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characters Where the Heart Leads ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ ☁ Where the Heart Leads PDF / Epub ✎ Author Kim Vogel Sawyer – After his graduation from college Thomas Ollenburger is filled with big dreams and many uestions What will he do for a career Should he marry Where will he Unsure of his place in the world He has always sought God's leading in his decision making but now it seems as if God is staying silent Has Thomas's heart led him astray. Where the Heart Leads is an inspirational story of following God and seeing how He can give you the desires of your heart After the first few pages the tale seems rather predictable The naïve farm boy the worldly temptress the morally upstanding small town girl and the new job in a big city make it seem like a story that's been spun before However as you read farther along you come to realize that the transformations taking place within these characters are much larger than a simple plot has told you before These characters are tested deepen their faith and come to end up where their heart was leading them all along It was great to see how Thomas put God first and by doing this ended up with what he really wanted I love how the story ended with the potential to change the hearts of so many who desperately need it Overall it kept me entertained and interested throughout

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After his graduation from college Thomas Ollenburger is filled with Where the PDF or big dreams and many uestions What will he do for a career Should he marry Where will. I hate to do this butDNFFirst off This book didn't sit well with me from the very first chapter ಠಠThen the ending was spoiledSo I really don't want to finish this bookಠಿಠTo be honest I don't even think I would like it anyway I like books with action like Colleen coble's or Dianne millsI like books with a ton of Romance Like Dianne gist and Beverly Lewis Or Wanda e brunstetter Either way this book started out boring and will most likely end boring

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Where the Heart LeadsHe call home Torn between his Mennonite roots on the Kansas prairie and his love for the big city of Boston as well as his affection for a girl in each location Thomas is. This is the 2nd book in the Heart of the Prairie series; it picks up 10 years after the first book Waiting for Summer's Return Thomas Ollenburger is now 20 years old and has just graduated from college in Boston where he has been living with his step grandmother NadineHe returns for the summer to Kansas not far from the Mennonite community where he grew up where his father Peter and his family are now living He has big dreams and he is torn between staying in Kansas and starting his own business which is what Peter hopes he will do or returning to Boston where there are job opportunities using his educationComplicating matters he also has a girl that he cares about in each location two girls who are very different from each other in personality and beliefs He has also promised to return to Boston long enough to help his friend Harry get a presidential candidate elected who is running against Theodore Roosevelt but he learns some things about that candidate that makes him uestion where his loyalties should lie With everything happening in his life and feeling torn between Boston and Kansas Thomas struggles to find where he belongs and what he should be doing with his lifeI chose this book because I loved the first one so much and I wanted to know what happened in the lives of Peter and Summer; I am glad that they were a part of the story all through this book While this novel works as a stand alone story I highly recommend reading Waiting for Summer's Return first it is such a beautiful story and it also gives the reader a deeper understanding for Thomas's wanting to return to his old lifeI liked the twists in this book towards the end it made for an ending that was not predictable from the start of the bookI enjoyed this book also almost as much I say almost because book 1 was so well done it would be hard to top it I am disappointed though that the rest of the books in this series take place in entirely different locations and with all new characters than the first two books I would have enjoyed at least one book about the Ollenburger family to see what happens next with Thomas and the woman he finally chooses marry