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eBook ✓ Wanting What You Get Paperback Read ¿ [Reading] ➿ Wanting What You Get By Kathy Love – Helpyouantib.co.uk Chunky and unpopular in high school Ellie Stepp was often the brunt of hurtful remarks and other cruel behavior Now a librarian in the very town where she had such a miserable adolescence Ellie has re ChunkSingle But Ellie has always had a crush on Mason Sweet and when they find themselves paired off at her sister's wedding Mason is flirtatious Ellie can't imagine what a popular mayor would want with a dowdy librarian but Mason is drawn to her curves unruly blond Many years have passed since high school but librarian Ellie Stepp is still the short dumpy ugly Stepp sister at least in her own mind So when her former only crush Mason starts to get interested in her it's like a dream come true But there's a dark side to Ellie's fairy tale not only is Mason wary of committing to her but it becomes increasingly clear that his biggest commitment is to alcoholThis was a very good very readable contemporary romance one that's realistic without being too painfully gritty It skirted close to the edge of genuinely scary for me a few times because Mason does some freaky things that are undoubtedly on the how to tell if your lover is an abusive fruitcake list like breaking into Ellie's house And Ellie is such a humble and giving character I was afraid Mason would walk all over her and she would always be shortchanged in their relationship She shows that she can be strong when it counts though and they end on a satisfyingly eual footing

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Chunky and unpopular in high school Ellie Stepp was often the brunt Wanting What PDFEPUB or of hurtful remarks and other cruel behavior Now a librarian in the very town where she had such a miserable adolescence Ellie has resigned herself to being overweight and I couldn't get past the fact that Ellie and Mason have such little self respect for themselves AND each otherEllie has been painfully shy and insecure her whole life She's the short chubby librarian in town and feels completely insignificant She can't fathom why a hottie like Mason would be interested in her even when he tells her numerous times how attracted he is to her how much he wants her likes her etc I confess I have little patience with virgin wallflower heroines to begin with so maybe I'm being too harsh on Ellie but it annoyed me that the author didn't give her even the tiniest smidgen of self esteem Mason comes from a prestigious wealthy family and has sidled up the ranks to town Mayor He wants Ellie Bad So when she comes asking to support funding for the library instead of a new football field he agrees if she will sleep with him Tactlessness aside this may not have been a big deal if Ellie was that kind of girl But she's not She's awkward shy Ellie who agrees to the proposal because she feels Mason is throwing her a bone and she'd be a fool to pass it up This infuriated meTurns out Mason was drunk when he made Ellie that offer Did I mention he has a drinking problem Yep Mason's got his own insecurities that he drowns with alcohol He's also in denial that he has a problem Oh and Mason doesn't want anyone to know they are a couple because he can't give her anything than sex Thus begins the pattern of M E's affair having a great time together when he is sober and him treating her like shit when he is drunk threatening to end the relationship then always coming back the next day spouting a lameass apology and wanting sex Meanwhile Ellie just sits back and lets him walk all over her Good lord woman grow a backbone Please Mason you know you're being an asshole DO something about itThey break up and she finally does realize she deserves better than his constant douchebaggery when she becomes pregnant How convenient Let's not deal with our problems and work them out let's throw in a plot ploy Wait it gets better When Mason finally admits to himself 'omg I am a bastard AND an alcoholic' he seeks help via counseling and Ellie overhears his confession of love through the overhead speaker Because again let's not talk face to face like adults ridiculous convenient loopholes are so much easierClearly I have issues with this book I didn't like the way Mason had to treat Ellie like crap in order for him to come to terms with his addiction More infuriating was how Ellie LET his behavior towards her slide because she was too timid to know better I get that their problems are not uncommon that people are unhappy and life can be sucky most of the time that relationships like this exist If the author left out contrived plot ploys and brought about their HEA in a dignified manner I would have had a lot respect for the story As it is I hated it Sorry

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Wanting What You GetE curls and big blue eyes Unfortunately both of them start this new relationship with enough baggage for several couples Because of the secretive nature of Mason's courtship Ellie's already low self esteem hits rock bottom and Mason drowns his sorrows in alcohol Ellie is the frumpy sister she's always battled with her weight she dresses to conceal herself though she isn't obese she is just curvy and very self conscious about her appearance As the town librarian Ellie was able to make a life for herself in the small town that she and her sisters grew up in and were picked on all through school because of being poor different Mason was the golden child of the town From one of the richest families he married becomes mayor and found himself divorced because he never measured up to what his wife wanted out of him causing him to drink a little too much At Chase and Abby's wedding he finds himself strangely attracted to Ellie she is nothing like his type but he cannot control his attraction When the library funding is in trouble she pleads for Mason to help and he suggests that if she sleeps with himbut Mason finds he cannot do this to Abby but Abby insists telling him she has always wanted him But Mason knows Abby is the girl a guy keeps and doesn't think he is right for her but at the same time she is what keeps him going day to day While I did not like this as much as the first in the trilogy I still found myself wanting to turn page after page and loved the characters and the story line