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Read & download ✓ The Lion's Lady Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ ➸ The Lion's Lady Free ➮ Author Julie Garwood – Christina Bennett had taken London society by storm The ravishing beauty guarded the secret of her mysterious past until the nIly conuered Mistress of her heart and of her fortune she resisted Lyon's sensuous caresses She dared not surrender to his lovefor then she must also forsake her precious secretand her promised destiny. ADORED this one even then The Bride Perfect hero and heroine I loved how enchanted by her he was from the very beginning And her wild spirit and sassiness were fantastic They really brought to surface his OTT alpha protectiveness even though she could defend herself better than anyone and possessiveness as well as love and caring Completely swoon worthy Lyon and his Lioness really were PERFECT

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Christina Bennett had taken London society by storm The ravishing beauty guarded the secret of her mysterious past until the night Lyon Maruis of Lyonwood stole a searching sensuous kiss An arrogant n. One of my favorite Garwood books I love her heroines and Christina Bennett raised by Native American Indians is a fish out of water in Regency England Not that that stops her from taking the city by storm while riding bare back and finding her fierce Lyon Some classic LOL moments in this book And my favorite sceneLyon dismounted slapped his horse on the hinduarters as a signal to take to the stables then called out to Christina's former butler Elbert What are you doing with my shoesThe madam's orders my lord Elbert answered Didn't know a man could own so many boots he added Been at this task near an hour now Up the stairs and down the stairs then up Elbert Give me the reason why Lyon interrupted his voice irritated And what are you doing at Lyonwood Did Christina invite you to visit Hired me sir Elbert announced I'm to be Brown's assistant Did you know how worried she was about me She knew I wouldn't last with the old bat Your misses has a good heart I'll do my part my lord I won't be a shirking me responsibilities to youChristina did have a good heart His gentle wife knew Elbert wouldn't be able to find work with anyone else He was simply too old too feeble I'm sure you'll do fine Elbert Lyon said Glad to have you on staffThank you my lord Elbert returnedLyon notice Brown standing in the open doorway then His butler looked upset Good afternoon my lord Brown called out It is so very good to have you back he added His voice sounded strained to Lyon relieved as well Did you see your shoes sirI'm not blind man Of course I saw them Would you care to explain what in thunderation is going on Your wife's order Brown announcedPast wife Elbert interjected with a cackleLyon took a deep breath What are you talking about He addressed his uestion to Brown believing his young butler would make sense than the old man snickering with laughter behind himYou're being divorced my lordI'm whatBrown's shoulders sagged He knew his lord wasn't going to take the news well DivorcedCast out my lord pushed aside forgotten dead in her heart I get you meaning Elbert Lyon muttered in exasperation I'm aware of what the word divorce meansLyon continued into the house The old servant shuffled after him Those were her very words My mistress is divorcing you the way her people do She said it was uite all right to get rid of a husband You have to find someplace else to liveI what Lyon asked certain he hadn't heard correctlyBrown's insistent nod indicated he hadYou're cast out pushed aside For God's sake Elbert cease your litany Lyon demanded He turned back to Brown What is the significance of the shoesThey signify your departure my lord Brown saidThe butler tried not to stare at the incredulous look on his master's face He was in jeopardy of losing his control He stared at the floor insteadLet me get this straight in my mind Lyon muttered My wife believes the house belongs to herAnd your mother of course Brown blurted out She's keeping herBrown was biting his lower lip Lyon thought he might be trying not to laughOf course Lyon drawledElbert tried to be helpful once again It's the way her people do he interjected his voice gratingly cheerfulWhere is my wife Lyon asked ignoring Elbert's commentsHe didn't wait for his servants to answer him but took the stairs two at a time to reach the bedrooms A sudden thought made him pause Did she cut her hair he called outShe did Elbert shouted before Brown could open his mouth It's the way of it Elbert insisted Once the hair's cut well then you're as good as dead to her You're set aside cast I've gotten her message Lyon shouted Brown bring my shoes inside Elbert go sit somewhereWell worth the read

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The Lion's LadyObleman with a pirate's passions he tasted the wild fire smoldering beneath Christina's cool charm and swore to possess herBut the feisty and defiant The Lion's PDFEPUB or Christina would not be so eas. This book was fun I had a blast with the banter between Christina and Lyon Its not one of my favorites by Julie Garwood but it was a good book overall