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Le saw him as the exemplar of their own knightly idealsBut Saladin is far than a historical hero Builder literary patron and theologian he is a man for all times and a symbol of hope for an Arab world once again divided Centuries after his death in cities from Damascus to Cairo and beyond to the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf Saladin continues to be an immensely potent symbol of religious and military resistance to the West He is central to Arab mem Good book I love how it tells the story from the Islamic point of view not the Western European one You get a whole new feeling for the Crusades The author John Man states on the first page that the Europeans are the bad guys in this story they murdered pillaged destroyed Saladin is the good guy He was wise virtuous and generous If you don't like that then don't read this book LOVE IT More authors should do that John Man is a great story teller He's not about a dry retelling of facts He makes it lively and interesting Several times he tells the reader two or three different versions of the same story that exist and lets them decideThe book tells the story of Salah al din Saladin the 12th century Islamic leader who rose to try to unify Islam and take all the holy lands back from the Europeans He mostly did this Man points out There was still the Frankish castle holding out at Acre and he unified Islamic peoples under his version of Sunni Islam Iranian Shiites probably are not uite so fond of Saladin Man concludes the book with an analysis of Saladin's leadership style as well as his standing in history until now Interestingly enough Saladin is probably widely praised in Western cultures than Islamic ones they really forgot about him for 500 years Recommended reading

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Saladin Author John MOries sensibilities and the ideal of a unified Islamic stateIn this authoritative biography historian John Man brings Saladin and his world to life in vivid detail Charting his rise to power his struggle to unify the warring factions of his faith and his battles to retake Jerusalem and expel Christian influence from Arab lands Saladin explores the life and the enduring legacy of this champion of Islam and examines his significance for the world toda Before I began reading this book I made a stereotyped prejudiced assumption of what it would be like based on the author and his background I judged a book by its cover and unfortunately I was rightI certainly enjoyed the act of reading this book but that doesn't make it a good balanced piece of historical literature John Man is undoubtedly talented in constructing a gripping fast paced narrative story but I can't really find anything to praise This is clearly written for the high street reader who won't pause to uestion it and its many flawsThe author seems to suffer from a peculiar inability to restrain his sarcasm and wit which is a fun trait to have generally but it doesn't do you any favours when writing a book that is supposed to be well researched reasonable and well consideredThere is a constant air of superiority felt from the author who projecting his modern and subjective value system into the past neglects a basic understanding of vital context Seriously I'm not joking when I say you could read this entire book and not even realise that Salahuddin was a deeply religious man for example It's a typical secular reading of history cynical in its conclusions with an almost neo orientalist feel to itMan tries to analyse Salahuddin as a personality but fails to realise that in an analysis you are supposed to first review evidence and then derive a conclusion rather than the other way around not conjure up a dramatic imagined story and then retrospectively try to bolt on evidence to it Evidence which unfortunately is almost not referenced in this work at allIf this discreet kind of agenda setting isn't enough really you kinda begin to wonder what's your point then the final two chapters will finish the half done job of utterly confusing the reader John Man decides that he's now a self help author and goes about deconstructing Salahuddin so we can learn leadership lessons from him A doomed exercise considering Man never seemed to have understood the great man in the first place

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Download Saladin Author John Man Book à 320 pages Å Helpyouantib ì [Ebook] ➤ Saladin By John Man – Saladin remains one of the most iconic figures of his age As the man who united the Arabs and saved Islam from Christian crusaders in the 12th century he is the Islamic worldSaladin remains one of the most iconic figures of his age As the man who united the Arabs and saved Islam from Christian crusaders in the th century he is the Islamic world’s preeminent hero Ruthless in defence of his faith brilliant in leadership he also possessed ualities that won admiration from his Christian foes He knew the limits of violence showing such tolerance and generosity that many Europeans appalled at the brutality of their own peop This is a relatively short biography of a true hero of the Muslim culture Saladin As such it is a history that westerners are relatively or completely unfamiliar with The book covers roughly the period of Middle East history during the Second and Third Crusades in which Saladin rises from obscurity to unifier of a major portion of the then Muslim world Saladin is truly a historic personage worth learning about as he exemplifies ualities that we westerners would like to think are possessed by our historic heroes While the history is well written and engaging it is a bit thin in my thinking considering Saladin's accomplishments and the obstacles he faced within his own culture That he was able to do any of the things he did in the face of the Shia and Sunni animosity that still exists today and he Saladin being a mere Kurd on top of it is uite remarkable The brevity of the biography may be due the lack of resource material available for this man As the author admits there is virtually nothing known about Saladin's childhood and it is only because of his leadership positions that he is known at all And while he was revered in life he was soon forgotten after his death He is known today only because of a renewed interest in his life that began toward the end of the 19th century as a propaganda symbol of the Ottoman Emperor and those trying to win favor with the emperor However as Saladin's death is reported in this book there are still two chapters and nearly 40 pages of text remaining I expected to be treated to a description of the post Saladin scramble for power and the intrigues usually associated with a power vacuum Unfortunately that id not happen What you get is a chapter discussing leadership its definition and its attributes and whether they applied to Saladin The next chapter was the influence or lack of influence of Saladin in present day Middle East affairs Such discussions were certainly not expected Neither chapter was badly written or without merit but I uestion their value in a biography and maybe they should have been better placed in a scholarly paper rather than in this book Nevertheless not a bad book but I would have like substance meat The book did leave me wanting so maybe that's not a bad thing