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Luck AUTHOR Joan Barfoot Free download ¼ 104 ↠ ❮Read❯ ➶ Luck ➺ Author Joan Barfoot – “There is good luck and there is bad luck and then there’s the ambiguous sort of luck that’s a lot of this and some of the other”Philip Lawrence a robust and pleasure loving furniture maker dInterpretation of biblical themes stoked fundamentalist outrage from her small town neighbours Now as her emotions run the gamut she must confront solo life in a place she despisesNora shares the house with Sophie a buxom and bossy redhead who works as the couple’s housekeeper and personal assistant A recovering virtue addict Sophie turns to menial tasks as a way to suppress painful memories of her two year stint as an overseas aid worker Philip’s death leaves her uietly reelingAnd then there’s the pliable and vacuous Beth a former beauty uee. I love Barfoot's writing which captures a period when everything didn't need to be reduced to dialogue Barfoot scene sets and we fit the story between the lines as she spins the back stories So restrained in its telling that we can engender the provincial s throughout without Barfoot spelling out what is going on with the walking wounded protagonistsRipples of a death in a household where living arrangements have been seen in the small town community as ungodly and unwelcome Phil's death brings the 3 female survivors discomfort as they test the house sharing boundaries and attempt to negotiate next stepsUnravelling or re booting Therein lies the elouence of the telling

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N who serves as Nora’s live in muse and model She mourns not Philip so much as the loss of a haven from her own creepy pastThe novel follows the three days immediately after Philip’s death Privately each woman deals with memories and emotions secrets and uncomfortable revelations while at the same time preparing for the public rituals of mourning including a funeral like no other The narrative moves seamlessly from one perspective to another with delicious dark humour and wry insight into the nature of death love mourning fundamentalism and luc. I suppose it's not a bad book per say but my problem with it is that the cover promised dark humour witty tragicomedy and I got neither of those Maybe I missed the jokes completely but three women mourning the death of a major person in their life as they look back at their past choices and deal with putting together the funeral and their own emotional baggage alone doesn't make for good humour There's nothing awkward or silly or to make me chuckle even a little It's a somber story about the past of these three women as they recall how they found a place they can call home and the present search for how they can rebuild their sense of home now that a major pillar of their lives is gone I other words it's a very serious story and there's nothing wrong with it being a serious story but it all becomes tediously boring when you go into the story with the expectation that there'd be some comedyI tried to give this book a good chance but a hundred pages in where the closest thing to a joke is that Beth likes making teas and I realized that it's probably not going to get much better Most of the story is told through flashbacks rather than the interactions between the three women which brings an already slow and leisurely paced story to a grinding halt whenever it slips into these flashbacksI picked up this book because I thought there'd be some cleverness to it and if there is then I missed it completely I don't know why they are calling it a tragicomedy when the comedy aspect of this seems to start and stop at the character's uarks which alone doesn't make something humourous unless you actually do something funny with them They should have just called this what it is a drama As I said there's nothing wrong with it being a drama and other than being not funny it was a pretty well written book but they set an expectation that they didn't meet and that ruined it for me

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Luck AUTHOR Joan Barfo“There is good luck and there is bad luck and then there’s the ambiguous sort of luck that’s a lot of this and some of the other”Philip Lawrence a robust and pleasure loving furniture maker dies suddenly at the age of forty six Though that’s terribly young by most standards he’s lucky to have passed presumably peacefully in his sleep Less fortunate however are the three women he leaves behind to make sense of his lossThere’s Nora his wife of seventeen years who wakes up next to his dead body A fiery visual artist Nora’s feminist re. I hate to give up on a book But at page 160 of 268 I give up I have been pushing myself to read on over the last few days hoping it would endear me to at least one of the three female characters The women all lived with a middle aged man who dies in bed unexpectedly and we learn of the aftermath I ended up wishing they had died with him Not for me this one