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read reader × Shakey Neil Young's Biography Paperback ↠ jimmy mcdonough ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Shakey Neil Young's Biography Author Jimmy McDonough – Neil Young is one of rock and roll’s most important and enigmatic figures a legend from the sixties who is still hugelyUnding of Buffalo Springfield to the huge success of Crosby Stills Nash and Young to his comeback in the nineties Filled with never before published words directly from the artist himself Shakey is an essential addition to the top shelf of rock biographie if you have any interest in the history of fate of or reason for american music in any sense then you should pick this book up even if you aren't an obsessive fan of ned young this is a fascinating insight into a driven maniacs passive aggressive propulsion into super fame shakey n young's nickname made moves that alienated him from his fans and friends alike perhaps not even knowing that he hurt anyone in the process and came out one of the most respected and admired american musicians ever even if you're just curious about what it feels like to drink teuila for two months straight from morning till morning all the while taking speed and doing a thing called honey slides burnt weed mixed with honey and if you are a songwriter that likes to mentally and verbally abuse the musicians that he works with this book will probably make you feel better about yourself

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Neil Young is one of rock and roll’s most important and enigmatic figures a legend from the sixties who is still hugely influential today He has never granted Shakey Neil PDF a writer access to his inner life – until now Based on six years of intervie Jimmy McDonough does an amazing job going through the ups and downs of a very complicated and unpredictable artist A good book enthralls you with it's story while a great book truly inspires youSHAKEY is a great book It delves so deep into Neil Young's persona that you truly believe you know him like you know yourself My understanding and appreciation of Young's music is now not only enhanced but ingrained in my system Even the structure of McDonough's book is a knockout In each chapter the author goes into detail about various events in Neil Young's professional and personal lifefrom The Suires and The Mynah Birds to Buffalo Springfield and Crosby Stills Nash Young to Crazy Horse and to the many solo albums Yet just when you think the story can't get any compelling than it already iswe hear from Neil Young himself in conversation with the author commenting on his actionsand inactions What's also great is that Jimmy McDonough is a true fan of Young's musicyet also is Young's biggest critic and often challenges Young directly if he feels Young's music or performance is below par I was sad finishing the book Who knew I meanI've never been a big Neil Young fan in the past I had one or two of his records when I was a teenager I think Being a concert whore in my younger yearsI first saw Young perform at Live Aid in 1985 then attended three Neil Young concerts in 1986 1988 1991 Plus I saw him perform at the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary show in 1992 Last time I saw him was 9 years ago at a Crosby Stills Nash Young concert in Los Angeles which sadly was an extremely unpleasant experience for me due to a disruptive audience At the start of 2009 I owned a total of two Neil Young CDsand only one of them I bought for Neil Young's sake the 1970 classic AFTER THE GOLDRUSH The other CD MIRRORBALL I only bought because it featured Pearl Jam as Neil's backing band on the entire album What changed Books I'd been trying to change my reading habits for years I'd been very attached to a series of small pocket books called 33 13a series of books focusing on individual records by a variety of musicians and bands I've read over 30 of these bookseverything from The Beatles LET IT BE to David Bowie's LOW to Guns N' Roses USE YOUR ILLUSION 12 Granted not all of the books are good and some are just plain awful Jethro Tull AUALUNG is among the worst Despite this I love these books so muchand have even been inspired to buy an album just so I can read the 33 13 book My rule isI won't read a 33 13 book unless I have the album So with that in mindI bought Neil Young's HARVEST album which is greatas well as the 33 13 book The book by Sam Inglis was just okayhampered by the fact that Inglis didn't seem to like the album very muchmaking a point to let people know that TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT is Neil Young greatest album Nonetheless the book got me thinking about Neil Youngand soon enough I bought a few Neil Young albums Which lead me to picking up SHAKEY on a whim at a Borders book store in Century Citywhich lead to even albums I now have close to 20 Neil Young albums and counting So in essencethe music inspired the books which inspired the music Who knew reading could be so much fun

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Shakey Neil Young's BiographyWs with than three hundred of Young’s associates and on than fifty hours of interviews with Young himself Shakey is a fascinating prodigious account of the singer’s life and career Jimmy McDonough follows Young from his childhood in Canada to his cofo If you're a music fanatic there's something about a well written artist biography you're already familiar with the music and seeing the human side of the artist come through gives you a great deal of insight into your own mental attitudes that can't uite be put into words The feeling of the music is there Then you see the human that created it really see him through good writing To me all music is highly spiritual Maybe that's corny but that's the way I've always felt and the love of music as a fan and what it's meant to me as a career has been hugely foundational to how I experience life There's so much of Young's music I haven't even fully digested and I've known his music for decades He's one of a handful of the type of prolific artist that I wonder might be a thing of the past Of North Americans only Bob Dylan comes close among the living and I think Young might even be prolific and consistent than Dylan These guys fill the role that the great poets would have in past centuries And as rock bios go the writing in this one is outstanding with the bonus of being told from a true fan's perspective