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O reuire these things ˃˃˃ The ground breaking novel on the near death experience that unveils the roots to a global spirituality ˃˃˃ Gods and the names of God have changed in every era yet one dynamic remains constant the Light Scroll Up And Grab Your Copy Today Thank you to Judith T Lambert for providing me a copy of her book for an honest reviewI have to confess that I don’t usually read non fiction stories so I don’t really have a point of reference I can use as a comparison HOWEVER I was very impressed by Judith T Lambert’s writing Her journey to discover the truth behind the symbol of the Light had a conversational tone that made it easier and enjoyable to read And her revelations were very insightful Ever since I read her book I can’t help but find symbols of the Light in the world around meHighly recommend this book if you enjoy reading about other cultures and religions Lambert does an amazing job linking each religion to the concept of the Light and it’s obvious that she’s passionate about her work

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The LightA uest For Truth A modern woman has an extraordinary dream that seems like a near death experience This gives rise to a uest for truth Dissatisfied with answers at home she takes her search abroad and enters a labyrinth of fortunetellers religious scholars Sufi guides Won this in Goodreads Giveaway my first ever win thank you This was a mixed bag for me I liked the writing and found both the characters and their relationships well described and interesting and very honest and believable People came off as real people and was portrayed both from their 'good' and 'bad' sides and there was enough of a small learning curve for Jude the main character to keep it dynamic but without making it so steep that it seemed forced I would have loved to have dived much deeper into people and their relationships and growth and personal revelations and am only hoping this is something that will be central in future books by LambertThe 'plot' on the other hand I had a hard time connecting with The main character Jude searches for and finds symbols and talk about Light in the different religions she explores and is together with her friends astounded by this and that all religions and many great thinkers have this in common and that Light is the Godforce driving it all all religions simply a distorted and limited image of The One This to me is so basic so obvious already a well established and accepted Truth and only a small fraction of Truth at that that I simply have a really hard time to connecting with the OhMyGoshNess CoudlThisReallyBeTrue WhatControversy HowShocking of it all because that couldn't be further from my own experience To me it is in no way controversial and there is no shock factor to the fact that the Universe and everything in it is the creation of The One the Light and we are all particles of light journeying towards illumination Homebound on a journey of Exploration And just like all of us have Light and dark aspects to us some of one than the other and we all have beliefs that are aligned with Truth and some that are out of alignment with Truth so all religions are manmade interpretations of Truth that have been distorted through and fabricated by the human minds and belief systems Of course So there are gems to find just as there is crap to find in all religions in all humans in all of Life There are smaller and greater distortions there is all shades of Light and Darkness and everything in between to be found in the universe all a part of the same continuum all part of All That IsSo I cannot join in on the Aha'ness of it all and didn't like the plot but I still think the book was worth the read the best parts for me being the writing and character developments and descriptions

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The Light kindle ☆ Kindle Edition read ó helpyouantib Ò ➮ [Read] ➪ The Light By Judith T. Lambert ➺ – A uest For Truth A modern woman has an extraordinary dream that seems like a near death experience This gives rise to a uest for truth Dissatisfied with answers at homAnd spiritual archaeologists Propelled by what she discovers her journey continues to the foundation of religious unity ˃˃˃ Religion’s Common Denominator Is The Light God does not have a religionGod does not speak a languageGod does not have a cultureIt is we wh Amazing thought provoking and deeply influential