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Summary ´ Honor's Splendour Æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free À [Read] ➭ Honor's Splendour Author Julie Garwood – This classic medieval romance from New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood is a fan favorite—a beautiful lady needs rescue from a knight Ims of her ruthless brother Baron Louddon Then in vengeance for a bitter crime Baron Duncan of Wexton the Wolf unleashed his warriors against Louddon Exuisite Madelyne was the prize he caturedbut when he gazed upon the proud beauty he pledged to protect her with his. What will you get if you decide to read this book1 Wonderful writing2 A beautiful story3 A fierce warrior for a hero4 A herione that has great character5 Total and utter enjoymentFor me this was a pure 5 star book 3 1 Wonderful writing Julie Garwood has an amazing style I just love reading her books and this one wasn't dissapointing How ever good the stroy was how great the characters were the best thing in this whole book was the writing I don't remember the last time I just enjoyed simply reading the book the sentences the dialogue She does it marvelously 2 A beautiful story Set in the medieval times it's about a baron seeking revenge for his sister's rape He plans to kidnap the sister of his enemy you know an eye for an eye It begins with Duncan The Wolf being tied to a post in the middle of winter left to freeze to death Madelyne the sister of his enemy plans to escape her brother and save the poor warrior from certain death Not knowing he is in fact there just for her she frees him and ends up being captured Duncan immediately sees she is nothing like her brother and Madelyne learns to trust him and eventually they fall in love well duh XD 3 A fierce warrior for a hero almost all JG's heroes are alike huge musceled fierce and brave warriors and Duncan is no different He's alpha as any alpha can be considering in what time period he's in lol They know him as The Wolf he is feared by all his enemies never wish to see his face in battle for they would not come out of it alive Considering I absolutely LOVE those fierce alpha warriors he was just my thing I loved him Anyway from the moment Madelyne saved him and warmed his feet when he couldn't stand he knew she would belong to him 4 A herione that has great character I usually read novels just for the male ch but this was an exception Madeline was so great Even though I doubt that ladies behaved like that in those times it was great to read She has a fierce temper and is not affraid to stand up to Duncan when even his soldiers would cower in fear of him She's so funny and clueless about it that makes her even funny XD At one time after she kisses Duncan she went up in tears and apologized for taking advantage of him when he promised her he would not touch her XDXD Yeah she's just great 5 Total and utter enjoyment All of these things together make a great read if you're not opposed to the medieval period you'll really like this Well I have to admit I was totally opposed to medieval and then I read this one my first from this period and what can I say now I LOVE it 3 This was a re read and now I'm thinking I'm going to have to go through all JG s 3 My favorite scenes Duncan is half frozen from being in the cold Madelyne gets him inside to warm him up she presses his feet against her stomach to warm them up She let out a loud gasp when his icy skin touched her own warm flesh and then adjusted her gown and wrapped her arms around the outside hugging him to her Her shoulders began to tremble and the warrior felt it was as if she were drawing all the cold from his body and taking it into her ownIt was the most unselfish act he had ever witnessed The first time when they sleep in the tent she kisses him and then later appologises for taking advantage of him looool When she is wounded in battle and has the fever she's hallucinating about Odisseus ahahaha that was the funniest part of the whole book loved it The first time she goes down for dinner and witneses the feeding as she calls it loooool When his horse breaks out of the stable and everyone panicking that he will run her over and figuring out that she tamed him hahahaha When he tells her he loves her and she only thanks him for it ehehe

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This classic medieval romance from New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood is a fan favorite a beautiful lady needs rescue from a knight in shining armor and gets an alpha warrior insteadIn the feuding English court gentle Lady Madelyne suffered the cruel wh. I have this memory of reading Honor's Splendour as a sixteen year old and I chuckle at how much I've changed from that sweet and innocent little flower I believed that once I found my true love I would want to warm his feet if he ever needed it Let's just say I love hubby but he'd have to pay me BIG BUCKS to touch let alone warm his feet I love him though so I'd buy him a pair of warm woolly socks ; LOVE this story Can't say I'm a huge fan of the narrator especially when she's performing the sexy times A little too husky sex line for meI will be back for Julie Garwood I'm sure she is after all one of the ueens of Historical RomanceI did plan to take a little longer to listen to this oneI forgot how much I LOVE this story and how funny it was I can't help but swoon when the big tough hero comes to realise that the temptress he kidnapped has the power to bring him to his knees Duncan and Madelyn's love story was one of the first romance books I read as a teenager Julie Garwood is still one of my favouritist historical romance authors and it broke my heart that she no longer writes them I like her contemporary romances I LOVE her historical romancesThe audio was good but the narrator's voice could get a little annoying sometimes I really love re readinglistening to my favourite historical romances and this will definitely be a regular step back in time for meI originally planned to take a little longer listening to this one but once I started I just couldn't stop I highly recommend this audioWhere's my gallant hero when I need himThis was a re read of one of my favourite Julie Garwood historical romancesWhenever I think of this story I always remember it for the beautiful beginning when the heroine warms the feet of the heroJulie Garwood's stories make me want to step back in time to meet a gallant hero who will lift me on to his horse tuck my head under his chin and protect me from all dangersThis story is about a woman who has lived a life of fear from her abusive brother Madelyn was sent away when she was younger to live with her elderly uncle who was a priest In this time she was taught to read and enjoyed wonderful stories about characters including Odysseus When she was forced to return to her brother she would remember the stories and retreat into her mind and imagine Odysseus would watch over her and protect her I think she wished to have her own OdysseusWhen Duncan the hero has his feet warmed by a lady trying to save him he was shocked to realise that she was the lady he planned to kidnap After Duncan's men attack the fortress he decides to keep Madelyn and take her home with himI don't want to give away the whole story so I'll say that this was the start of a connection that grew between them The story is filled with passion intrigue and excitement that kept me riveted from the beginning to the endThis is one of my favourite historical romances and Julie Garwood is a legend in this genre I think I will have to start including a weekly re read of some of my Favouritesmaybe The Secret will be next

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Honor's SplendourLife In his rough hewn castle Duncan proved true to his honor But when at last their noble passion conuered them both she surrendered with all her soul Now for love Madelyne would stand fastas bravely as her Lord the powerful Wolf who fought for Honor’s Splendour. 4 StarsOverall Opinion This was better than I thought it'd be I'm not sure why but I just wasn't expecting all that much for some reason I enjoyed the dialoguebanter the characters and their connection It was steamier than I was expecting for a HR too I think I need to read some from this author because I do enjoy her writing style If anyone has a recommendation for any of her works please send them my wayBrief Summary of the Storyline This is Madelyne and Duncan's story They meet when Madelyne chances her brother's fury when she saves Duncan from being held captive Duncan was planning all along to kidnap Madelyne to get revenge for her brother's crimes against his sister When they spend time together Madelyne is not what Duncan was expecting and he can't help but fall in love with her Madelyne is damaged from her brother's abuse so it takes a while for her to understand her own value to others but she uickly gains the loyalty of Duncan's people There are some suspenseful moments some sexy times and some funny and sweet scenesand they get a HEA endingPOV This alternated between focusing on Madelyne and Duncan in 3rd person narrativeOverall Pace of Story Good I never skimmed and I thought it flowed wellInstalove No they take a bit before they develop stronger feelingsH rating 45 stars Duncan I really liked him He was alpha but also didn't hesitate to show his affections and be sweet to the h when she needed ith rating 45 stars Madelyne I really liked her too She was smart sweet and super protective Sadness level Low no tissues neededPushPull Yes view spoilerThere are times when they both push away as well as pursue the relationship hide spoiler