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SUMMARY Pillars of the Earth ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ã [PDF] ✅ Pillars of the Earth ✈ Ken Follett – Ken Follett is known worldwide as the master of split second suspense but his most beloved and bestselling book tells the magnificent tale of a twelfth century monk driven to do theCrude Pillars of PDF or flamboyant England of the Middle Ages in every detail The vast forests the walled towns the castles and the monasteries become a familiar landscape Against this richly imagined and intricately interwoven backdrop filled with the ravages of war and the rhythms of daily life the master storyteller draws the reader irresistibly into the intertwined lives of his characters into their dreams their labors and their loves Tom the master builder Aliena the ravishingly beautiful noblewoman Philip the prior of Kingsbridge Jack th. ”He was mesmerized by the challenge of making soft round shapes out of hard rock The stone had a will of its own and if he tried to make it do something it did not want to do it would fight him and his chisel would slip or dig in too deeply spoiling the shapes But once he had got to know the lump of rock in front of him he could transform it” There are so many memorable characters populating this epic novel that I would be hard pressed to even say who is the main character of this novel but my favorite character is undisputed His name is Jack and later as he discovers the name of his father he begins calling himself Jack Jackson His mother Ellen falls in love with a man named Tom Builder Jack finds himself nearly starving to death along with Tom’s kids Alfred and Martha as they trudge across England in search of someone who needs something built Tom can build anything but his dream his most fervent desire is to build a cathedral Jack is bright unnaturally intelligent in fact and it isn’t Alfred who turns out to be best suited to achieve Tom’s dreams although Alfred is really good at beating the crap out of Jack on a daily basis It is Jack who travels the world and discovers that cathedrals can soar high into the clouds beyond anything that Tom would have ever believed possible The backdrop for all these trials and tribulations that you will experience while reading this novel is the turbulent 12th century England Henry Ist dies and leaves his daughter Empress Maude on the throne This is extremely controversial because the nobles do not want a ueen If truth be known they want a king but a weak king they can control Since Maude was born without a penis this leaves the castle door open for her cousin Stephen whom fortune has favored with a penis to snatch the crown from her head and place it on his own The nobles certainly do not want to work for a woman but I think the issue that is even bigger is that Maude is very sure of herself even one might say imperial As her husband Geoffrey of Anjou would uickly find out she is a handful Civil war breaks out and the people who suffer the most of course are the peasants who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time The destabilization of the civil structure of law also allows men like William of Hamleigh to do whatever they want to do and take whatever they want to take He is an opportunist who switches sides several times in the dispute between Maude and Stephen depending upon which of the cousins has the wind behind them at the time William is but a brutish thug a tool of his demented greedy mother and then later a weapon of evil for an archbishop named Waleran Bigod great name eh who wishes to obtain and power at the cost of everyone else William and Jack become mortal enemies as Jack tries to build a cathedral at Kingsbridge and William tries to destroy the economy of Kingsbridge to bring wealth to his neighboring town of Shiring William also has an unnatural lust for Aliena that is one part desire and one part pain See unless a woman is crying bleeding and feeling anguish William’s wee willie won’t work Here is a typical list of topics with which William and his henchmen like to entertain themselves ”In the evening they would drink beer and sharpen their blades and tell one another grisly stories about previous triumphs young men mutilated old men trampled beneath the hooves of warhorses girls raped and women sodomized children beheaded and babies spitted on the points of swords while their mothers screamed in anguish Then they would attack tomorrow morning Jack shuddered with fear But this time we’re going to stop them he thought” Jack is Aliena and Aliena is Jack They are soulmates and though many disastrous things happen to them to try and keep them apart I kept hoping that love will conuer all I may like Jack the best but I admire Aliena the most She recovers from a horrendous attack at the hands of William of Hamleigh to become the largest wool merchant in the area This is remarkable for anyone but for a woman a woman who has never had to work a day in her life and a penniless one at that to raise herself up to such heights is remarkable She survives every disaster even the ones she makes for herself and finds a way to achieve some semblance of security for herself despite the overwhelming odds There is one character I want to discuss and that is Prior Philip of Gwynedd The man who shared the same dream as Tom Builder to have a cathedral rise up from the ashes of the old church at Kingsbridge ”Jack did not like Philip but he liked working with him Jack did not warm to professional men of God any than his mother did He was embarrassed by Philip’s piety; he disliked his single minded sinlessness; and he mistrusted his tendency to believe that God would take care of anything that he Philip could not cope with”There are times when I want to give Philip a good shake but at no time do I uestion the sincerity of his beliefs Even when those intent on evil ends are conspiring even cheating to obtain an advantage over Philip he always stays on the high road He makes enemies in lofty places including the aforementioned Archbishop Waleran Bigod who at every turn tries his level best to destroy Philip and his dreams of a cathedral The church politics are so fascinating and create an extra level of intrigue in the novel that at times overshadow the uest for the throne There are a 1000 pages of juicy historical fiction awaiting you if you choose to accept this uest This is not War and Peace so do not be as afraid of that page count as reason would dictate as the pages will fly by I really needed some escapism into a different time and place and this book served that purpose perfectly As I was reading it I kept thinking that this would have been a great choice for that long plane flight to Scotland last year There are some graphic rape scenes but they are purposeful to the plot and certainly are a part of a destabilized England at that time Unfortunately the very topics that William Hamleigh and his thugs find so amusing are a part of human history going back to the days when we were battering each other with sticks and stones I would have to use another 1000 words to discuss all the other worthwhile aspects of this book but I will leave the rest to you to discover on your own If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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Ken Follett is known worldwide as the master of split second suspense but his most beloved and bestselling book tells the magnificent tale of a twelfth century monk driven to do the seemingly impossible build the greatest Gothic cathedral the world has ever knownEverything readers expect from Follett is here intrigue fast paced action and passionate romance But what makes The Pillars of the Earth extraordinary is the time the twelfth century the place feudal England and the subject the building of a glorious cathedral Follett has re created the. I devour books That is my euphemism for being so OCD that I can't put it down and live my life until I finish it For shorter books that's generally not a problem but for the 974 page Pillars of the Earthwell let's just say we ran out of food my children clung to my legs asking for food and the floors did not get vacuumed for a good five days while I whittled away at this bookCLIFF HANGER This book is not a cliff hanger at the end of every chapter kind of book which makes it easier to read it in multiple sittings However Follett does such a masterful job of character development that I found myself wanting to know what was going to happen next whether the end of the chapter contained a cliffhanger ending or notCHARACTER DEV'T Each character is so beautifully defined and fleshed out that they become almost real I felt that I knew them personally that I could accurately predict how they would react in different situations None of them were 100% good or bad just like in real life Some priests were holy others evil; some were rich people with big hearts others with small minds and evil intentions; some poor farmers were judgmental wnarrow minded attitudes others opened their doors to strangersPLOTPACE Foreshadowing was a very powerful convention that Follett skillfully weaved in and out of every chapter It gave subtle hints but never so overt as to suggest that the reader may be an imbecile Backstories meander and come to closure at such a nice pace that it always feels like something is happening and things are being resolved for better or for worseTHEMES My favorite theme was that natural conseuences followed the actions of the characters I'm still a bit out of sorts after reading the deus ex machina riddled Breaking Dawn where all the natural conseuences of three books worth of actions were completely erased ugh There was a natural ebb and flow of triumph and misfortunes in Pillars of the Earth Good things happened to bad people and bad things happened to good people just like in real life Follett does not try to save his characters from themselves or from each other and I enjoyed that very muchSTRONG WOMEN I absolutely adored the strong women in this book What a joy to read about Aliena carving out her own future after her world had been turned upside down Life knocked her down plenty but each time she got up made a plan and triumphed eventually Ellen and Agnes in her own way were also strong women OVERALL IMPRESSION As strange as it sounds with all of the despair and misery that took place the overarching take home for me was HOPE In the face of overwhelming adversity these characters triumphed The road was hard and the journey was long but they CHOSE hope They CHOSE faith And in the end that was all that matteredPillars of the Earth will be on my favorite books list for a very long time

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Pillars of the EarthE artist in stone and Ellen the woman of the forest who casts a terrifying curse From humble stonemason to imperious monarch each character is brought vividly to lifeThe building of the cathedral with the almost eerie artistry of the unschooled stonemasons is the center of the drama Around the site of the construction Follett weaves a story of betrayal revenge and love which begins with the public hanging of an innocent man and ends with the humiliation of a king For the Movie tie in edition with the same ISBN go to this Alternate Cover Edition. This book was so completely fantastic that I almost forgot the outside world existed when I was reading it I’ve never be so emotionally invested in a story as I was with this It’s a rare book that does this to me I think it’s because it follows the characters through such a large proportion of their lives resulting in a large amount of intimacy and investment with them Indeed this novel spans a massive period of forty years and has 1000 pages; this is no light reading; it is deep emotive and completely brilliant The intense story So much happens within this novel It’s impossible to lay it down in a brief summary; these characters uite literally go through hell Such is the life of commoners in the period They are good folk and are just trying to erect a church for the betterment of their town However the corruptness of the local nobility and the church hierarchy itself almost prevents them from achieving their aim Prior Phillip and Jack the Builder are forced to seek out the aid from their monarch but because of the turmoil of the civil war this monarch keeps changing They have a choice of two royal courts to appeal to Both are convinced they have the legitimate claim to England’s throne Picking the wrong side would lead to the ultimate ruination of a folk that simply want to live in peace and celebrate God’s glory on earth Well this is the mere surface level of the plot This book is so much beyond it It is a story of betrayal and seduction; it is a story of love and hardship; it is a story of human nature and the all encompassing morals that imposes It is just fantastic in every sense The characters are real and their hardships are even realer These are truly some of the most human characters I‘ve ever read about; these people could have existedThis is no less true for the villains of the book William Hamleigh in particular is characterised superbly For all his ruthless aggression and sense of entitlement he’s still a coward at heart He’d never admit it to anyone but the reader knows of what he is; the reader can see his blackening yellow heart He is a product of society and his parent’s ruthless ambition He doesn’t deserve sympathy because of this but the reason why he is the man he is can be seen by looking at his origins His parents ruined him; he has no restraint; he has nobody to tell him no So to his mind he can get away with anything He even has a Bishop who will gladly absolve all his sins He’s actions have no conseuences; he can murder and rape without feeling the conseuences This is an incredibly dangerous mind set and one that almost destroys the protagonists of the book He's a nasty man The strength of the church Follet also weighs the potential power of the church I love the way he contrasts godly Prior Phillip with the twisted Bishop Waleran It shows us two routes the church could take; it shows us two possibilities for God’s monument on Earth Prior Phillip is everything the church should be; he is kind and forgiving; he is benevolent and just he is a true believer of Christ’s teachings He is in the church for the simple reason that he is a man of faith Contrastingly Bishop Waleran is a tyrannical despot He represents evryhting the church shouldn’t be; he is the personification of its potential evil The Bishop is vain greedy and ambitious In this his will is his own; he is completely self serving He abuses his power to meet his own ends and self aggrandisement So he is slightly corrupt He’s only in the church for its political power and rewards In this he is not a true believer of his own faith By contrasting these two characters Follet demonstrates how the church has the power to do great good and also great evil This for me is uite a strong message to take from the book because it shows us the dividing nature of man of life of good and evil; it shows us that all things can be benevolent or terrible It also hints at redemption If something is this bad it can be made into something good once ; it has the potential to be as it should be in the right hands I do love this story It shows that if people can come together to achieve something greater than themselves then humanity is not lost despite the backdrop of war corruptness and general chaos Jack begins the novel as a mute boy with little human socialisation At the end of the novel he is a respected builder and farther of the town He is the anchor of Follet’s story telling Everything centres on Jack and his family history His narrative uestions the restraints the common man lived under in the period; it highlights the injustice the legal system exerted in the time He cannot marry his love without a written divorce from his horrible step brother who’d sooner see him live in misery than have the happiness he couldn’t achieve The church doctrine almost prevents him from being a farther to his child But he perseveres and overcomes the restrictions of the church his awful step brother and the corruptness of society itself Jack’s story is one of human perseverance and fortitude; it is a story of a man who somehow managed to survive a system that was completely against him “Nevertheless the book gave Jack a feeling he had never had before that the past was like a story in which one thing led to another and the world was not a boundless mystery but a finite thing that could be comprehended ” This is a phenomenal story and though that I’ve got hundreds of books I want to read in my lifetime and little enough time to read them in this is a book I will definitely be reading again in the future; it’s a story that I simply have to revisit regardless of its vast length This is a book I just have to read again