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Read & download å eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Û Julie James No woman could resist him except the one Sexiest Man PDFEPUB #228 he wanted mostCool Calm CollectedNothing fazes Taylor Donovan In the courtroom she never lets the opposition see her sweat In her personal life she never lets any man rattle her not even her cheating ex fiancé Just the MOBI #207 So when she's. Reviewed for ueuemyreviewcom; book release October 2008Okay time for some ‘True Confessions’ Is there any woman alive who hasn’t dreamed of landing the absolute sexiest Hollywood star Fess up We’ve all dreamed it It may have been when we were younger but we’ve still all dreamed of Mel Gibson Johnny Depp Brad Pitt Robert Redford etc But really could we make it past their egos Their unreal lives The paparazzi In “Just the Sexiest Man Alive” Julie James spins a tale of that dream come true He’s smoking hot he’s been voted the sexiest man alive THREE times running and he seriously needs an attitude adjustmentTaylor is our heroine She’s the star up and coming lawyer at a big Chicago firm who has been brought out to Los Angeles to try a 30 million lawsuit She was than happy to get out of Chicago and get away from her lying scumbag of an ex fiancé who she caught ‘in flagrante delicto’ on their dining room table To cope she’s thrown herself into work and now she has this chance to shine Untilthe LA office gives her a small side job they assign her to work with megastar Jason whose next film stars him as a lawyer He just needs some tips on legal issues and characterization Shouldn’t take much timerightJason is the sexiest man alive Just ask him He’ll uote you statistics about how many times the average woman watches his movies He can and has repeatedly had any woman he wantsuntil Taylor Of course it doesn’t help that he blows off his first two appointments with herafter she’s cleared her very busy schedule Doesn’t she know who he is Any woman should be THRILLED to drop everything to spend time with himuh huh As you can imagine Jason is so very easy to despise His character hits every bad ego inflated Hollywood stereotype But the beauty of this story is that we get to see him slowly come back to the real world He’s mightily attracted to Taylor lucky lucky girl and he makes his share plus of mistakes But gradually he becomes human enough to feel guilt regret remorse and love The bad boy reformedand don’t we all love thatThis is author Julie James’ first novel I must say I was very impressed with the way the author brings the whole Hollywood game playing scene to life The supporting ‘cast’ in the story is excellent We meet publicity hungry stringers agents and wanna be big names looking out for themselves and shamelessly arrogant Then there’s the paparazzi who’ll do anything for that one money maker shot So much fun to hate ‘em all And a no nonsense lawyer with shark like instincts in the courtroom but down to earth once outside I liked Taylor Heck I wanna BE Taylor in my next life because I think I’ve missed my chance in this one“Just the Sexiest Man Alive” is a true romance A larger than life hero and an unlikely heroine whose lives would normally never intersect and yet they turn out to be perfect for each other All together nowAWWWW If you’re looking for a feel good romance you can’t go wrong with this story Julie James’ next novel “Practice Makes Perfect” is due out in March of 2009 I’ll be looking to pick up that one too

Free download Just the Sexiest Man Alive

Free download ë Just the Sexiest Man Alive ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ë ❰PDF❯ ✓ Just the Sexiest Man Alive Author Julie James – No woman could resist him—except the one he wanted mostCool Calm CollectedNothing fazes Taylor Donovan In the courtroom she Gives him the cold shoulder he's thrown for a loop She's unlike any other woman he's ever met uninterested in the limelight seemingly immune to his advances and shockingly capable of saying no to him She's the perfect challenge And the she rejects him the he begins to realize she may just be his perfect match. This was an amazing read I just can't believe how good it was I started it and couldn't stop I was so obsessed I finished it the very same night I started with it I just kept reading till 5 am I seriously recommend this to you all it's just impossible not to love itThis is a story about one of the best lawyers out there who has just found her fiancée banging his young secretary on working time Well she got over that asshole and got to work with not only the most rich famous and handsome actor of the moment but also the third time named sexiest man of the year While this sounds like a total chick flick it really isn't I had a great time reading it and this author is uickly becoming a fav There are some amazing turns every now and then on her books that make you unable to stop reading She has an amazing writing style and that sense of humor we all love very dark and sarcastic but in a good wayWhat I loved the most about this 2 main characters was that from the beginning you could see they were perfect for each other they may have been so not what others would look for in a couple but they were just what the other needed I was sighing no stop while reading and I had to stop sometimes because I was feeling just too much I blame the freaking amazing chemistry the characters had I just adored them More than anything this was a very funny read and made me feel great in a time I needed a break because I had been working too much so I must thank this amazing author for this book and recommend it I hope you all enjoy it as much as I didThis is how I would order Julie James' books right now1 Just the Sexiest Man Alive2 Practice Makes Perfect3 Something About You I still have to read A Lot Like Love

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Just the Sexiest Man AliveAssigned to coach People's Sexiest Man Alive for his role in his next big legal thriller she refuses to fall for the Hollywood heartthrob's charms Even if he is the Jason AndrewsConfident Famous IrresistibleJason Andrews is used to having women the Sexiest Man Kindle #180 fall at his feet When Taylor Donovan. 4 Stubborn Stars Taylor is a lawyer Jason is a famous actor and he just was elected the “Sexiest Man Alive” Now that he is preparing for a role when he’ll be playing an attorney he seeks a lawyer firm to help him and Taylor is the lucky chosen one He immediately wants her She wants nothing to do with him believing he’s too much trouble too much famous and with a too sordid past He’s decided to have her anyway so how does the sexiest man alive gets the only girl in the world who wants nothing from him This was a funny and sweet romance and very nice to read I didn’t gave it five starts first because this was one of those books where it needed one or another steamy moment It had none And also the heroes took too much time to get together which not only was frustrating as he made me loose some interest in the middle of it However for some reason Julie James books are always a safe choice for me She is an amazing romance author with a remarkable writing style and I know that I will always like a romance story written by her Rating 4 Stars Characters Development Jason was sweet and sexy and although some may say he was to full of himself it’s true but he did that in such a funny way that was impossible not to like him Taylor was a strong heroine but her stubbornness made me hard for me to like her If it wasn’t for her half of the frustration in this book didn’t even exist Steam Meh Sensible Subjects view spoilerNo hide spoiler