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review Finding Sisu In Search of Courage Strength and Happiness the Finnish Way ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ì [Download] ➸ Finding Sisu In Search of Courage Strength and Happiness the Finnish Way ➽ Katja Pantzar – An engaging In Search Epub #222 An engaging and practical guided tour of the simple and nature inspired ways that Finns stay happy and healthy including the powerful concept of sisu or everyday courageForget hygge it's time to blow out the Sisu In Search of Courage PDFEPUB or candles and get out into the world Journalist Katja Finding Sisu EpubPantzar did just that taking the huge leap to move to the remote Nordic country of Finland What she discovered there transformed her body mind. Ended up ill again put back on Prednisone sometimes I think I can feel my bones crumbling from all the steroids I have been prescribed over the last five years Anyway always trying to find a different way of managing my flare ups and so I am drawn to books that show people handling things in different ways SISUPronounced see suA Finnish concept that dates back to the 1950'sA uniue type of fortitude of resilience of not giving up in the face of a challenge big or small that anyone can developSee I needed some or all of that and I uite enjoyed this book Much common sense but also some little things with big health benefits Cold water swimming for mental health and pain relief Well I don't live where that is a possibility I live near a river but not fond of river snakes soI tried a cold few minutes shower I am very suggestible and I think it helped a bit made me feel relaxed anyway Will try again Good tips on diet exercise just moving and much on a positive mental outlook I'll keep practicing can't hurt and may help

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And spirit In this engaging and practical guide she shows readers how to embrace the keep it simple and sensible Sisu In Search Epub #217 daily practices that make Finns one of the happiest populations in the world year after yearTopics include Movement as medicine How walking biking and swimming every day are good for what ails us and best done outside the confines of a gym Forest therapy Why Sisu In Search of Courage PDFEPUB or there's no substitute for getting out int. I enjoyed reading about sisu and the various explanations on the word Since the Finns are known to be one of the happiest populations in the world it's worth taking a look at their simple life style and maybe even trying something new such as winter biking Another fun fact about Finns they are the world's leading book borrowers with 67 million books borrowed a year from the public library system

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Finding Sisu In Search of Courage Strength and Happiness the Finnish WayO nature on a regular basis Healthy eating What the Nordic diet can teach us all about feeding body mind and soul The gift of sisu Why Finns embrace a special form of courage grit and determination as a national virtue and how anyone can dig deeper to survive and thrive through tough timesIf you've ever wondered if there's a better simpler way to find happiness and good heath look no further The Finns have a word for that and this empowering book shows us how to achieve i. Having a Finnish mother means that I have spent most of my life being reminded to draw on my sisu the Finnish notion of strength and stubbornness and perseverance to get through difficult situations It is in fact a word so fundamental to how I define myself that I have often thought of tattooing the word on my wrist as a constant reminder of the survivor that is in all of us Finns often speak of sisu and anyone who has ever visited Finland in the winter will understand why they needed it culturally Finland is a breathtakingly beautiful country but one that also happens to get almost no daylight in the winter and can be blanketed with snow for months and months on end Nowadays it is a country that is one of the most economically secure and wealthy in the world but less than a half a century ago when my mother was growing up food shortages and poverty meant that she didn't eat anything but a porridge breakfast most days and being hungry and sick was the norm In other words you had to be tough to get through that life But importantly sisu isn't about being tough It is about drawing on strength but also learning to lean heavily on each other Sisu is a pretty brilliant concept So when I came across this book on sisu at the bookstore I was intrigued and instantly took it home The result it was an easy read although a bit unremarkable Perhaps I am just too familiar with the idea of sisu and so expected depth yet the book seemed to skim the surface of many ideas but didn't often go deep Yet what it did cover get outside and into nature daily No matter the weather It is good for your mental health Exercise Ride your bike no matter the weather Swim in frozen lakes or at least roll around in the snow naked between sauna sessions Sauna culture lets you bond with others and develop a healthy body awareness so true Growing up and seeing many shapes of bodies naked on a weekly basis helped me grow up with a sense of what real bodies look like and the amazing variation between bodiesEat well Rest Prioritize experiences over possessions When you do buy things but uality and local because they will then last a lifetime Do things yourself like gardening or chopping wood Challenge yourself see ice swimmingBe respectful of nature For non Finns the book would surely be a fun and easy read What I did like was that Pantzar covers topics such as the twice annual 'clean days' that Helsinki has in which every park and courtyard and street becomes a free giant flea market where you trade and sell things you don't need in your life for things that you do It is one of the coolest things I have ever seen and in an era of minimalism and conscious consumption such a great idea But as a Finn I'm clearly the wrong audience for the book