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Lookout author John Steffler review · 103 ä ❰Reading❯ ➿ Lookout Author John Steffler – Helpyouantib.co.uk The first collection of new poems in than a decade from one of Canada’s most respected poets The poems in John Steffler’s new collection are enlivened by the same muscular acts of attention that The firsYsical existence they are charged with the raw Eros of being Nowhere is there a complete nature poet attuned robust honest fully informal and emotionally candid brimming with energy and animal spirits Many of the poems in Lookout explore and evoke specific landscapes the limestone barrens of Newfoundland the Blomidon and Lewis Hills the Greek. John Steffler's latest collection Lookout is largely focused on and based in natural settings paying tribute to nature wrestling with both the enormity and the fragility of nature nature unto itself and nature as it affects and is affected by human presence and interference This is not your grandmother's nature poetry though it dispenses with sanctimony and is not afraid of irreverence or even violence Many poems in this collection sweep the reader through breathtaking transitions from rugged physicality and earthiness to emotional delicacy frailty and ephemeralityFormer Canadian national poet laureate Steffler's poems are not just acutely observant but fully physically engaged In fact many of his poems uite literally meld body and landscape in startling sometimes macabre imaginative seuencesIronically the most moving central seuence in Lookout actually comes indoors to focus on a narrator's wistful time with his ailing parents which is simply and poignantly interspersed with memories from their youth and young adulthoodAlong with the recent past the worriesand duties that kept her fixing and pleasingare gone Calmly she orders him to openthe curtains find her slippers fetchher a small dish of strawberry ice creamHe jokes that he has to serve her smartlythese days and she answers flatly that she'sdone a lot of serving over the years Withoutapology she indulges her pleasures and heis doting and patient almost eually changed and later As I leave she hugs me andcries like a child I have neverseen her like this I say I'llbe back in the early fall and shenods as she goes on sobbing notbothering to dry her faceUpon that sad departure it's as if the same narrator immediately cathartically leaps back into the natural world in the next seuence Outside as if that is where he personally and all of us can ultimately find solaceLookout is a worthy contender for the Griffin Poetry Prize for which it is nominated this spring Steffler offers a poetry clinic in his mastery of a range of voices and forms with none of the sterility that a clinic or lessons or examples would suggest From the rocks and elements to the creatures navigating them Steffler's poems are living breathing evocative beings

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Islands Others dwell on personal relationships lover pregnant daughter and a touching finely tuned seuence on a family coping with a mother’s Alzheimer’s There is also a wonderful set of meditations on photographs from the archives in Newfoundland Canadian literature is blessed – and animated – by John Steffler’s contributions to i. After nearly three decades in Newfoundland Ontario born John Steffler has acuired the status of familiar come from awayThis confers some advantages on a writer with a naturalist's eye and a poet's predilection for re examining official histories all of which is amply demonstrated in Lookout McClelland Stewart 112 pages 19Forest drawn into this chewing mouth comes out in paper smoke sludge paycheues houses lovers mittens photos classrooms crackups breakups poems single men sitting in carsThough this is his seventh collection Steffler is very clearly still thinking and feeling his work forward As such poems about remote corners of Newfoundland make way for those about his mother's Alzheimer's themselves followed by poems about the impact of heavy industry on nature and on communitiesAt 112 pages Lookout is hefty but is one of the few recent collections that seems to earn every single extra pageFrom my poetry column in the March 27 2010 edition of the Winnipeg Free Press books section

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Lookout author John StefflThe first collection of new poems in than a decade from one of Canada’s most respected poets The poems in John Steffler’s new collection are enlivened by the same muscular acts of attention that characterize his earlier books As always his poems inhabit experience fully senses on high alert transmitting the abundance and turbulence of ph. An interesting book by a recognized Canadian poet that focuses on nature remembrance history I enjoy John Steffler's writing but found it fulfilling to read a couple of poems at a time over a longer period He describes many scenes plants the commingling of humans and the natural world and such is the detail hat I wanted to pay attention to it all but it uickly became a slog as with paintings or many things that focus on nature less says I find one of Steffler's strongest skills to be integrating a human concept into a nature scene not lessening the nature but increasing its meaning with a relatability It is clear that the author has a certain devotion for all that he writes about he enters nature's deeper spaces for his pleasure and writing of them increases or solidifies that pleasure My favourites Barrens WillowWind Shadow L'Anse aux MeadowsNotes on Burnt CapeLocationWarm Shallow Sea There Is No One to BlameBloodroot ONCE this whole section looks at Steffler and his parents on a visit to them after they have begun to lose memory and both hold tight to and allow a release of their pasts One of my favourite parts of the book Collecting Bay of IslandsUplandsUnder Mad Dog LakeIn the WinterKiparissiaTomb of Clytemnestra Postcard Cement PlantBuilding the Paper MillPostcard Paper MachineSelf Portrait Serpentine Valley