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Characters Mother Author Kathleen Thompson Norris

Characters Ë Mother Author Kathleen Thompson Norris 102 Í ❰BOOKS❯ ✪ Mother Author Kathleen Thompson Norris – This is a difficult age to be a woman The woman who aspires to raise children for the glory of God to develop the ministry of the home or to co labor with her husband is deRepudiates family life in the hope of finding personal fulfillment through independence and a career She decides that home life is a poor choice in the face of life in the big city But God dramatically changes her heart as she realizes that wealth and position are illusory and that independence can enslave a young lady She discovers that the greatest woman she has ever known is her mother and now she longs for home and motherhoodAfter reading this book editor Jennie Chancey wrote “That night I opened the book intending to read a chapter or two. This charming little antiue volume is unabashedly moralistic yet strangely moving The siren song of wealth and pleasure calls a young woman away from the small town in which she feels stifled and the large raucous family life that seems so mundane Her fortunes change when she is offered a job as personal assistant to a wealthy New Yorker and Margaret fully embraces her new life that includes perks such as travel sumptuous food and a fashionable wardrobe The slow drift away from her core family values begins She starts to embrace the opinions of the people she is around disdaining large families because they curtail freedom and convenience When she visits her old home for a few days she initially feels some embarassment over the plebian lifestyle of her youth but is destined to experience an awakening to her true wealth Her kind solid Mother is the hub of the family and embodies the ideal example that Margaret ultimately embraces The aphorism there's no place like home comes to mind and it sounds trite in a book review but experienced warmly in the reading of the actual book It is the age old story of the pot of gold being under your own roof a good reminder of what is temporal vs what is of eternal value This book is not fine literature but has an indefinable warmth and is worthy the 2 or 3 hours it takes to read it

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Before bed An hour passed before I realized how far I had read I could not put the book down and finished it just shortly before midnight As I turned the last page tears filled my eyes I knelt by my bed and asked God to forgive me for my bitterness and my unwillingness to trust and obey Him”Vision Forum is pleased to offer this restored and revised version of the classic in the hope that girls will once again aspire to be like their mothersThis book may also be known as Belle Mere as Triangle Books has such a title listed under this author's na. I think this is probably one of the best books I have read It is so refreshing to read About a girl with 7 siblings who lives in a small country town and works as a teacher She then gets a job in a big city with a rich employer While she is there she listens to the rich peoples' conversations about how having so many children is such a burden She herself starts wondering how her mother can be so content with housework children etc The ending is wonderful and this book is a must read

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Mother Author Kathleen Thompson NorrThis is a difficult age to be a woman The woman who aspires to raise children for the glory of God to develop the ministry of the home or to co labor with her husband is deemed “old fashioned” or “unfulfilled” The modern lure of independence and career has bewitched an entire generation to exchange the beauty of Christian womanhood for the temporary enticements of a society at war with the familyAmidst this confusion Kathleen Norris’s Mother is a refreshing call to sanity Mother is the fictional tale of a young lady who leaves home and. Five stars Really Let me 'splain Five stars for me means it went to my heart and or my mind In a mere 198 pages of delightful easy reading we follow young Margaret a prototype for any young woman of her day and surprisingly our day tooon a journey of self discovery Published in 1911 I couldn't help picturing my own grandmother possibly reading this very book She would have been exactly Margaret's age and she might have shared this young woman's concerns desires and prejudicesThe writing was practical nothing to sound off about and it was predictable in a way Still it was a pleasure to read and I think all my twenty something daughters and even my teen daughter would enjoy it Thank you Inter library Loan Meet Margaret twenty one from a small town in rural New York She's bored of teaching school She wants to travel experience life and have adventures Conveniently an opportunity to do just that falls into her lap The ensuing five years are a whirl as she joins the fashionable society as a capable secretary to a celebrity She travels to Europe wears fine clothes dines elegantly She even meets a man who captures her attention if not yet her heartInterwoven through Margaret's story is the appreciation she has for her mother and her affection for her many siblings Yes she comes from a large family of insufficient means She is mortified by their humble circumstances and happy to be of some financial assistance to them She is happy for the social successes of her sisters and relieved that her newlywed sister's aspiring doctor husband has ambitious plans to better their own livesNorris gives voice to the strong prejudice of the rising society women regarding family choices and women's newly won freedom from drudgery Impressionable Margret is relieved to hear these opinions which support her ownA watershed moment comes to Margaret on a late August weekend visit home Her male interest happens to be visiting an aunt who lives nearby and wants to stop by for a Sunday afternoon visit A comedy of errors ensues with everything that can go wrong doing so In the process Margaret comes to see her family and herself in an entirely new lightTen months after reading this and posting my review I was visiting a cousin who had a shelf full of my grandparent's books Among them was THIS title inscribed with my grandmother's name My cousin gave me the book to keep Oh happinessSPOILER ALERT I'll hazard capturing some passages for my keepingp178 Good bye Mrs Paget said Doctor Tenison It's been an inestimable privilege to meet you all I haven't ever had a happier day Margaret used to the extravagant speeches of another world thought this merely very charming politeness But her heart sany as they walked away together He liked them he had had a nice time Now I know what makes you so different from other women said John Tenison when he and Margaret were alone It's having that wonderful mother She she well she's one woman in a million; I don't have to tell you that It's something to thank God for a mother like that; it's a privilege to know her I've been watching her all day and I've been wondering what SHE gets out of it that was what puzzled me; but now just now I've found out This morning thinking what her life is I couldn't see what REPAID her do you see What made up to her for the unending unending effort and sacrifice the pouring out of love and sympathy and help year after year after year He hesitated but Margaret did not speak You know he went on musingly in these days when women just serenely ignore the uestion of children or at most as a special concession bring up one or two just the one or two whose expenses can be comfortably met there's something magnificent in a woman like your mother who begins eight destinies instead of one She doesn't strain and chafe to express herself through the medium of poetry or music or the stage but she puts her whole splendid philosophy into her nursery launches sound little bodies and minds that have their first growth cleanly and purely about her knees Responsibility that's what these other women say they are afraid of But it seems to me there's no responsibility like that of decreeing that young lives simply SHALL NOT BE Why what good is learning or elegance of manner or painfully acuired fineness of speech and taste and point of view if you are not going to distill it into the growing plants the only real hope we have in the world You know Miss Paget his smile was very sweet in the half darkness there's a higher tribunal than the social tribunal of this world after all; and it seems to me that a woman who stands there as your mother will with a forest of new lives about her and a record like hers will will find she has a Friend at court he finished whimsicallychokengtitiktitikchokeng189 And suddenly theories and speculation ended and she KNEW She knew that faithful self forgetting service and the love that spends itself over and over only to be renewed again and again are the secret of happiness For another world perhaps leisure and beauty and luxury but in this one Who loses his life shall gain it Margaret knew now that her mother was not only the truest the finest the most generous woman she had ever known but the happiest as well She thought of other women like her mother; she suddenly saw what made their lives beautifulchokengtitiktitikchokeng 190 Mrs Carr Boldt's days were crowded to the last instant it was true; but what a farce it was after all Margaret said to herself in all honesty to humor her in her little favorite belief that she was a busy woman Milliner manicure butler chef club card table; tea table these and a thousand things like them filled her day and they might all be swept away in an hour and leave no one the worse Suppose her own summons came; there would be a little flurry throughout the great establishment legal matters to settle notes of thanks to be written for flowers Margaret could imagine Victoria and Harriet her two daughters awed but otherwise unaffected home from school in midweek and to be sent back before the next Monday Their lives would go on unchanged their mother had never buttered bread for them never schemed for their boots and hats never watched their work and play and called them to her knees for praise and blame Mr Carr Boldt would have his club his business his yacht his motor cars he was well accustomed to living in cheerful independence of family claimschokengtitiktitikchokeng 192 All her old castles in the air seemed cheap and tinseled tonight beside these tender dreams that had their roots in the real truths of life Travel and position gowns and motor cars yachts and country houses these things were to be bought in all their perfection by the highest bidder and always would be But love and character and service home and the wonderful charge of little lives the pure religion breathing household laws that guided and perfected the whole these were not to be bought they were only to be prayed for worked for bravely won