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Beyond The Burning Time Point SignatureMother don't hear about the rumors right away They don't know that many of the villagers believe that some of Mary's friends have had spells cast on them by witches Or Beyond The PDF or that one. I never thought I'd finish this one My children and I have this term we use magic noodles and this book was the first time it's been applied to anything other than actual noodles You see we are fans of a local Southeast Asian restaurant that happens to make a wide variety of fantastic noodle dishes Every time we have their noodles they seem to multiply If we get take away we have our meal but the containers appear to have refilled to the original level This happens for several days worth of leftovers until they finally disappearBy the time I had reached the midpoint of Beyond the Burning Time it occurred to me that despite diligently reading chapter after chapter they really aren't long it truly felt like it was going to take longer and longer than I could fathom to finish It had become magic noodles but not in as rewarding a wayI would like to give Lasky a lot of credit for presenting a believable and understandable tale about the Witch Trials that young teens could be hooked by and grasp Ironically the most challenging and frustrating thing about the book is also the thing that can best illustrate the underlying difficulty the folks of Salem had making sense of the events That thing is the simple fact that so many of the people in and around the village of Salem had the same names and names they were referred to by like Mary and GoodyIt was difficult to keep the characters and their relationships straight A character listing with key details would have been helpful but in the spirit of the historical period such cheat sheets weren't available or used It seemed clear to me upon reflection that if I had difficulty remembering the facts and details of the players how on Earth could the folks of the time with the limited informational skills possibily have discerned the connections between the individuals and the powerplays that were at work behind the scenesPersonally I'd like to see this book used in class with note taking and discussions of motives and women's roles and the socio religious politics of the time I do believe 8th graders can wrap their heads around it Some 7th graders could as well

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Beyond The Burning Time Point Signature review É eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ [Reading] ➶ Beyond The Burning Time Point Signature ➽ Kathryn Lasky – They say something very strange is happening to some of the people of Salem That some of the young girls have become troubled And Of the accused is Mary's motherNow Mary and her brother Caleb have a decision to make Are the villagers right Or is their mother innocent And if she is can they help her escape before it's too lat. An okay YA book about the Salem Witch Trials Our heroine is the 12 year old Mary who seems to share a first name with half of the village She helps her widowed mother run a farm but Mary is mostly interested in the gossip of Salem Village This is fair history mind you much of it taken directly from contemporary accounts but I didn't think the ending where Mary and her brother manage to rescue her mother on her way to her execution was much than wishful thinking

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They say something very strange is happening to Burning Time PDF #199 some of the people of Salem That some of the young girls have become troubled And the fear is beginning to spread Mary and her. Boring