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characters A Texas Kind of Christmas

characters A Texas Kind of Christmas ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Û ❰Reading❯ ➿ A Texas Kind of Christmas Author Jodi Thomas – It’s Christmas Eve 1859 and everyone who’s anyone is headed to the glorious St Nicholas Hotel for the most talked about ball of the Ing Captain Douglas Newcastle But will a secret from her past keep her from her long awaited happily ever afterSPIRIT OF TEXAS Rachael MilesWhen lovely spinster Eugenie Charpentier makes a trip across the Texas frontier with former Texas Ranger Asher Graham she dreams of an adventure and the rough and tumble cowboy is happy to oblige But both Jenny and the rugged lawman are keeping secrets Can they find each other and love on the dance floor at the Christmas ba. Not only were these three stories beautifully written they provided a glimpse into Texas history I was unaware of I loved all three stories and ache to know

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Bank robber After a night in Nathanial Ward’s arms Jacueline is certain she has met her match after all But will his heartfelt promise of love lead to his demise at the hands of the lawBIRDIE’S FLIGHT Celia BonaduceSeamstress Birdie Flanagan gets the Texas Kind of PDF #186 surprise of her life when she receives a beautiful gown and a sudden invitation for the ball of the season Birdie creates a stir from the moment she arrives capturing the eye of the dash. Dallas wasn't always the bustling metropolis area I know today and a look back to 1859 sheds new light on how small of a town it really was in the mid 1800sI was fascinated by the history of the hotel and I like that the authors chose to center their stories around a real hotel  I always like reading the notes at the end of a book that talks about the inspiration for the story especially when it is an actual location or real people  I may live in the DFW area but that doesn't mean I know all of the histories of this area  I am constantly learning new things every day and amazed at what I learn  So if you are someone that doesn't read the author's notes startI loved all three of these stories and it is hard for me to choose a favorite  I think the one that inched its way past the others was Spirit of Texas by Rachael Miles  I loved the humor and the thesaurus and word references  It is the book nerd in meIn all of the stories each couple finds love uickly and how wonderful it is to see that love shine through no matter the time frame of how it came to be with the couple  Times were much different than they are today but I still believe in that initial spark that each of the main characters experienced in each book  But love is found but there are a few hiccups along the way but it wouldn't be a good story without some tension and drama especially when it comes to family drama  While each story isn't long approximately 100 pages each there are complex characters action deception and love  All the ualities I look for in a bookI'm not sure how the authors arranged the characters that would be carried over from book to book but I loved seeing glimpses of the same character in a different light  Even the ball from different perspectives made for interesting twists  Despite the appearance of characters from story to story there wasn't any overlap in details about the ball other than a minute detail here or thereThis is a fun book to read and if you enjoy history holidays family drama and love then this is the book for youWe give this 5 paws up

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A Texas Kind of ChristmasIt’s Christmas Eve and everyone who’s anyone Kind of PDFEPUB #227 is headed to the glorious St Nicholas Hotel for the most talked about ball of the season It’s the kind of Texas night where anything can happen even love ONE NIGHT AT THE ST NICHOLASNew York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jodi ThomasTo escape her stepmother’s plot to marry A Texas PDF or her off Texas heiress Jacueline Hartman spends Christmas Eve sharing a hideout with an accused. A Texas Kind of Christmas is three separate stories by three different authors published in the one book They all have the same time and place setting St Nicholas Hotel in Dallas 1859 Each story also uses the grand ball which is held on Christmas Eve at the hotel Unfortunately however this is the limit of the Christmas theme I think I whinge about this every time I read what is marketed as a Christmas themed book the fact that there is usually a tenuous connection to the season And here I am saying it again These stories could have been set any time during the year There is no real Christmas feel to them at all Anyway The first is One Night at the St Nicholas by Jodi Thomas which started with much promise Thomas’s writing was really a cut above the average romantic writer's I’ve read of late There was an interesting mistaken identity mixed with a Cinderella vibe plotline and I was pretty much engrossed right up to about chapter six From there Thomas faded The plot became a little ridiculous too much love at first sight maybe and the charm disappeared Average despite the strong start I would probably try another of her books though because her style definitely held me captive there for a whileI then went on to Birdie’s Flight by Celia Bonaduce which actually had the same basic premise as the first story That is this installment like the first had two sets of potential pairings which led to a bit of mistaken identityidentity swap situation One of the leading females was again in a servant position meaning it also had that Cinderella feel to it I was assuming the writers did this deliberately but was then thrown when the third story was completely different I did think it was a little odd that neither story overlapped I mean there is two incidents involving police etc in the same motel at the same time but no character mentions the other Seems unrealistic I think the plot overall was a little stronger with this story The ending was a little rushed but that might have been to do with the short format Overall this was my favourite out of the three stories The third story was Spirit of Texas by Rachael Miles This time most of the story took place as the leads travelled to Dallas They talked about books and native Americans and slavery and storms I need an American to let me know if Texas could really have twisters and hail storms in winter I mean in Aus such things would only occur during the summer and I baulked at this plot point A lot of the plot was glaringly obvious and cliched including the obligatory sad back stories but my biggest issue with this one was the weak conflict The reason the leads can’t be together could have been sorted in two seconds This one did mention some of the plotline from the earlier stories but only briefly Out of the three this was probably my least favourite All the stories are sweet enough I guess Definitely not a lot to do with Christmas though Maybe 3 out of 5 overall