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Inhuman across its borders Terrifying portents abound and dark spirits walk the land in broad daylightSuddenly two innocents are thrust into the midst of the conflict Alain a young man granted a vision by the Lady of Battles and Liath a young woma. I'm giving up 64% I'm trying to find something to like but it's so boring I think the only reason i held on this long is because i own three of the other books in the series Too many characters and lordly titles and way too much silly sounding religious BS Not for me

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King's DragonN with the power to change the course of history Both must discover the truth about themselves before they can accept their fates For in a war where sorcery not swords may determine the final outcome the price of failure may be than their own live. “It is bright in the wilderness now warm and inviting in those trackless lands where she has thrown away the key Only she can walk safely thereBut it is never safe”King’s Dragon is an epic fantasy written by Kate Elliott and published in 1997 Spoilers follow as well as a discussion of sexual violence and abuseSo What’s It AboutThe kingdom of Wendar is in turmoil King Henry’s reign is contested by his conniving sister Sabella and she begins to gather allies to her banner some willing and others ensorcelled through her dark arts Meanwhile the monstrous Eika raiders terrorize the coastal cities As chaos spreads through the country we follow the lives of two young people Liath and Alain Alain is from humble origins dedicated to the monastery but it soon becomes clear that the Lady of Battle herself demands from him Liath lives with her beloved father learning the mysteries of the stars and ancient writings but her world is shattered upon his sudden death These two innocents are thrust into a world of danger beyond anything they have ever known beforeWhat I ThoughtKing’s Dragon feels like a very classic epic fantasy in many ways This works in my opinion both to its benefit and to its detriment as it embodies the archetypal characteristics of the genre that I tend to enjoy and struggle with To begin with the world that Elliott has created is no less than meticulously realized – there is a very real sense of dynamic detailed history and vivid culture and Wendar truly feels like an authentic medieval setting while still engagingly differentiating itself from our world and its history The flipside of this is that Elliott’s world building is sometimes so extensive and dedicated to the realistic concerns of a medieval world that it ends up being detrimental to my enjoyment of the book A massive amount of time is spent considering religion religious faith sin heresy history and power hierarchies Since I think Elliott’s goal was to craft a believable fantasy world that actually parallels our world’s medieval cultures this is no doubt necessary but I did find it rather tiresome Slightly less time is spent exploring the hierarchies of various noble families and uestions of inheritance and alliance topics that seemed to have little bearing on what actually happens in the book “There is so much talk of dukes and lands and biscops and allegiances” Alain confessed “I can’t make sense of it”You and me both my dudeAs befits an epic fantasy there is a sweeping cast of characters and for the most part the cast is excellent Liath and Alain both start the story as complete innocents and while they are soon forced to confront all of the horror and pain that the world has to offer they don’t relinuish their essential goodness or the characteristics that fundamentally make them who they are namely Alain’s compassion and Liath’s intelligence and curiosity They are surrounded by eually well realized supporting characters from the king’s beloved bastard son Sanglant to the determined scholar Rosvita the cryptic Eagle Wolfhere to the utterly psychopathic monk Hugh I was engaged by all of the viewpoints except for that of Liath’s best friend Hanna who mostly seemed to have been granted a viewpoint to 1 inform the reader about what the king was doing while Liath was not there to observe and 2 inexplicably continue to lust after Hugh the man who enslaved and horrifically abused her best friendI was also a little dubious when Liath decided that she was deeply in love with Sanglant after interacting with him approximately two times The psychologist in me wants to argue that severe trauma during a key developmental stage can lead to attachment issues later on but I think it’s just plain and simple insta love because in a later viewpoint it’s established that Sanglant feels the same way For that matter it seems like every single man who interacts with Liath has to comment on how beautiful she is For a book that is otherwise written with such realism and finesse this is a rather strange touchThere are many fascinating magical secrets and hints of arcane powers stirring especially related to the ancient Dariyan empire that unified humans with the vanished race of Aoi or Lost Ones There are spirits burning in the air with wings of flame and eyes as brilliant as knives They move on the winds of aether that blow above the sphere of the Moon and now and again their gaze falls like a blazing arrow like the strike of lightning to the Earth below and there it sears anything it touches for they cannot comprehend the frailty of Earthly life They are of an elder race and are not so fragile Their voices have the snap of fire and their bodies are not bodies as we know them but the conjoining of fire and wind the breath of the fiery Sun coalesced into mind and willI’ll admit that at this point I have very little idea of what is going on but it seems as though the Aoi are hidden away in another world but plan to return to the human realm at some point in the future It also seems that Sanglant’s birth to the king of Wendar and a mysterious elven woman has something to do with these plans and that another infant was brought into existence by Mysterious Forces to counteract Sanglant’s influence It’s all extremely cryptic at this point and I’m looking forward to piecing of it together in the next book I’m also excited to learn about the Eika raiders especially the Eika prince who Alain allows to go free due to his compassionate nature it seems that the prince has been irrevocably marked by their encounterAs befits any book that calls itself an epic fantasy there is an incredible climactic battle here between King Henry and his conniving sister Sabella Sabella and her priest Antonia are not above resorting to treachery and employ the use of a guivre a monster that has powers similar to that of a basilisk As Henry’s forces stand frozen and helpless Sabella’s men cut them down where they stand It is a horribly harrowing scene but it then becomes even gripping the self loathing priest Agius kidnapped by Sabella’s forces alongside Alain sacrifices himself to the guivre allowing himself to be eaten so that the guivre is distracted while Alain beheads it It’s a stunningly written momentThe F WordThe first part of Liath’s story is excruciatingly difficult to read When her father dies she is sold into slavery to pay his debts and is purchased by the clergyman Hugh Hugh is obsessed with accessing the arcane knowledge that her father has passed down to her and embarks upon a campaign of psychological physical and sexual abuse against her You all should know by now that when an author writes sexual violence I always hope that they either portray its psychological ramifications with accuracy or comment meaningfully upon the power dynamics and cultural norms that make it possible Elliott does both Liath only survives her enslavement through severe dissociation and numbing She felt so utterly detached from herself that it was as if she were two people one to whom all this was happening one watching from her safehouse within the frozen towerWhen she is freed she is very much marked by her trauma experiencing hypervigilance nightmares intrusive thoughts shame regarding her sexuality and a fear of trusting others While she continues to struggle she nevertheless takes some massive steps in terms of being autonomous trusting herself and connecting with othersWhat’s Elliott is very clear about the way in which Liath’s community continuously condones Hugh’s ownershipabuse thinking that she is lucky to be owned by him because he is an authority figure in the church as well as a charismatic handsome intelligent man It is only when he beats her to the point that she miscarries that anyone cares at all and even then no one hesitates to return her to him once she is well enough to travel It’s a powerful condemnation of the hypocrisy permissiveness and misogyny that characterize rape cultureInterestingly enough class differences mean an entirely different distribution of power for women and men in Elliott’s world In the ranks of nobility women have a great deal of administrative power “Her first duties were to administer her lands and bear children to carry on her lineage”In addition they are the ones who inherit property and it is commonly argued by her proponents that Sabella should have inherited the throne because only a woman can prove that she has actually produced her heirsIt’s often complained of pseudo medieval epic fantasies that they are extremely white but King’s Dragon very clearly takes place in a world that is inhabited by a wide variety of societies and people with all skin colors Liath and Sanglant are both people of color and it’s clear that historically Wendar has been shaped by people of color as well “But the blessed Daisan himself lived in the lands now conuered and ruled by the Jinna so who is to say he was not himself as dark complexioned as she”It’s an extremely refreshing take on diversity in epic fantasy and just one of the many characteristics that marks King’s Dragon as a standout in the genre in my opinionAbout the AuthorKate Elliott is a pen name for Alis A Rassmussen born in 1958 and raised in rural Oregon She attended Mills College where she became involved with the Society for Creative Anachronism a living history group dedicated to studying medieval cultures and history She met her husband while sword fighting and they currently live in Hawaii with their family She is the author over over 20 science fiction and fantasy works and her next book looks to be Unconuerable Sun a genderbent Alexander the Great space odyssey

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King's Dragon Read ¾ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ê [Epub] ➝ King's Dragon ➢ Kate Elliott – The Kingdom of Wendar is in turmoil King Henry still holds the crown but his reign has long been contested by his sister Sabella and there are many eager to flock to her banner Internal conflict weake The KingdomThe Kingdom of Wendar is in turmoil King Henry still holds the crown but his reign has long been contested by his sister Sabella and there are many eager to flock to her banner Internal conflict weakens Wendar's defences drawing raiders human and. I'm usually much too lazy to give reviews but I felt obliged to write one for this series because I believe Elliott's writing is somewhat under appreciated Among the plethora of epic fantasy series that came out over the last 30 years the Crown of Stars is relatively unknown so I wanted to make it easier for people to decide whether to start on this 7 book series or not with no spoilers attached Language style I guess it's comparable to George RR Martin's ASOIAF not as intricate as that of Guy Gavriel Kay but subtle than that of Robert Jordan or Brandon Sanderson Personally I don't care much about the level of language used as long as the story gets across and I think people will have no problem with Elliot's writing itselfWorld building some people find too much effort is spent here but I disagree being somewhat of a history buff Elliot's rendition of an early medieval society feels rich alive and realistic It is obvious that the author did a ton of research throughout the series What's commendable is how she blends it all seamlessly with a religion that is gender eual Even if you don't care much for history the parallels and anti parallels between Elliot's and the real world is uite obvious so most people should be able to appreciate itCharacters another strong point I found that the characters behaved consistently with well explored motivations Though at times a couple of antagonists are a bit too arrogant and presumptuous to feel entirely real the justification here being their faith and noble birth though it may just be me being a modern day atheist Some people point out that it's hard to connect with the protagonists in this series and it's partially justified Keep in mind though that this is a 7 book series with a main story that spans better part of a decade and Elliot has kept character development mostly to a slow pace which feels realistic for me but frustrating to many And unlike in ASOIAF or Wheel of Time where some protagonists gain great politicalmilitary power over the course of the series the harsh realities of the feudal society is painfully reflected in the Crown of StarsPacing I think this is the main reason for the lukewarm reception of this series There are lots of well depicted maneuvering both politically and on the battlefield but when compared to many other fantasy series these days it feels just a bit too far in between Many people complain especially in the middle of the series that the story crawls gradually forward at a snail's pace a common problem with epic fantasies really So it comes down to whether you appreciate the character interactions sufficiently in the meantime to overcome the frustration For me it was never a problem because first of all I do not expect speedy resolution from an epic fantasy and second by that time I was too firmly attached to the fates of Liath Sanglant and Alain not to continue So if you have problems finishing books like Crossroads of Twilight or A Feast for Crows then I would not recommend this series to youCrown of Stars cannot compete with The Wheel of Time for its sheer scope nor can it compete with ASOIAF for the depth of its political intrigue and it certainly cannot compete with LotR for the amount of heroic action Nevertheless by incorporating all these classical elements of a good epic fantasy into her own creatively imagined and well realized world Kate Elliot gave us a complete fantasy series that I thoroughly enjoyed reading