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The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar WaoThis is an alternate cover edition for 9781594483295 Oscar is a sweet but disastrously overweight ghetto nerd who from the New Jersey home he shares with his old world mother and rebellious sister dreams of becoming the Dominican JR Exhilarating Brutal yet beautiful Wao I really enjoyed both the style and the story of this whirlwind of a novel by Junot Díaz I can see why he got a Pulitzer and wonder if his other books are as fun to read I think that Seven Killings was even masterful but Oscar delivers nearly as much gore and Caribbean corruption and historical facts as well I especially enjoyed the footnotes Writing any about this book would certainly break my no spoilers rules so suffice it to say that this book was GREAT and I will be on the lookout for Díaz fictionFor about Trujillo his regime his assassination and the chaos that ensued with a magnificent female protagonist Urania don't miss Feast of the Goat by Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa it is extraordinary

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R Tolkien and most of all finding love But Oscar may never get what he wants Blame the fukú a curse that has haunted Oscar’s family for generations following them on their epic journey from Santo Domingo to the USA Encapsulating I bought Oscar Wao as a birthday gift for my mother in October based on scores of sterling reviews She read it gave it a mild thumbs up probably just being nice and handed it off to me Now having read it I'm pretty mortified I thought this book would be something she might like The critical consensus seemed to be that Junot Diaz is a good writer and he picked a good story to tell here in his first novel But I found this book lacking on both counts I found the writing lazy and unexpressive in many places Granted I have no Spanish language background so there were some important places in the novel where I couldn't get the total meaning of the sentences but I thought Diaz's reliance on slang collouialism arose out of laziness than from the narrative voice which was often sloppy There are multiple narrators and they mostly talk in the same voice with the same elements of short humor pithy street wisdom offered The story was just as diappointing There were efforts made at epic storytelling here tackling the Trujillo dictatorship of the Dominican and its spiritual ramifications on the generations of the de Leon family But when you boil this thing down it's just the story of a loser teenager trying to get laid And there aren't any characters who raise the level of discussion Besides Oscar his mother's trying to get laid his sister's trying to get laid and so it seems the essence of the Dominican character is about getting laid Maybe it's honest but it's not saying much about their culture relevance It was hard for me to take away any large messages from this book when it operates from such a crude fundamental pointI give it two stars only because Diaz seems to have a knack for narrative the plot is well constructed even if it is slight irrelevant and there are a few characters who will remain in my mind

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Book Ü The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Î 335 pages » Helpyouantib í [Read] ➳ The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao By Junot Díaz – This is an alternate cover edition for 9781594483295 Oscar is a sweet but disastrously overweight ghetto nerd who—from tDominican American history The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao opens our eyes to an astonishing vision of the contemporary American experience and explores the endless human capacity to persevere and risk it all in the name of love Honestly if someone had warned me that this book would barrage me page after page line after line with obscure dorky references Dominican Republican history lessons and Spanish collouialisms I may not have picked it up But I am glad that I didIt is interesting to realize that on the scale of nerd dom I fall on the light end I could follow the shout outs to science fiction authors as well as the Lord of the Rings allusions of which there were many But I was lost for all the anime video game comic and role playing mentions And I was okay with that My ignorance didn’t keep me from empathizing with the main character super dork Oscar Wao He actually reminded me of all the odd computer science and mechanical engineering majors from my undergrad I found him endearing and was always happiest and saddest when the book shifted back into a perspective featuring sweet roly poly Oscar Likewise I enjoyed the footnotes about the sorted history of the Dominican Republic Who knew they hated Haitians so much? In fact I appreciate when a Latin American author writing about their homeland includes some kind of educational elementAlas the Spanish words intermixed into every other sentence? Those got on my nerves I could normally infer their meaning but it was tiring Plus my straight laced Latino husband was of limited use with the island slang Although I will admit it was fun to see him flustered Picture us reading at a restaurant I look up and kick Leo under the tableMe Hey Leo Another one What does mean?Leo SHHH looks guiltily at the Latino family eating at the table next to usMe What? What does it mean?Leo Not nowMe pause Later?Which brings us to the next point the cussing Diaz’s style is uniue He is definitely a modern literary writer The artistry and intelligence is there Yet instead of stuffy and pretentious Diaz is raw and raunchy He is liberal with the cuss words It didn’t bother me but if you are faint of heart you definitely want to avoid this bookWell I was fine with the language on the page but I was blushing when I went to an event last night with Diaz He was hosted by an amazing reading series in Houston Inprint The crowd at these events can be uiteprim There are groups of university literaturewriting students but the overall demographic is well off and older You’ll see lots of shiny loafers cardigans coiffured hair and blazers Diaz got up on that stage in his sneakers and he has a dirty mouth It shouldn’t have been surprising given what I already knew of his writing He used every cuss word in the urban dictionary At one point everyone was laughing at some joke and he affectionately remarked we were “some giggling motherfckers” He was not out to impress or shock us and I found him to be uite charming and candid But I kept stealing sideways glances at the dignified well groomed lady sitting next to me The kind of lady who has a curse jar for her grandchildren She was staring straight ahead with this blank expression I would have given a thousand pennies for her thoughtsMoving beyond the verbal color to the substance Diaz thinks men are inherently bad at writing from a woman’s perspective although improvement is possible After he likened writing workshops to death matches between writers he recommends you write for readers and not other writers He believes readers are far generous and forgiving As an example he pointed to how Lord of the Rings lovers will put up with countless pages of “fcking Elvish poetry” Diaz also will admit he is a slow writer It takes 3 4 years for him to finish a 15 page short story To wrap up I mentioned earlier that Diaz’s style is uniue Yet I will offer some comparisons to potentially help orient yourself His writing reminded me favorably of both Gary Shteyngart's causal humorous style and Jeffrey Eugenides’ beautiful multi generational story telling Plus in his acknowledgements Diaz mentioned one of my literary crushes Francisco Goldman He actually called him Frankie G And anyone who loves Frank is okay in my book I read to learn But if 90% of the references fly over my head I become frustrated For this reason I never get far into The Mysterious Flame of ueen Loana with its multitude of unfamiliar Italian culture references