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PDF ✓ BOOK The Golem's Eye FREE à JONATHAN STROUD µ [EPUB] ✼ The Golem's Eye By Jonathan Stroud – Helpyouantib.co.uk Buku kedua seri trilogy BartimaeusKarier Nathaniel di pemerintahan terus meroket Tapi kelompok pemberontak Resistance terus melakukan pengrusakan di London Pekerjaan dan nyawa Nathaniel jJaan dan nyawa Nathaniel jadi terancam bukan hanya akibat aksi Kitty dan teman temannya tapi juga karena suatu kekuatan yang tak dikenal serta membingungkanNatha 45 starsThis series is getting better and better and I honestly have no real reason not to give it 5 stars except that I find it really hard to give 5 stars to children and middle grade books sorry XDJust please tell me what is better than a morally grey 13 year old boy with a djinni as a servant You can't can youIt's so fascinating to see this in a children's book I usually don't like morally grey characters because I can never see the reason behind their actions The idea to hurt people and use them even if life did really deal you a crappy hand never really entered my headBut to see this in a child it's really interestingI can't put it into words The difference between a grey character having a flashback to what happened to them to be this way and actually growing up with them till they become what they are is huge to meAnd the age makes all the difference too if it's a younger character I sympathize but if the character is of a certain age I really have a hard time seeing how certain events can lead them to be the way they become Especially when they blame others for what happened to them this always felt so childish to meBack to this series I've heard a couple of reviews mentioning how good of an ending this series has and I can't wait I sense there's a whole lot to Bartimaeus's character and I really want to see I really like himI like Nathaniel and Katty tooI don't really know what else to say it seems that all my thoughts scattered away the moment I clicked the I'm finished button XDThis really one of those books I would've loved to read and experience as a child it's not technically and underrated book but I can't believe it's not as hyped as other booksThis was a highly entertaining read and I recommend it

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Niel pun terpaksa melakukan misi berbahaya ke kota musuh Praha dan harus memanggil lagi jin menjengkelkan The Golem's Epubmisterius dan berlidah tajam Bartimaeus I really liked the first book in the series but this second one just doesn't match up I still admire the world building a magical system based on good old fashioned demon summoning and Bartimaeus himself is still a fun character to read But Nathaniel has become almost unbearable to read All the magicians in fact read like parodies of arrogant aristocrats It isn't entirely unjustified in this world but it sure isn't fun to read Sadly I didn't like the so called Resistance much Now I'm generally going to be in favor of a small group of dedicated revolutionaries fighting against extreme odds see Les Misérables but that is not this group They don't seem to be terribly interested in doing anything other than petty thefts of magical artifacts and minor vandalism which will do what exactly Also they were all pretty annoying too In fact the only character I liked at all was Bartimaeus but not nearly enough of the book was from his perspective I'm really disappointed because I do think the world building is generally very good and the first book was so strong

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The Golem's EyeBuku kedua seri trilogy BartimaeusKarier Nathaniel di pemerintahan terus meroket Tapi kelompok pemberontak Resistance terus melakukan pengrusakan di London Peker B 74% | More than Satisfactory Notes It could do with a elaborate mythology Improving on the first book it's still for a fantasy not terribly exciting