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What a Carve UpIf Charles Dickens and Agatha Christie had ever managed to collaborate they might have produced this shamelessly entertain One of the true joys in life in my opinion is the right to differ Few things can be compared to the feeling you get when you read a book or see a movie which everyone has been raving about and realize that it's utter crap I really wanted that to be the case with What A Carve Up although having read Coe in the past I knew there wasn't much chance for that It's one of those books that I feel there's not much point talking about No matter what I say about it you cannot grasp the true brilliance of Coe's masterpiece until you've read it No words can do it justice Political comedy an accusing point with the finger to the powers that be or a mystery novel Coe proves that sometimes there's absolutely no point in categorizing what's beyond categorization P S The chapter about Dorothy is one of the most traumatic brilliant and simply put perfect chapters in the history of literature while the symbolism of the ending had me just blankly staring at the page for what seemed like a very long time

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FREE MOBI è DOC What a Carve Up 9780140234213 é JONATHAN COE ¾ ➵ [Reading] ➷ What a Carve Up By Jonathan Coe ➪ – If Charles Dickens and Agatha Christie had ever managed to collaborate they might have produced this shamelessly entertaining novel which introduces reIng novel which introduces readers to what may be the most powerful family in England and is certainly the vilest A tour d What a Carve Up is so much than a political novel though it is certainly that The Winshaw peeps represent all that was wrong with the greed decade 1980s in Britain when people I cared for couldn’t get a job or proper medical treatment on the national health In spite of my disgust with those times I’m delighted by Coe’s absolutely horrid unabashedly over the top ‘baddies’ who represent what can go wrong when creeps rule Also a plus is the ever shifting narrative from first person to manuscript to newspaper article to third person etc Love itCoe draws a network of parallels between his narrative and the 1961 film What a Carve Up which is itself a spiffy parody of the horror film and the British cozy genres The author uses a tame bedroom scene from the movie to describe the sexual awakening of the protagonist Owen as a youth and in a separate part of the book Thomas Winshaw’s paraphilia But the connection to the film runs deeper The characters and situations Coe draws are at times as outlandish as those in the film A beastly upper crust family; the imposing dark mansion; an attractive sincere nurse; a grave family solicitor; a nutty spinster; tensions between social class; unreuited love; the reading of the will with ensuing murders; and certainly sexual repression – all these elements from the film are in this novel Suits me; the film’s been on my mental ‘like’ list for uite some time because it’s a homage to Christie’s Ten Little IndiansThere are yummy little illustrations of each Winshaw dotted throughout the book; each introduces the characters’ textual profiles As caricatures they are as cartoonish and farcical as Coe’s text Likewise they provide lots of information on who these people really are Stylistically they copy Tenniel and I believe that this is intentional because they effectively convey a type of demented whimsy that's found in Alice Through the Looking Glass I hope these sketches are in all editionsThe message is fairly straightforward Greed is bad and can ruin people’s lives Got it But for me what saves this book from being boringly preachy are mainly two things The FionaOwen storyline harkens to Orpheus' loss of Eurydice a major sniffle moment Much of the sexuality in the book is insulated dreamlike and voyeuristic Let’s face it – a healthy well adjusted existence is preferred by most in real life but makes for poor copy The film’s bedroom scene presented through a mirror; Owen’s titillation via the lens of countless video tapes; Joan’s slumber observed; the deliciously icky Thomas all these remind me of the pathos and terrible conseuences of an Orphean gaze and the impotence of fear and greedThe novel’s other saving grace and great strength is humor I wonder Would I like this book as much if I didn’t agree with the author’s politics as presented in the text How much does this matter to me I dunno But it’s been a long time since a novel has made me laugh right out loud the way this one has I startled the cat on several occasions with my guffaws This is truly the author’s gift because it’s those funny shiny moments in the novel that remind me how hilarity makes life worth living no matter who’s running the country Now I will never see a Maraschino cherry as just a Maraschino cherry I am very happy to have read this book

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E force of menace malicious comedy and torrential social bile this book marks the American debut of an extraordinary write This book is absolutely wonderful I'd read it before a few years ago and was itching to get my hands on it again I'm not sure exactly why it's so great fantastic characterisation a hugely twisting and turning plot hilariously funny consistently surprisingit has it allMicheal Owen is an out of luck writer who was commissioned to write a history of the Winshaw Family a hugely rich and hugely powerful family who between them manage to carve up pretty much every influential sphere of British life Forever cutting corners and trampling on the common man they are a hideous bunch of people and the Micheal learns about them the he starts to blame them for the failings in his own life When the numerous threads of this wonderful story come together at the end it's unput downable Go read