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Download Kara Gouchers Running for Women 109 ☆ ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ Kara Gouchers Running for Women By Kara Goucher ✼ – Get fit get fast and go farther with Olympic runner Kara Goucher’s comprehensive guide to running for womenKara Goucher is crazy madly head over heels in love with running and she wants to G for Women contains her expertise tips and tricks targeted specifically at female runners to help you become a better happier healthier and fulfilled runner She’ll teach you how to• Get started with the right gear• Build a successful support team• Find the right training program for you• Overcome psychological setbacks• Balance running with family and work• And much Designed to fit your busy lifestyle Kara Goucher’s Run. Is it wrong of me to have expected from a talented young marathoner's first training book This was SUCH a disappointment There is no cohesiveness to the book whatsoeveryes she divides up the chapters so that there's some semblance of order to the way she doles her advice but the information therein was just kind of thrown out there in what I'm guessing is a stream of consciousness form Barring the narratives on her life that she gives at the beginning of each chapter this book consists entirely of brief tidbits of information Blurbs and asides are okay as enhancements but I don't want to read an entire book of that the lack of distinction between the main content of the book and the I Love This uote sections were particularly irksome Some of the information was interesting and pertinent but I just couldn't concentrate long enough to read it cover to cover That and she seems ratherhow can I say this nicelyself aware A vanity project is all this is You'll find much better training plans and running memoirs elsewhere

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Get fit get fast and go Running for MOBI #239 farther with Olympic runner Kara Goucher’s comprehensive guide to Kara Gouchers MOBI #207 running for womenKara Goucher is crazy madly head over heels in love with running and she Gouchers Running for Epub #219 wants to help you feel that love too Whether you’re just getting started or already a seasoned runner this is the book that will take you to the next level Kara Goucher’s Runnin. Unlike many reviewers who complained that the book didn't fulfill their expectations of what an elite runner advice book should contain I found Kara Goucher's anectdotal approach reassuring and comforting Having started running two years ago this coming December I picked up Running for Women to gain an informative but realistic female perspective on running A sweeping range of themes are covered from basic nutrition and training plans to discussions about injury prevention race training and how running impacts women's bodies As I am aspiring to run the 2012 NYC Marathon I found her tips easy to digest and remember Many of the books on running tend to use runner speak which reuires a dictionary to decipher or superhuman abilities to complete the training plan The simplicity of the provided training plans inspires confidence in me that I too will be able to conuer the City where the world comes to runThe format is written in an informational format with chapters providing uick reference points The topics are addressed in a bullet point format but the information is concise and clear and sometimes light like chatting with a close girl friend Goucher also highlights tricks of the trade that she uses as well as includes advice and tips from those contributing to her success as an elite athlete trainer massage therapist nutritionist and even her ob gyn She does a little myth breaking as well as highlights great uotes from famous runners both female and male Initially after reading the mixed reviews I picked up my copy at the local library but now that I am finished I will be adding a copy to my personal library Anyone curious about starting or returning to running should consider picking it up Kara may just give you that extra push you need to lace up and get out the door

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Kara Gouchers Running for WomenNing for Women is packed with uick tips pearls of running wisdom and sample training schedules and nutrition plans as well as sections dedicated to running during and after pregnancy managing the special challenges of the female athlete’s body and maintaining a balance between sporting and family life Kara Goucher’s Running for Women is the ultimate guide for women who want to train for the gold or simply discover their personal bes. I didn't find this book uite as helpful as I had hoped As a beginning runner who just picked it up as a 32 year old I found Goucher's approach a little off putting She is writing from the perspective of someone who's always been a runner since she was a child and has been running professionally since college So the chapters on beginning running really leave something to be desired The information on food and nutrition is uite good and I really appreciated the way that Goucher discussed her own struggles with body image The chapters on competitive racing are also really useful and if I ever decide to run competitively I'll be reviewing her suggestions The chapter on running and pregnancychildbirth is also at least a good jumping off point Overall though I was pretty underwhelmed I particularly disliked the Dear Kara sections interspersed throughout the text; a lot of her answers to uestions like I'm in my sixties should I be worried about osteoporosis or My boyfriend is dismissive of my running struck me as facile and not really very helpful How to put this Goucher doesn't seem like a very deep thinker and she seems very tied to her view of the world which isn't particularly nuanced