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DOWNLOAD Enkelten verta õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë ❮Read❯ ➯ Enkelten verta Author Johanna Sinisalo – Albert Einsteinin väitetään sanoneen että mikäli mehiläiset häviäisivät maailmasta ihmislajilla olisi nelisen vuotta elinaikaa jäljelläOn 2010 luvun jälkipuolisko EnnennHoitaja Orvo löytää tarhastaan tyhjän pesän Onko Euroopan ja ehkä koko ihmiskunnan lähtölaskenta alkanutOrvon elämällä on tähän asti ollut kaksi keskipistettä mehiläispesät ja hänen poikansa Eero Kun Orvon elämän perustukset romahtavat hän joutuu huomaamaan mit. In The Blood of Angels Johanna Sinisalo has returned to the themes of her previous novel Birdbrain the thoughtless use and abuse of the ecosystem by humans intent on their own needs disharmony among humans and between humans and nature and the idea of a consciousness in nature that responds to the damage wrought on itIn The Blood of Angels Sinisalo focuses on bees and the mystery of Colony Collapse Disorder which in this near future world has become Colony Collapse Catastrophe CCC the sudden disappearance of the worker population of a major proportion of the industrialised world's hives each abandoned hive leaving behind only a few immature bees and a dead or dying ueen The loss of so many bees particularly in North America has resulted in food crisis as plant crops dependent on bees for pollination are dying out and meat reliant on plant feeds for its continued production is becoming a rare and expensive food Parts of Europe including Finland where the novel is set and most of Africa and Asia are not yet as hard hit by CCC but there are signs that trouble is comingAgainst this background the novel is structured around four generations of a family Pupa the beekeeper the protagonist's grandfather is seen only in remembrance and Ari his son the industrialist beef producer only in a few scenes The novel belongs to Orvo and his son Eero both of whom are shaped by their relations to their fathers and grandfathers and the relations of those men to the natural worldOrvo is a funeral director by trade but his heart is in the bee colonies he inherited from his grandfather Eero is a student and ecological activist one of the key members in the Animalist Revolutionary Army ARA whose main focus is animal rights He blogs about animal rights and selection from his blog many of them dealing with on the one hand the role of bees in the ecology and the importance of CCC and on the other the corrupt and cruel practices of factory farming of animalsWhen CCC strikes in one of Orvo's hives and tragedy occurs during an ARA action at Ari's Hopevale Meats factory Orvo discovers what may lie behind the disappearance of the bees and a multitude of ancient myths linking bees the gods and the souls of menA stark tale of family tragedy an ecological activist's primer a narrative of a slow apocalypse of human making an indictment of man's inability to think beyond his own needs and desires an examination of death and and the potentials for rebirth this novel functions on many levels and exuisitely so

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Albert Einsteinin väitetään sanoneen että mikäli mehiläiset häviäisivät maailmasta ihmislajilla olisi nelisen vuotta elinaikaa jäljelläOn luvun jälkipuolisko Ennennäkemättömän laaja ja tuhoisa mehiläisten joukkokatoaminen ravistelee Yhdysvaltoja Suomessa mehiläis. 35 Eco dystopia from Finland about a world in crisis from the collapse of bee populations as may not be apparent from the title The book turned out not to have much of what I look for in a cli fi story adventure and roaming about plus freuent news bulletins about parts of the world far away from the characters as the narrator a middle aged amateur beekeeper named Orvo never goes far from home; and it's fairly reflective because for most of the few days the story covers he is grieving However I was so interested in the topic and the subplot of a portal to a beautiful pristine world without humans naturally found in the wall of that site magical in several Northern European folk traditions the household sauna and found the narrator interesting and likeable that the lack of much action before the last 10% didn't really matter Orvo was not at all blokeish but initial doubts about whether he was convincing were offset via further insight into his personality and history that made sense of him eg as combination of conscientious Nordic dad type as seen on TV plus grey Ademisexual in so far as I understand those whilst being neither The Blood of Angels was also a great deal better than another Finnish cli fi novel I've read The Healer both in plot and writing The style is mostly simple and functional; in this sort of of book all I ask is that the writing is not noticeable and communicates well because it's never distracting by being bad At times it's also heightened lyrical and arguably uite moving especially when describing the other world The perhaps too freuent subchapters containing blog posts by Orvo's animal rights activist son Eero were likewise convincing because although basically well written they weren't uite as good as the rest of the narrative and contained the sort of topic leaps and early draft feeling found in many nonetheless intelligent blogs and posts on sites like Goodreads; I recognised something of myself in the style although not to the point of cringing Eero's interests story mean that vegetarians vegans and those sympathetic to eating less meat will probably warm to this book than proud carnivores even if many won't agree with all his actions The family structure including four generations of men with contrasting professions and personalities was perhaps a little too neat including Orvo's late grandfather the uiet wise old time beekeeper his son Ari the Americanised meat farming entrepreneur and Orvo himself a funeral director with a modern sensitive tech aware business but too much gravitas to be actually hip very Nordic It meant that significant characters outside the family were barely reuired but it all worked pretty well As said I'd have welcomed 'news' about other parts of the world the main thing is that the USA is beginning to collapse as it experiences food shortages but there's a lot of other good info in the book about bees as creatures and their history in folktales around the world Not an action packed adventure but if you're interested in the scenario anyway certainly worth a look Rounded up to 4 stars for no reason than I liked it

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Enkelten vertaEn vähän hän on itse asiassa tiennyt pojastaan tämän salaisesta elämästä internetissä ja sen ulkopuolella Ja Eeron ja mehiläisten kohtalot linkittyvät odottamattomilla tavoilla yhteenOrvo ottaa epätoivoisen askeleen Jonnekin mihin vain hän ja mehiläiset tuntevat tien. I managed to finish this book in something like 6 hours That just shows how much I like Sinisalo's writing style and admittedly how short the book was I enjoyed this immensely like all the books of hers I've read yes I am a lil' fangirl and not afraid to admit to it but for the first time I did feel like it was a tad preachy Then again it was used in a way that I did found believable in a blog inside the book and in comments to said blog This made it feel less like preaching and like one way of perceiving things although the things stated in there were at least mostly true I guess I am still too much of a meat eater to enjoy reminders of how the world actually works but still too much of a yay let's be nice to everything hippie to let Sinisalo get away with all these details without descending into an ape like rage over trying to make an impact on my choices when I'm food shopping Nevertheless I'm uite happy that I've planned only vegetarian food for the next few daysFor a piece of fiction it did made me think than I would've thought The last time I felt like this I had just read Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals which I really enjoyed too although that one was clearly written by someone who usually writes fiction too I guess that is what keeps drawing me to Sinisalo really the way she manages to make me think about the world around me and how I might have an effect on it with the most trivial of choices And it doesn't even take her a whole novel to do that a short story can do the same thingAnd now reminder that I'm seriously a fan girl if you are not I'm not sure you would enjoy this book as much as I did Actually I'm uite sure you won't especially if you think that meat is a part of every meal If you think bacon is the best thing in the world and Sinisalo is over hyped don't even touch this book you'll hate it I personally loved it although bacon is uite good