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Pleasant Hell Download ó 108 ñ ❮KINDLE❯ ✽ Pleasant Hell Author John Dolan – You'll laugh You'll cry You'll feel angry ecstatic scared sad enlightened You will feel the disturbingly awesome terrible glory of life There is nothing fascinating than a desperate yearning misanthro You'll laugh You'll cry You'll You'll laugh You'll cry You'll feel angry ecstatic scared sad enlightened You will feel the disturbingly awesome terrible glo. No the man's a homeless idiotI pray God he's an idiot Dr Frederick Treves explaining John Merrick to his peers in The Elephant ManDolan lends an authentic voice to the futile position of one who's been marked for exclusion from the tribe with the stink of the outsider He carves away at the patronizing nihilism of the cool and politically correct that scooping all its chips from the table frowns and compliments one's nice try He wastes no time garroting the crypto Christian pretension that everything somehow balances out in the endAs the author of several poetry books and a shameless nerd that's not true he seems full of shame he deliberately lapses into flowery distracting prose and verse one could easily imagine being delivered with the moist eighth grade lisp of a veteran dungeon master This is especially true when he turns to the two topics most dear to this period he describes the beautiful and stifling amber vistas of California and the inscrutable hippie girls he fawns helplessly after to comically tragic effectThere is no happy ending here just an agonizing and oddly entertaining account of the author's realization of his position in the pecking order A tiring protracted scream out the window of a boring suburban house immediately absorbing into the picturesue indifference of Northern California

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Ry of life There is nothing fascinating than a desperate yearning misanthropic humanist For when he's done with you in the pu. 'There aint no justice' An apt saying when one sees the adulation Karl Ove Knausgaard receives for books that are nowhere near a patch on the magnificent 'Pleasant Hell' by John Dolan about the trials and tribulations of a swotty nerd growing up in a San Francisco commuter suburb in the late 1960's to early 1970'sJohn Dolan an Irish American raised in the hot desert sun seemed to be a man who was born in the wrong place if not the wrong time Dolan was at the epicentre of the The 'Flower Power' movement which was in full force and Dolan was in love with the hippy girls who if they cared to admit it or not were top of the tree in the hierarchy of the food chain picking out their less than savoury counterparts instead of Dolan this book is submerged in beautiful humourous pathos as the battle for social acceptance trundles from school into university and into the world of work his story of a night shift security guard being one of the many laugh out loud moments of the bookThe story has a happy ending Dolan escaped the Pleasant Hell that entraps so many and went onto live a life interesting and rewarding than most of his contemporaries could ever dream of But the fact remains that John Dolan just made a bad Californian he would have made a far better Mancunian Glaswegian or Sydneysider however if he had been born Norwegian no one would have heard of Karl Ove Knausgaard today

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Pleasant HellRgatory of Pleasant Hell you'll feel braver wiser alive and cleaner than you've ever been None of which of course he intended. Nerd lit par excellence Also the autobiography disguised as novel Nerds don't exist in popular culture like this They are goofy but lovable Geeky but cute Good looking but wear glasses Are socially inept but get the girl John is none of these things John is painful to read about This is cringe literature Fun and frustrating to read Also one of the most mesmerising novels I have ever read and the greatest tragedy is how tiny the number of people who will read this novel is going to be This deserves to be huge Read it read it read it