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Race Me in a Lobster SuitThe hysterical email conversations that followed as she ratcheted up the crazy While some respondants become suspicious others seem willing to play along with the joke And don't worry everyone involved agreed to share their emails in the book so there are no hard feelings In a world where it seems like everyone's suspicious of everyone else it's nice to know that there are still people who will at least consider helping a stranger reenact a recurring spider nightmare or explain the principles of pig Latin to a baffled mother of thr. Everything that is wrong with society and the internet today is contained in this book Smart arse trolls mocking the innocent and gullible This is like laughing at the vulnerable people who fall for get rich schemes from Nigerian princes not everyone is as savvy as the technologically literate amongst us In a lot of cases people's desperate need for money provides a springboard for their responses and some people clearly will take risks to try and make ends meet they'll agree to do seemingly dumb things they'll respond to emails that may seem a bit weird they'll fall for trolls like MahonWhile I appreciate that this supposed to be a bit of light relief at its heart is someone trolling people on the internet out of work actors people desperate for a bed people trying to make a buck Mahon deliberately sets out to hoodwink and troll these people and push them to humiliate and degrade themselves in the name of humour This whole book left a bad taste in my mouth Shameful

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Plan that involves throwing Virginia hams And if you hit reply and the poster is sketchy about the details or offers to pay you with a gift card for clams how long would you keep the conversation going When NYC copywriter Kelly Mahon started posting weird fake gig ads as a creative outlet she found that there Me in a Kindle #212 was someone interested in every bizarre offer she came up with And the subseuent awkward email threads were eually hilarious and bizarre Race Me In A Lobster Suit collects Mahon's funniest fabrications plus. Destiny's review fully explains why I have no interest in reading this book

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READ & DOWNLOAD ¾ Race Me in a Lobster Suit ✓ ✯ [PDF] ❤ Race Me in a Lobster Suit By Kelly Mahon ✼ – Knit me into a cocoonhelp me eat a burritopretend to be a chair at my dinner partywrestle a komodo dragonrace me in a lobster suit Author Kelly Mahon posts absurd gig ads online and shares tKnit me in a Kindle #213 into a cocoonhelp me eat a burritopretend to be a chair at my dinner partywrestle a komodo dragonrace me in a lobster suit Author Kelly Mahon posts absurd gig ads online and shares the conversations she had with the brave souls who wanted the jobWe're living in a gig economy But would you respond to an online ad seeking someone to search for escaped ants Or take an offer for a free tattoo Race Me PDFEPUB or by someone who needs the practice How about a mattress for sale tainted by geriatric love or a workout. Many years ago in Greece there was a superbly hilarious TV show a political and social satire One of my favourite sections in each episode was dedicated to real advertisements found in newspapers and magazine There was no Twitter or Facebook back then Those adverts were so illogical so utterly out of hand that it was difficult to believe they were genuine And yet they were This book by Kelly Mahon brought these memories back to mind Our current times are even delirious and out of hand and I am certain that many 30 plus year olds who are going to read Race Me In A Lobster Suit will come to think that maybe this world has derailed to the point of no return in terms of intelligence and decencyAnyway this uirky little book was an absolute fun Mahon created fake advertisements and initiated the completely crazy conversations with the people who were brave or foolish it depends on the way you look at the subject enough to answer her call I found out that there are people who are willing to become a human piñata To play dead for the sake of a couple’s fantasies To knit a jumpsuit human cocoon To organize a fashion snow for 78 snakes To volunteer for a cryotherapy programme To provide urine samples To become a canvas for someone to practise tattoos when that ‘’someone’’ is a completely inexperienced amateur And many storiesThis is one of the funniest books I’ve ever read Or one of the most disconcerting I don’t know I’ll place an advertisement asking for a decisions helper Who knowsMany thanks to uirk Books and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest reviewMy reviews can also be found on