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Summary Condition Unknown · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ë ❮PDF❯ ⚡ Condition Unknown ✎ Author Kathleen Dove – Abandoned and left to die from a mysterious illness Kelly Connell was the victim of a corrupt medical system After a difficult but miraculous recovery from an underground physicNew suspense novel While an average woman's story of retribution and punishment is exciting on it's own when merged with the high stakes world of the medical system a disturbing new environment emerges that hits a little too close to home Kelly's rampage instills readers with an odd and dark exhilaration toward her successes and keeps them coming back for Filled with gripping suspense and violence Condition Unknown possesses all the components to keep readers hooked until the bitter end This visceral tale of vengeance offers a uniue trip into the normally standardized genre of medical dramas Packed until the very end with suspense retribution and carnage Condition Unknown is the perfect beginning to an amazing new series by Kathleen Do. I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway This was an easy read that kept me interested The author wrote a personalization on the inside cover for me saying to forgive the scenes of violence but they were necessary for the story and I completely agree It wasn't too much and fit right into the story Can't wait to see what happens in the next book

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Abandoned and left to die from a mysterious illness Kelly Connell was the victim of a corrupt medical system After a difficult but miraculous recovery from an underground physician rest and rebuilding her life isn't the only thing occupying Kelly's mind She becomes obsessed with relentlessly stalking and punishing some of the worst offending physicians who refused to treat her Her ultimate goal destroying Dr Jerry Reuben Lumbricus the chief regulatory physician and head of a corrupt medical panel who wrote the false treatment guidelines that prevented her and many others from getting proper treatment Reuben and his panel of corrupt physicians accept countless bribes from insurance and top pharmaceutical companies to insure the sick ar. For seven long years you’ve gone to many doctors specialists and hospitals that you’ve lost count You keep telling them that you’re very sick that your entire body is in severe pain you’re suffering memory loss you can’t get up out of bed you’re tired all the time you’ve collapsed several times you have difficulty breathing and you suffer severe nausea Then you lose your job your home and your freedom You find yourself in a wheelchair and then bedridden for several long years in a hospital knowing that you’ll soon be dead Throughout your entire ordeal everyone in the medical field is telling you you’re not sick; you’re suffering from anxiety or depression or you’re a hypochondriac begging for attention You’re treated with disdain no compassion left feeling as though you’re taking up the doctor’s precious time This is Kelly’s story and it is with the aid and help of a doctor who became a doctor to help those in need that Kelly eventually beat her disease aptly name “Condition Unknown” There are hundreds of thousands who have or are suffering from Condition Unknown and are not being treated for it They’ve either died or eventually will die The insurance companies do not wish to spend money treating these people who really suffer from Condition Unknown Instead in exchange for millions upon millions of dollars are in cahoots with doctors and specialists to convince patients that don’t have Condition Unknown Forget why they became doctors or what they learned in school for them it’s all about power and greed Kelly once a generous and giving person with a full life ahead her before contracting Condition Unknown is now a woman who wants the doctors to suffer dire conseuences for their purposeful neglect With careful and long term planning Kelly takes it upon herself to teach each doctor what suffering really is Full of suspense intrigue and acts of violence “Condition Unknown Book One – The Path to Revenge” a story of greed and corruption and anger and revenge that includes an unforgettable heroine; all of which makes for an exciting and thought provoking read I look forward to what the author has in store for her readers in Book Two

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Condition UnknownE left to linger from a slow torturous death This thrilling entry by Kathleen Dove is the first in an exhilarating series that showcases several women whose lives become intertwined after being victimized Follow Kelly down a violent path of destruction as she seeks revenge on the corrupt and cowardly Her anxiety ridden uest for retribution takes readers on a disturbing but compelling journey through a crooked medical system that callously disregards even children and the elderly Kelly's moving story highlights her unyielding need to punish the doctors who have not only wronged her but countless others creating the perfect anti hero that leaves readers yearning for Fans of suspense and corruption everywhere are sure to love this daring. This book was amazing It was one of those books that had you at the edge of you seat waiting for the next chapter and the next Really brought to life the corruption that could go on with in the medical community as well as the daily struggle of someone who the world forgot Not a book for the sueamish or anyone opposed to violence in novels Can not wait for the next book in the series