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free read Kansas City Cop The Precinct #33 ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ô ❴EPUB❵ ✰ Kansas City Cop The Precinct #33 Author Julie Miller – She cheated death onceBut a killer still lurksAfter a gunshot rips streetwise police officer Gina Galvan from the line of duty all shNge or his blazing attraction to Gina Without a badge or a gun Mike is ready to face anyone including a killer to prove he’s every inch a he. I love Ms Miller's writing style and her storyline's  She has a very creative writing style that makes her characters feel so real  I loved Gina she was a woman that knew what she wanted and protected her family  She wanted to figure out who wanted to kill her or were they just trying to scare her  Then there was Mike a man that had a story that was very interesting  I couldn't believe what had happened to him and how he was able to overcome his injuries  Now he and his bestfriend helped other people but they needed patients in order for their rehab clinic to keep the doors open  Mike and Gina are attracted to each other but Gina at times can be a little standoffish but she was a good woman  But together they will find out who is shooting at cops and in the end they will figure out their relationship  Kansas City Cop was an excellent read  The characters were well developed  The chemistry between Gina and Mike is sensual and they are perfect for each other  I can't wait to read the next book in this series  Received ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an Honest Review 

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Ty all she wants is to return to the front line and stop a shooter But good guy physical therapist Mike Cutler won’t back down from a challe. 35 StarsGina a cop is currently off duty due to an injury she sustained after being shot The only thing she wants to do is be cleared for to return to work and find the person who shot her But first she must get her physical therapist to clear herMike is not only familiar with being injured and pushing yourself to get better but also what it entails to be a cop No he isn't one himself but his dad see Takedown for his story is and that's how Gina became his newest client She's up for a position on the SWAT team if she can get healthy prior to the interviewing processMike and Gina continually grow closer as they work toward her healing but Mike also gets involved in the dangerous situation Gina and her family find themselves in As they begin exploring the connection between them it becomes evident the threat to Gina may be closer than they knewWhat happens when two stubborn people have a battle of wills Will Gina accept Mike's knowledge of physical therapy Will Mike accept Gina's regarding her job Can Gina's family escape the danger zone that surrounds their house Are Mike's feelings for Gina real Or is he again letting a damsel in distress color his emotions Who is after Gina and why Is a HEA possibleOne click now and follow along as these two people cross paths and discover what they've always yearned for Now on a purely personal note I was really looking forward to Mike's story as I loved his dad's book Takedown However and while I do understand why this scenario was the case and how it played into the story I really wish Mike didn't have a history of falling for damsels in distress It's mentioned that there were I think two prior to Gina and he fancied himself in love with them That's not my issue per se but I truly wish one of those women wasn't a current employee of his who ends up with Troy Mike's partner That's too close for comfort It's never stated how far his relationship with that woman went how deep his feelings for her were if he realized it wasn't what he thought it was etc Not to mention it's pretty weird that this employee and her other boss become a real item Did Troy know how Mike believed he felt about her Did anything happen between this woman and Mike It's just a lot of unanswered uestions in that regardNow with that being said I am still a huge fan of this author and have been for years I always eagerly devour her releases and will continue to do so I find her extremely talented and her ability to always create different stories blows my mind

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Kansas City Cop The Precinct #33She cheated Cop The MOBI #245 death onceBut a killer still lurksAfter a gunshot rips streetwise police officer Gina Galvan from the line of du. Officer Gina Galvan is shot in the line of duty and the resulting injuries put her ambition to be a SWAT officer at risk She winds up in the physical therapy care of Mike Cutler the man who also happened to help save her life the night she was shot Gina's own stupidity and stubbornness in the pursuit of who shot her jeopardises her possible recoveryI don't know what it is lately with independent heroines who take the I don't need your help refrains to ridiculous lengths Gina takes it to the moon and back Her retorts to Mike whenever he offers to assist her as any reasonable person would do are along the lines of Not a chauffer Choir Boy when he offers to drive her or Not a cop Choir Boy when he offers to provide back up during her unsanctioned investigation Gina apologises early in the book for the Choir Boy moniker and continues to use it for the remainder of the book Now Gina is someone who has undoubtedly combated sexism being in the police force She doesn't like being called honey because she's female or chica because she's Latin I know Choir Boy might come in at the lower end of insults but Gina if you don't like people calling you names don't do it to other people It's called a double standard Look it up GinaUnfortunately I just didn't like Gina at all and I never warmed up to her throughout the book If it isn't her being basically a bitch it's her stupidity as well Before she gets placed with Mike two other physical therapists won't work with her because she won't follow their instructions She's obsessed with showing she's capable of what people are expecting of her To her own detriment That's not independence or stoicism or being feisty That's BEING WILLFULLY STUPID If a doctor physical therapist shaman whoever who most people accept know about these things than they do tells you to do something to ensure a full recovery you do it If Gina injured herself further and screwed up her SWAT team ambitions it would be her own bloody fault and frankly she would have deserved itI do understand what Julie Miller was trying to do with Gina's character She comes from a low socio economic background one that she's struggling to pull her family out of She's in law enforcement so she's a woman in a man's world Yes she's had obstacles in her life Miller is trying to show how she fights against this especially when she hits a significant setback such as her severe shoulder injury She wants to show how tough she still is But that relentlessly obstinate attitude just made her look like a well bitch and a stupid one at that by not following instructions clearly designed to help and benefit her As for Mike he's uite dreamy I like a bit of nicely trimmed beard on a man myself He was patient and reasonable Frankly I don't know why he put up with Gina Because she was hot maybe And that's the other problem that crops up here If a woman keeps on telling you to go away and to stop helping or assisting her and you don't listen to her and keep on offering the unwanted assistance at what point does it move from chivalry to stalking It was an uncomfortable line that the book kept skipping across because of Gina's behaviour On than one occasion I was thinking to myself Step back Mike She's asked you to leave her alone Generally if a woman is asking that you respect those wishes I knew Mike wasn't a stalker because Gina was secretly hot for him but that's what it felt like because of her behaviour The book never overcame it and I never believed their romanceOn top of all that the plot is relentlessly predictable and boring I got a couple of good naps out of it There's a gratuitous car chase with a clear red herring but not a lot else really happens Instead we get cameos from seemingly every other The Precinct hero and this is book 33 Really the character of Gina ruined this for me because I really didn't like her but the dreary sluggish plot didn't help matters much