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„And now for something completely different“„Am Augustbombardierten deutsche Flugzeuge meinen Heimatort Weston super Mare Die meisten Einwohner waren überzeugt es müsse sich dabei um einen Irrtum handeln Schließlich waren die Deutschen ein für seine Effizienz berühmtes Volk warum also sollten sie absolut einwandfreie Bomben auf Weston werfen wo es nichts gab was annähernd so wertvoll war wie eine deutsche Bombe“ 35 ⭐'s

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So Anyway The AutobiographyEist Ausgeburten typischer Mittelschichtsneurosen sind aus dem Satirekosmos nicht wegzudenken demonstrierte der Erfolg der Tournee Monty Python Live Mostly die innerhalb von Sekunden ausverkauft war und in Kinosälen weltweit gezeigt wurde einmal mehr dass John Cleese eine Ikone istWo war ich noch mal erzählt auf unerreicht komische Weise seinen Lebensweg vom schüchternen englischen Schlaks zum gefeierten internationalen St Boy did this one suck to reviewTo clear the air I should start by saying I love everything Python And in interviews about the book Cleese always came off as kind and as witty as everSo I expected to find of that inside the book I assumed this was reasonable reuestLuckily I was also aware that John Cleese has been known to be difficult at times and as it turns out this is the Cleese I should have been expectingThis is the Cleese who seems to enjoy nothing than spending his time complaining about people This seems odd for a comedian and is very off putting to read since so many of these people are either in no position to respond read probably dead or people he worked with for many years and shouldn't be so dismissive of It is especially odd given how much John harps on how his Englishness prevents him from doing soIt was also jarring how often he attempted to apply his understanding of psychology to many unnecessary situations He will throw out the name of a book he has read comment on how something is a Freudian penis or just say what one of his many docs have thought about an event in his life In the end they just really felt forced and didn't contribute to the bookThis doesn't mean that the entire book was a flop and there were many enjoyable parts its just that all this detracted so much from the restIt is sad to say but I feel let down by one of the ministry's top officials

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Epub Ä So Anyway The Autobiography ó 480 pages ï Helpyouantib é ➳ [Read] ➮ So Anyway The Autobiography By John Cleese ➾ – Helpyouantib.co.uk „And now for something completely different“„Am 14 August 1940 bombardierten deutsche Flugzeuge meinen Heimatort Weston superSo beginnt John Cleese seine Autobiografie Wo war ich noch So Anyway ePUB #10003 malCleese war früh klar dass aus ihm einmal ein ganz Großer werden würde – schließlich maß er mit zwölf Jahren bereits über Meter Nach ersten traumatischen Bühnenerfahrungen im Schultheater feierte er bald erste Erfolge im Londoner West End seiner Begegnung mit Graham Chapman verdankt die Welt das Phänomen Monty Python Seine Figuren m I expected a book about Monty Python member John Cleese to be a wacky non linear story of life sketches linked together by loony intervals “That’s a link” Instead it was wonderful remembrances starting with his childhood and ending at Monty Python Of note if you are a Python fan you only get the last two chapters about the actual writing and performing of the show and the 2014 Reunion shows However along the way you learn the genesis of classics like the cheese shop and dead parrot sketches and how he met the other Python members His brilliant follow up series Fawlty Towers is mentioned to a lesser degree unfortunatelyFirst and foremost John Cleese is a writer Originally he went to Cambridge to be a lawyer joining Footlights at the school to write and perform where he met medical student Graham Chapman This led to writing gigs for the BBC where he wrote for David Frost and worked with the likes of Marty Feldman and the two Ronnies Interestingly when David Frost gave Graham and John a show of their own they insisted Marty Feldman appear in front of the camera as well as write David Frost felt him too funny looking At first they had to work with Marty patiently on his lines until he got comfortable in front of the camera A star was born John also wrote for and worked with the world’s leading comedy actor at the time Peter SellersSo anywayJohn Cleese is witty intelligent and self deprecating making his book a wonderful read As an added bonus if you leave the book right side up on your nightstand his eyes will follow you around the room