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PDF » BOOK Forever Faithful Forever Faithful #1 3 Ê KAREN KINGSBURY Ê ❰KINDLE❯ ✾ Forever Faithful Forever Faithful #1 3 Author Karen Kingsbury – Helpyouantib.co.uk In the midst of pain and sorrow two couples discover God's faithfulness In Waiting for Morning Hannah loses her huOr Morning Hannah loses her husband and daughter to a drunk driver In A Moment of Weakness a fateful decision t In Waiting for Morning Kingsbury explores the world of drunk driving and its devastating effects for everyone involved She also shows that when hate and bitterness creep in they corrode the soul like rust Suicide is another topic touched in this novel In A Moment of Weakness Kingsbury expertly tackles the issue of sex outside of marriage and all the pain and suffering caused by stepping outside of God’s perfect plan for our lives The last book Halfway to Forever delves into life threatening illnesses abortion and adoption All three novels cover themes such as repentance and forgiveness They show us as the name of the trilogy so clearly states God is Forever Faithful This series is not a light read It is for those who are willing to be challenged and confronted with truth One doesn’t have to experience these specific issues for the books to apply I was continually amazed at how many times I felt like the lessons or scriptures were written just for meThe novels are infused with raw emotions and gritty reality that seize the reader Relevant themes make the stories relatable And while the author embarks upon controversial issues Kingsbury handles them delicately from a faith and love filled stance Be prepared for tears I had to pull out a Kleenex on than one occasion Many of the characters wiggled their way under my skin as I rooted for some and became utterly frustrated with others Each book in this series forced me to stop think and analyze experiences in my own life I recommend the Forever Faithful Trilogy to readers who are looking for happy endings without completely sacrificing realism

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Ears Jade and Tanner apart And in Halfway to Forever Matt and Hannah and Jade and Tanner face tragic situations Crying and laughing along with the characters Such a good read Like it buzzed my heart for GOD She is a great writer

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Forever Faithful Forever Faithful #1 3In the midst Forever Faithful Epub #224 of pain and sorrow two couples discover God's faithfulness In Waiting f The journey through this trilogy was much shorter than I anticipatedbecause I could not put the book down In this series Karen Kingsbury's characters face real life situations with very realistic emotions While the characters in her books profess faith in Jesus Christ they face crisis that threaten to flatten even the strongest believer I appreciate that nothing is sugar coated Their journey is difficult and their victories are glorious I will miss these people While fictional characters they have encouraged me in a very real way