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Vixen By Jillian LarkNın gölgesinde yaşamaktan bıkkın Lorraine'in kıskançlığı umutsuz bir öfkeye dönüştüğünde artık kimse güvende olmayacak Ve sonunda birileri çok üzülecekYazar Jillian Larkin'in ilk kitabı Fettan her şeyin değiştiği 'lerin en hareketli döneminde geçen seksi tehlikeli ve son derece romantik bir serinin de ilk kitabıTanıtım Bültenind. I never read the Luxe stuff everyone spoke of when referring to this book so I had no idea what I was in for The writing is cheesy I can't think of a better word The characters are incredibly shallow and the story line is predictable I bought this brand spanking new with my hard earned money so I am entitled to give a rating espite the fact I didn't finish I also read a good uarter of it before bailing Recommend it for fans of 90210

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DOWNLOAD Vixen By Jillian Larkin 107 ↠ ➾ [Download] ➾ Vixen By Jillian Larkin ➳ – Caz İçki ErkeklerBu tehlikeli bir karışımdırHer kız sahip olamadığını arzular On yedi yaşındaki Gloria Carmody bir flapper gibi yaşamak istiyor bununla birlikte gelen kısa saçları sig Caz İçki ErkeklerBu teCaz İçki ErkeklerBu tehlikeli bir karışımdırHer kız sahip olamadığını arzular On yedi yaşındaki Gloria Carmody bir flapper gibi yaşamak istiyor bununla birlikte gelen kısa saçları sigarayı ve müzik dolu geceleri de Artık Chicago'nun en nüfuzlu ailelerinden birinin oğlu olan Sebastian Grey'le nişanlandığına göre Gloria'nın parti günl. There should be a couldn't finish it because it was so bad shelf in addition to readto readcurrently reading As it is I've made my own but someone ask Goodreads to get on that because I think making it one of the three default shelves would be a great additionThis waswell not terrible; it was certainly competently written but it was just extremely dull If you've read The Luxe or watched Gossip Girl or hell read even one of the GG books you know all the characters already Which in and of itself might not be a problem; I like the GG show and I liked The Luxe series And I ALSO love flappers So you'd think this would be an easy sell for meThe problem is I feel like Larkin ALSO decided that the similarity to those meant she didn't have to do any work to tell me about these characters It was like she was writing by rote going down a checklist of attributes characters should have relationships etc and she never did any of the work to make me care about her versions as opposed to say watching Gossip Girl or re reading The Luxe series If she wasn't willing to do the work to make me care why should I care or put in the effort of finishing the book

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Eri daha başlamadan bitmek zorundaYoksa değil miGloria'nın temiz ve uslu kuzini Clara Knowlea bu yüksek sosyete düğününde bir pürüz çıkmasın diye yardıma geldi ama Clara da göründüğü kadar masum değil Onun da gizli tutmak için her şeyi feda edebileceği ufak kirli sırları varGloria'nın cemiyetteki en iyi arkadaşı Lorraine Dyer Gloria'. When I finished listening to this book I wanted to go wash my ears out with soap Yuck Ptooey Ewww The idea is a good one The story of three teen girls in 1923 Chicago Gloria is the only daughter of an extremely wealthy family and she's engaged to marry into one of the best known families in the city even though he's a stuffed shirt who's made it plain he doesn't love her Lorraine's family is also wealthy but she's extremely insecure about well everything So that makes her desire than anything to be a flapper yeah right Clara is Gloria's cousin a former flapper who has come to Chicago in the guise of a mild mannered farm girl to escape the repercussions of an affair in New York The chapters alternately tell their stories Lorraine drags Gloria to a speakeasy where they engage in sultry flapper repartee with the bartender and patrons while downing drinks This is despite the fact that they're 17 years old and seniors in high school In fact during the course of the book these girls walk around with flasks tied to their thighs and drink than I did in four years of college Gloria becomes infatuated with the piano player a young black man named Jerome On another visit the band's singer uits and wouldn't you know it Gloria decides to try out to become the new torch So now this very sheltered teenager is skipping out of school to go practice with an all black band in an illegal gin joint The situations are so ridiculous they're laughable But what really drove me crazy was the totally anachronistic language Was he coming on to her It was the engagement party from hell the lack of continuity she's described as going down the stairs from the stage and then they're going across the stage Lorraine is given a handkerchief with ice in it after her face is slapped a minute later she's folding the handkerchief and giving it back and scenes that don't actually end there's a showdown at the end of the book one of several showdowns that we never find out how it ended Clearly the author was trying to appeal to modern teen girls but in doing so she gave up on any sort of historical accuracy Clearly good writing wasn't a top priority either I know a lot of other people really like these books Maybe I read something different