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A Lick And A Promise Summary ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [KINDLE] ❆ A Lick And A Promise ❤ Jo Leigh – Helpyouantib.co.uk Food stylist Margot Janowitz's sizzling commercials for a chain of burger joints all scream Eat me on TV but her sensual adventures offscreen are anothFood stylist Margot Janowitz's sizzling commercials for a And A eBook #10003 chain of burger joints all scream Eat me on TV but her sensual adventures offscreen are another story Until a scrum. I must be a masochist to keep picking up serial romance novels This one was probably one of the worst one's I've read yet Our heroine Margot is a food stylist who likes to take over people's lives in order to mold them into who she thinks they should be When the hero Daniel moves into her building she sees an exciting new project So she sets out to a change almost everything about him and b have sex with him She accomplishes both missions While this is happening there's some mild drama involving both of their jobs that was pretty dull Then Margot has a melt down and blames herself for everything that's wrong with the world and the hero grovels for no freakin reason in order to get her back So yeah the heroine was annoying with the way she kind of plows through everyone's lives I think the reader was supposed to find her charmingly eccentric but she just came off as pompous and annoying Daniel was interesting in how he wanted to change his life but I would have of liked to have seen him put up some resistance to Margot immediately trying to take over his personal life If you're looking for a serial romance to pick up I would avoid this one

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Ptious stud arrives on the scene and taste testing him sounds like a totally mouthwatering ideaMr Ultraconservative Daniel Houghton III moves in next A Lick ePUB #10003 door to Margot and he's. A uick read and very steamy The plot and character development was a little cliched We have Margot an eccentric food designer who likes to change people and Daniel the ultraconservative architect who designs boxes for accountants I liked Margot because she was very opinionated and ample with her advice style and hips Daniel was played a very good game of allowing her to open him to new experiences The cast of neighbors and friends each had their own uirks and added to the fun and informal atmospherePredictably the two of them get together and have hot sex everywhere At about 75% the problems crop up with their jobs There is the obligatory let's blame ourselves and break up and then the friends pushing them together and another hot session followed by the L wordDescriptions and scenery was good as was the backdrop of the food stylist world I enjoyed that But as with all of these serial romances that have limited word count don't expect the character emotional development to be ground breaking They seemed to have gone through the crisis climax and recovery a bit too easily a cute post coital uestion and answer session and everyone's happy again

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A Lick And A PromiseJust begging to be savored toyed with and enjoyed Making him over into a wild and sexy lover should be easy for Margot—a piece of cake for a pro when she's working with a perfect set of buns. 4 12 Stars Margot's a food stylist for advertising campaigns and she's just been given her first in charge assignment Which is great because Margot is a very in charge kind of girl Daniel's an architect looking to become partner and he's excited about his move into the trendy apartment complex it's closer to work and it's in a much livelier neighbourhood Daniel didn't bargain for Margot though and the rest of his odd ball neighbours Margot's take charge personality grabs a hold of Daniel and next thing he know's he's got a new wardrobe a new haircut and a vivacious woman in his bed When the changes in Daniel start effecting his job Margot begins to wonder if maybe she's gone too farI love these two Margot awakens in Daniel the creative free spirit that he's been suppressing And Daniel sparks in Margot the seductress that she can't believe she's become This is a fun sexy read Ms Leigh has a talent for creating delightful characters Even the oddball neighbours were fun to read about