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My Sister's Keeper review ¶ 103 Ò [Reading] ➶ My Sister's Keeper By Jodi Picoult – Anna is not sick but she might as well be By age thirteen she has undergone countless surgeries transfusions and shots so that her older sister Kate can somehow fight the leukemia that has plagued her Anna is not sick but she might as Anna is not sick but she might as well be By age thirteen she has undergone countless surgeries transfusions and shots so that her older sister Kate can somehow fight the leukemia that My Sister's PDFEPUB or has plagued her since childhood Anna was conceived as a bone marrow match for Kate a life and a role that she has. As I said before I'm still reading this book but I'm not sure why My mom lent me the book and she loved it everyone tells me they loved it and I'm sort of hating it while I read I just want to finish it and move on Maybe I'll change my tune when it's overWell I hate it less but I'm still not in love with it I think I know the problem though It's Jodi Picoult My mom loves her my sister loves her everyone I know loves her and I can't stand her She just writes in this odd way that gets on my nerves What drove me nuts reading this one was the way that every chapter almost every paragraph either ended with some sort of cliché or some profound statement that was supposed to be so meaningful She made not so subtle comparisons to the stars and the lonely people on earth to a fire and a disease a firefighter and a mother who wants to save her dying daughter Gag I couldn't take it But I know it's just me and that other people are going to love this story I thought I knew how it was going to end but when it ended differently that I expected my thought was Oh yeah I should have figured that one out Much sappier than my predictionIt's terrible my Picoult aversion I have the same feelings toward Alice Hoffman and Anita Shreve I once found an Anita Shreve book in the basement of the house I moved into crammed under the oil tank Never one to pass up a book I gave it a read got two chapters in and wanted to throw it back under the oil tank myself I think these authors try too hard and that's what irritates meBut don't let me stop you Go ahead swallow your sentimental nausea put on your cliché repellant and I'm sure you'll enjoy the story of a family in turmoil told in the fashion I usually enjoy where each chapter is from a different character's perspective Just don't say I didn't warn you

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Never uestioned until now Like most teenagers Anna is beginning to ask herself who she truly is But unlike most teenagers she has always been defined in terms of her sister and so Anna makes a decision that for most would be unthinkable a decision that will tear her family apart and perhaps have fatal conseuences for t. This was a horrible read Premise Great Should be really interesting Execution TerribleEnding Basically the worst ending I've ever read in anything Ever Wish I wish someone had spoken up after the first read and called out the author on some of the really bad plot devices and decisions in this book Just like someone should have stopped George Lucas before Episodes 1 3 This could have been good really good But it just wasn't

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My Sister's KeeperHe sister she lovesTold from multiple points of view My Sister's Keeper examines what it means to be a good parent a good sister a good person Is it morally correct to do whatever it takes to save a child's lifeeven if that means infringing upon the rights of another Should you follow your own heart or let others lead y. Anyone who has a kid has probably at one point or another battled with them at bedtime That's what I do every night There is much yelling crying begging and pleading It's horribleKid #3 is out like a light so she's not part of the problem Kid #2 puts up a good fight whining and tantrum throwing but eventually she succumbs to her sleepiness Kid #1 however well she's another story altogether At night she's afraid of everything and feels that if she sleeps something will get her But she's not invincible she has to sleep sometime So after being assured that she's safe she'll lay down and relax this can only happen in the master bedroom because in her mind the master bedroom is safe from everything Once she's been lulled into blissful unconsciousness either me or my husband will move her to her room Typically this goes off without a hitch But every once in a great while she wakes up and totally freaks out because she realizes she was tricked By her own parents no less She feels betrayed She doesn't believe us when we swear that we won't move her again because we will and she knows it And so because of her her general mistrust her fear of everything not to mention all the sobbing she is awake for another couple of hours at least The whole situation is very dramatic and it totally sucks How does this relate to My Sister's Keeper It doesn't not exactly but I do have a point Let me explain I spent years avoiding Jody Picoult's books like the plague They frightened me I don't know why Perhaps it's the fact that every woman over thirty can't stop raving about Jody Picoult books which means they're probably not my 'cuppa tea' It may even have something to do with the fact that the woman has the ability to crank these insanely thick books out like she's some sort of writing machine from hell I don't know it just doesn't seem natural Besides no author is capable of writing so fast At least no good author can do such a thing amiriteBut finally after being assured that Jody is actually uite talented that her books are intriguing and worthwhile I relented and picked up Nineteen Minutes And you know what It wasn't horrible Actually I kind of liked it Alright I admit it I liked it a lot It wasn't the best book ever but it was the sort of book that makes you think stays with you after you're finished reading it shrugs I happen to like that sort of thing So I immediately picked up My Sister's Keeper And I liked it too In fact I was only half way through the book when I was positive I'd be giving it four stars Sure the sub plot about the lawyer and the child advocate falling in love was incredibly stupid but could I blame Jody for throwing it in No I'm sure her target audience expects that sort of thing to be in every book they ever read So I was willing to forgive it I even forgave all the cheesy cliches Because sometimes I'm able to ignore stupid subplots ridiculous cliches irritating characters and by irritating I mean 'so monstrous they deserve to die a horribly drawn out and painful death' Yes I'm talking about the mother in this book formulaic that's a word right writing and even the lack of good editing when a story has peaked my interest It happened when I was reading Twilight and it happened while I was reading this book Besides I'd already come to the conclusion that I'd like this book because I liked Nineteen Minutes I even had visions of myself adding Jodi Picoult to my list of favorite authors adding the whole of Jodi Picoult's published works to my TBR list happily reading said books on the beach over summer break it was going to be so awesome But then when I was nearly finished with this book Jodi Picoult went and ruined everything EVERYTHING I don't even have the desire to finish this book I feel manipulated betrayed lied to cheated and totally violated I also feel incredibly stupid for thinking that Jodi Picoult was a good writer Because she's not She totally sucks and I hate herSo Even though I've wasted hours of my life reading and thinking about Jodi Picoult novels it hasn't been all bad I've learned two things from this whole experience First I should trust my initial instincts when it comes to books Second I'm an a hole for lying to my kid It's no wonder she doesn't trust me and she'll probably need years of therapy because of it I wouldn't blame her if she threw me in a really bad nursing home someday I gave this book two stars because it isn't horrible until the end That's when Picoult whips out the most manipulative unnecessary twist and thus ruins the whole experience Now let us never speak of this again