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Endlessly proliferating trains of ideas that a word or phrase sets into motion The poem has been transformed often into something rich and strange but the strangeness is that of thought being opened up like a geode to reveal unexpected facets of meaning Ashbery jams together faux philosophy common speech and some cool images in such a way as to create his own very distinct narratives Some prose poems here and a lot of typical free verse that blends together You could take any title then jump around the book for an arbitrary length of time reading lines here and there and you would have a poem as good as any in the book Not that that's bad but it does show how experiments like this sacrifice a certain specificity which can create a greater impact on the reader Dean Young is the same way a lot of the time and these poems have a flow similar to his

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Chinese Whispers PoemsAccording to a Victorian volume called Drawing Room Amusements in the game of Chinese Whispers participants are arranged in a circle and the first player whispers a story or message to Chinese Whispers Kindle the next player and so on round the circle Algunos poemas realmente te flashean me gustaría copiar el ue más me gustó pero es muy largo termina así You shouldn't make such noises and not mean them There'll come a day when we'll live off noise but for now the suare forecourt is overgrown I've loved some things in my time cast others aside let others fall by the wayside The feast such as we now reap it is heavy indistinct Their voices blur They could croon Each to the other thinks It's gone But rotten Days will go on turning themselves inside out for us and trees warble for us but not often and not very well también me gustaría hacer una reseña pero no puedo Son poemas medio sin sentido pero a la vez de repente algo vas captando de repente te perdés al final te uedan imágenes y sensaciones familiares es muy cercano en un punto Tiene humor además eso siempre me gusta Como todo lo ue apela al sin sentido se puede volver denso y algunos poemas la verdad me resultaron más bien meh

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read Chinese Whispers Poems kindle ☆ Paperback × helpyouantib Û ✾ Chinese Whispers Poems kindle Epub ❂ Author John Ashbery – According to a Victorian volume called Drawing Room Amusements 1879 in the game of Chinese Whispers participants are arranged in a circle and tThe original story is then compared with the final version which has often changed beyond recognition In John Ashbery's latest collection the verbal nucleus that is the incitement toward a poem undergoes changes caused not by careless listening but by The trees the barren trees have been described than onceAlways they are taller it seems and the river passes them without noticing We too are tallerour ceilings higher out walls tinctured with telling frescoes our dooryards both airier and vagueraccording as time passes and weaves its minute deceptions in and outa secret threadPeace is a full stopAnd though we had some chance of slipping past the blockadenow only time will consent to have anything to do with usfor what purposes we do not know