I was thrilled to spend thime with those I'd previously met seeing how they're doing as well as how they welcomed Bodie and his family into the pack Getting to spend time wtih Ronnie's son Alex his friend Lucas and Bodie's daughter Willow was also a pleasure KHollis portrayed these teens well Suspense and EmotionKHollis created some intense suspense using Ronnie's past as well as mythology surrounding Bodie and his raven shifters There was some white knuckling some gasping and maybe even a few tears In the end I was so enchanted with the blending of the Native American myth into that of the Wahyan that I didn't mind one bit that this story wasn't only about wolves And I'm looking forward to seeing how Bodie and Ronnie's blended family impacts Wahyan life and beliefs

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Captivated by the She WolfCal alliance turns passionate But Ronni senses that Bodie has a secret one that could force him to make Captivated by eBook #10003 a painful choi. The fourth book in this wonderful series and this time we have Ronnie and BodieRonni Lyles is finally getting her life on track after the death of her mate she has taken her teenage son and moved to Walkers Run she has a great job and her life is finally good only problem her brother in Law wants her has his wife and her son in his pack Bodie Gryffon has also come to Walkers Run with his daughter they are both raven shifters and this sanctuary gives them a chance at a good life When Bodie and Ronni meet the like one another and has she needs protection and a match would be advantages to both of them What happens when their arrangement becomes so much This is just a great story about two people overcoming obstacles to get what they want even if they have to fight for it always showing humour in the process

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READ & DOWNLOAD Captivated by the She Wolf 100 É ❮Reading❯ ➵ Captivated by the She Wolf ➭ Author Kristal Hollis – A shifter finds his soul mateRonni Lyles and her son are just settling into their new pack when her dead husband’s brother comes to claim them Bodie Gryffon is looking for a safA shifter finds his soul mateRonni Lyles and the She eBook #10003 her son are just settling into their new pack when her dead husband’s brother. This shifter romance has two strong bold characters that easily draws readers into their story and then holds them captive throughout the exciting events that take place The sizzling chemistry between Ronnie and Bodie burns with fiery intensity but this relationship has a few obstacles to be overcome including secrets family traditions and a past that didn’t stay dead Lots of emotional turbulence tugs at reader’s hearts while the romance inspires smiles with two children also adding depth charm and heart tugs to the story And that’s not to mention that those secrets make Ronnie and Bodie see like a unlikely couple which adds to the anticipation and expectation of the happily ever after the story as it causes readers to really want this couple to get theirsExciting events tense altercations and thrilling suspense keeps readers glued to the pages of this fast paced and smooth flowing plot The tension and suspense builds continuously on two fronts of this story On one side you have the events surrounding Bodie and his family needs and on the other you have the events surrounding Ronni which of course include the Walker’s Run community this really keeps the readers focused on the story Surprising twists and some new fascinating and uniue elements introduced by the author also adds to the enjoyment of this story and has readers looking forward to