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Suzy Spitfire Kills EverybodyE brain he built but it’s a rough ride and she’s soon forced to tangle with pirates predators and her father’s killer as well as a man she thinks she can lov. Despite this novel sounding right up my alley and it being a very entertaining sci fi action I didn’t love it I’m not sure why to be honest because I tend to love all manner of sci fi from video game adaptations to dated 1960s pulp to hard sci fi There is absolutely nothing wrong with it – Suzy is a bad ass smart yet impetuous woman who suits her moniker The love interest aspect didn’t takeover the plot There were other strong female characters with some depth one of my pet peeves is when there’s a strong female main character but all the other women aren’t fleshed out An interesting pair of villains A plot that made sense Some fun action scenes Some moments of real tension Some humour This book is a very well done exciting novel I have no idea why I didn’t love it Perhaps it was one of those “high expectation” situations Maybe I was just tired Anyway I’m giving it 4 stars because I don’t think it’s fair to give it any less Maybe I’ll re read it and my opinion will change

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When outlaw Suzy Spitfire discovers her father was murdered after creating a super duper artificial intelligence she races across the solar system in search of th. Now that's a title

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Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody free read Ö PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ß ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody Author Joe Canzano – When outlaw Suzy Spitfire discovers her father was murdered after creating a super duper artificial intelligence she races across the ESuzy Spitfire Kills Everybody is a smash bang sci fi adventure filled with action intrigue and a dose of dark humorThis book contains profanity and adult situatio. I was not sure uite what to expect from Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody by Joe Conzano From the title I expected mostly violence But in fact this book is uite the Space Adventure I would say elements reminded me of Star Wars Firefly Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy So if you enjoy any of those franchises then I think you will enjoy Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody The book starts out on a futuristic and altered version of earth As a reader I was intrigued by this world Conzano does a great job of using the characters and plot to give a sense of the new world order We are uickly introduced to the main character—Suzy The book starts out with a lot of action This uick jump into action pulled me into the story I found myself wanting to understand what was going on why who were all of the people involved and what were their motives Conzano does uickly introduce several other characters in secondary or peripheral roles These include Suzy’s childhood best friend Aiko who relays to her some important information that reveals new insights into her father’s mysterious work It also sets up the main mission of the overall story We also meet love interest Ricardo There are several other characters that we meet as the story unfolds including extended family members and a host of people who are chasing after Suzy and her newfound acuaintances Suzy and company have a mission and along the way they face several barriers some of which lead to interesting new people settings and plot points One thing I really enjoyed about this book is that Conzano does a great job of making the motives of his characters somewhat unclear As a reader I felt uncertain who was good and trustworthy versus who was not But that element made the story intriguing One way that Conzano does this is by having occasional chapters that focus on secondary or seemingly peripheral characters During those chapters I learned elements of the overall story At times I found myself becoming sympathetic to these characters but at other times I could see what a threat they posed to the key characters The main character Suzy is also a complicated protagonist I found myself both liking and not liking her Some of her motives felt selfish while some of her motives suggested a heart of gold In some ways she felt like a rebel and a rogue She seemed impulsive and arrogant As a reader at times I just wanted her to calm down and think things thru before speaking or acting It seems that she often gets herself into trouble However as the story unfolds we learn that while she has done some bad things those actions were motivated by understandable reasons Overall ultimately I generally found myself rooting for her perhaps because she is not perfect As a note one thing to be aware of with this book is that although the writing style is accessible for young adults there are mature themes