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New Yesterdays eBook Ò Paperback º Jim L. Wright º ❧ New Yesterdays free download ➛ Author Jim L. Wright – A young boy stumbles into a portal that transports him back in time than a hundred years The longer he stays the stronger the bonds of friendship grow Soon he finds himself facA young boy stumbles into a portal that transports him back in time than a hundred years The longer he stays the stronger the bonds of friendship grow Soon he finds himself faced w Something you might want to buy for your older children or teenagersWhat an adventure While this is a book for older children and young adults I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it Moving from an adventure in a spooky house back in time to the 1820’s when Jim is at first surprised to meet Dustu who becomes his friend and then Chief Tooantuh who are both Cherokee’s Would the information Jim takes back with him about the Cherokee nation and their demise possibly change history With a flavour of Cherokee history a struggle with settlers I must leave you wondering what the future holds for Jim and his new friends I could say so much but really think you should read the book and enjoy

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Ith a challenge that could change his life and the lives of the ones he loves most forever Will he be able to meet this challenge This story presents a uniue view of the life of th I really enjoyed this book I love experimenting with different genres and themes because you never uite know what little gem you're going to find or get a taste for next New Yesterdays didn't disappoint in this regard I really didn't know what to expect but I was than a little intrigued by the synopsis; A young boy travels back in time and is suddenly faced with the power to change the face of the futureto include his own This story is written beautifully with lots of facts that I found absolutely fascinating I always used to read biographical works always felt I should be learning something new from each new reading experience One of the many great things about New Yesterdays is that I came away feeling like I'd gained an insight into the way of the Cherokee Indians and what a beautiful respectful and fascinating picture the story illustrates The main characters were left for a while as the plot gained momentum and I missed their company but what was fantastic was that I easily recognised each one again when they returned and it was like they'd never been away I do believe this is a shiny example of great characters I found New Yesterdays to be warming entertaining and gripping and it even made me cry at one point A very lovely read and I'm so glad I picked it up

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New YesterdaysE Cherokee Indians in the years leading up to the Great Removal and the Trail of Tears Factual historical information and characters are used to make the story real and entertainin Jim finds a time travel portal while exploring a creepy abandoned house He’s transported from approximately 1960 to the early 1800’s As he talks with the indigenous Indians the portal closes and Jim is trapped Jim makes friends with Dustu an Indian boy his age When they aren’t handling chores they explore the lands Jim finds many landmarks that are familiar but almost everything is differentAs their friendship grows Jim grows troubled knowing that the Indians will be forced from their lands in a few short years He struggles with his fear for his new friends and the implications of warning the Indians and how that will change history Will he even exist if he tells the Indians of white man’s plansI loved New Yesterdays It is fun for boys and girls that love time travel and history Pick up a copy; you’ll be glad you didAcknowledgement of our PC era If one were to really time travel the Native Americans were called Indians at that time I used Indians in my review to imitate the author's use and the language of the era